Thank God It’s Friday

I have a test comming this weekend. A test character, that is. I really need to put effort into developing my ideas soon. I can’t keep po utting this off. Yes, procrastination is fun, but I’d see something typed out. I like that i fill notebooks, but we need to up the game.

That said, I think I can have fun writing, and gaming. The time must be managed to get the best out of both. That and I need something creative that challenges my skills. Let’s see what the results will be.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


A Thursday

Yesterday was all about dealing with problems and petty people. The petty part was annoyong, however, I had a job to do, and it isnt to manage people’s feelings. That said, the problem was fixable, and needs a little more TLC to prevent it from showing up again. In that, I feel accomplished. Still more work to do.

I would like to develop a better plan for writing. I can and will manage this project. Right now I am looking at my current writing themes and ambitions.

I have a desire to read more escapist fiction. So why not write it? I wish to plan, execute, complete, and publish or produce.

A Brother has dreams.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

The Hustle

It seems like the moment I stopped blooging, my creativity wained. Granted, illness had me on the ropes. I was tired last weekend. Resting was my best option. The only thing I did was place a few random notes down on paper. This has to change.

I also used a “you write like” program, where I took a sample of my writing, and it told me I wrote like Stephanie Meyers. For those not in the know, she wrote the Twilight series. Not my taste in books, stories, or film adaptations.

Well, it could be worse. It could have said E.L. James. Mind you, I don’t hate a writer’s hustle or success, but I’m not a fan of the text.

So here I am, appalled by my own writing. Not stopping my hustle though.

Happy creative endeavors.

Cold & Fever

For the past few days, I have been bedridden with chills, fever, and coughing. It was so damn lovley. I got to bask in the zone of agony, discomfort, and a leave of my senses.

My nights were sweaty events with fevered dreama, only to wake up cold, or partially cold. All I could do is drink juice and eat soup.

All of that sweet, precious energy wasted on a few days. It was paradise.

That said, I’m being completely ironic and sarcastic. I was miserable, and it is still taking time to get full strength back.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

What Day Is It?

Ok, I was disoriented this morning. I had to check my calendar to figure out the day. I popped up early with a particular story theme in mind. Reached for pen and paper to write it down.

Misplaced my pen, so I opened writing app on my phone and typed it out. Hadn’t looked at it since, but I need to. Hopefully it’s not a bunch of garble.

Happy creative endeavors.