The Long Lag

Sundays can be sobering, but not because of drinking–I didn’t. Its simply a moment to relax and access the past few days without having to rush from one moment to the next. The busiest I have been is I made coffee, and put clothes in the washing machine, and I can’t be upset about that.  The clothes needed to get done. Today was the perfect day to get ’em washed. This is a day to reflect on what’s going on with me. So Sunday’s a great me day.

Part of what I’ve been doing is looking at how long it takes to compete my projects. The novel is a slight exception to the rule, as I never did this before. I notice my focus ebbs and flows from time to time, and I can’t tell you how center-productive that feels to try to make things happen, then stall out.

So I hope today to relax, and hopefully renew my attempts progress to success. Life’s too short to lag all the darn time.

Happy creative endeavors.


Relax, It’s Saturday

Yesterday I got 4 1/4 pages typed, so that wasn’t that bad. I find myself trying to relax a little before writing again. Yesterday was partly about putting together a scene to introduce the hero to the readers.  It’s clumsy, sloppy, and needs refining so bad. This will likely expand the pages anywhere from six to ten. I need details, better transitions, and clarity of who’s speaking.

Should have made breakfast, as I am a little sluggish, and I tell myself to do a blog post. So here I am, blogging. Not much more to say other than the house smells like food, and outside doesn’t smell as good. Maybe I’ll make some sweet tea. Something to keep me a little active while keeping me from overdoing my day.

Allergies calmed down, thank goodness. I’m used to the mornings of burning eye (eye, not eyes), as one eye wants to be on fire, while the other is like, “no thanks.” The allergy meds seems to calm down Mr Let’s Be Agitated.

Happy creative endeavors.

Fundamentally Silly

For the record, sometimes I can be a complete goof. By goof I mean that I can be real silly. I occasionally love to put silliness in my writings. I don’t know if it ever appeared in my studio art. I always felt serious when I did my photographs and paintings. Although sometimes my thoughts transport to elsewhere and I zone out. It happened, and I loved every bit of it.

Other times I refuse to be serious with serious topics. I get aloof, poke fun, and all around silly. It’s fun. I like fun, and it breaks my occasional serious tone in stories. For example, sometimes I feel like the story needs a scene with a functional toilet.  Not necessarily because  someone’s gonna use it–in detail–but cause in the middle of a scene, I’m like, “what the??” I gotta figure this out, and write it.

On the flip side what if a character had to go to the bathroom in the middle of a scene, and was prevented from going? There are multiple possibilities for where this scene needs to go, and odds are I’d put more goofier stuff in there.

So as I write this post with dreadful irony; why am I taking the writing of this novel so darn seriously?  Granted there are parts I’m serious about–I believe in story structure, revisions, plotting, and distinct voices for characters. That comes with the process, but I gotta un-clench on the writing. I know what’s going to happen. I gotta get it on paper, and it be fun. Otherwise I’ll be back to falling off the wagon again.

Happy creative goofiness, y’all. The sillier the better.

Friday and Inspiration

Late last night, as I was trying to go to sleep, ideas hit me for the novel.  Rather than lay there dreaming of it, I opened my Notes app and wrote some of it down.  It was a rewrite of a scene where the hero finds an ancient pool, and after writing it, I thought the scene was static.  He lays by the pool, chilling.  The prevailing thought is why isn’t he splashing about and having a great time, or at least getting out of the pool, then the phone rings.  I’m trying to make anything I do that feels static, have a flow to it, and not be so standstill.

Other than that, I have an iced latte in hand, and I need this to wake me a little more.  I feel good today, and I’d like for my creative endeavors to pop just a little brighter today.  As y’all know, I fall off the creative wagon so much, I may need insurance (jk). I’m telling myself to smile a little more, be a lot nicer, and try to work on new things, and at least four pages for the novel. It can and will be done, if I take the time to get things done.  Four pages is ambitious, but I want to aim for something other than minimal output.

Also its warm, nice outside, and I feel there are new ideas waiting to be written down.  Also gonna hit my print journal up but good.  Friday is a delight.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Registered to Vote

I registered late, and to make a long story short, by time I got myself together to do it, a hurricane popped up, and chased us outta town.  When I came back, it was “go time,” and not a moment to lose.  I registered, and the extension for my state wasn’t on the in-person registration, but rather the mail-in registration. I filled out the paperwork, went to the post office, and dropped it off inside. Then the waiting game began.

Today, in the mail was my registration card, so, yes!!! I can register to vote, and friends and family have encouraged me to vote early to avoid lines and delays in voting. It’s a great suggestion too.

Let me say this, it is important to vote, and selecting the candidate of your choosing. While I don’t think I’ve discussed politics on my blog–as writing and films is the main topic, this has been a very, very atypical election year. That is all I really care to say about it. Just make your voice heard in the election booth. I feel that’s the best we can all do.  If you’re like me, and you watch news programs, you might know the election year is one of the most drawn out things you can hear or see, and you may or may not be ready to get back to other news topics.

Other than voting, I need to go and write more. I’m a bit of a slacker this week. Apparently my creative muse needs a swift kick in the posterior. It’s a five sentence day to get the ball rolling.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Clean Up

Yesterday, I felt like cleaning up my room. It was cluttered with a lot of junk, so I managed to throw a lot away, and that was a good thing. Managed to not watch more than one police procedural, which I kinda do on Sundays, and I felt the hand of despair on me. I hated it.  So I tried a few episodes of Mr. Robot, which was bad, but kinda sad at the same time.  Did some gaming to get my mind off of things, then I did more cleaning.

I typed out four new pages for the novel. I feel they need to be expanded upon (it always feels so compact/abrupt when I first type the words out). So maybe four pages may become a few more so that I show a few more details, and some conversations, as well as progress the story.  So I am happy for that.  Also need to update the print journal, and see where that goes.

Happy creative endeavors.


For those not in the know, I used to take photography classes for fine art and digital photography. With fine art, you shoot film, manipulate light and shutter speeds, to produce a variety of results. You develop your film, and as you print, you can do even more manipulations with the film and light.

You also need to think of your subject as a composition, and how you frame the image.  Not frame as in placed on a wall, but how it’s focused on in the image.  For example, you can take a photo of a piano, but what you focused on the keys? What angle would you use? Do you use a tripod to steady your hand.  How much light are you using (is it natural light or artificial/flash)? What angle do you choose?

All those questions seem overwhelming, and believe me, they FELT like that during classes.This is only the start though.  Once you get your film developed, make a proof and look over what you have (and you take multiple shots), you have to print something worth mounting on matte board. From there your image may be good, but perhaps it needs MORE work. Did I use the right photo printing paper? Did I push myself far enough to get the right composition?

The hard push is for quality in an image that you could show in a gallery. You also learn to master a camera, become aware of light sources, and see a different point of view.  It takes a while to master the camera, even longer to master prints. Any photographer will shoot a minimum of three roles of film to get five to six great prints.  It’s work, and ALWYAS felt like two art classes in one.  It was 100% worth it, and I wish I could put more time into is an expensive skill.

What does this have to do with cinema or writing? You can tell multiple stories in a print or a series of print. The details can be rich, elegant, or whimsical. These skills tend to blend when I embrace them. They segregate themselves when I ignore their elements. Better to embrace these elements and have some harmony in my creativity.

Happy creative endeavors.