Slow Start

This is a day I need to write. As I told a friend, I need to work smarter and harder at my craft. This mean working on the TV spec pilot. For the past few days I’ve been working out a couple of scenes where I wrote out dialogue and a smattering of notes for scenes. I’m trying to narrow down the storyline to a single character, if that’s possible for an ensemble story.

Perhaps it’s time to shelve this one and work on another project. My mind’s simply feeling too random, and the rewriting is supposed to make things clearer.

Haven’t done poetry in a while, and I’d like to work on a few. So today I can say I have confusion in creativity. Perhaps simply writing will make my mind work and flow stronger. Perhaps I need my mind to chill, and be happy.

Happy creative endeavors.


Rejection Letters

Rejection letters in regard to my writings are rough, annoying, and at the same time empowering. Let me explain. It smarts because someone is saying they don’t want the material for publication or production. That’s always a hang up. I can’t know all the reasons why, and can’t figure out an editor or producer’s thought patterns (I’ve submitted materials to both). It’s just a disappointment out of many disappointments. I will kindly add art to the mix. I’ve submitted art portfolios as well.

Sure, working hard on a project with multiple drafts, asking friends to read it and give feedback, and doing more revisions is work. Wanting that acknowledgement and justification creeps into my brain, and fuels dreams of being published, produced, or accepted in a gallery. It is the stuff of all creative dreams.

Submitting polished material off to publishers, producers, and even art shows/colleges is an awesome feeling of accomplishment. If only one could see and know that I’d put more effort into a project to make it better (I’ve done that many of times), things would work out. But people can’t know this. Sometimes a project hits the wall. It does, and sometimes I find myself shelving projects, and working on others.

It is annoying because rejection sucks. It does. It makes me sad, and I feel bad for a day or so. Then I remind myself to do more writing, and do more. I put the rejection out of mind, and get onto the next thing. Being told the story’s not accepted only makes me want to write more. I want to write better, more diverse material, and simply not give up. I’ve revised rejected projects, and will continue to reclaim projects. I feel it’s important to believe in oneself and improving on one’s craft.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Slow to Warm-Up

How apt that it’s cool in the air for this fall season, and the topic is about warming up. Writing progress has been notoriously minimal, and that alone means things need to step up in regards to creativity. There’s no large progress to report in regards to writing. What does this mean?

Perhaps it’s a transitional phase. Perhaps I needed this setback or step back to see myself. If I were pro, I may not have these indulgent moments. I’d have to produce work at a greater frequency. Admittedly outside stimuli has gotten the better of me at the moment, but that doesn’t have to be the case for the entire month.

There’s still some software to upload to my laptop, and I need to move past the trauma of nearly losing everything on it. In fact I haven’t consistently written since my laptop crashed. I suppose this is just me worried about working again, and facing that the laptop could crash again. It should be no more different than my car. It’s died several times, and had malfunctioning parts. I still use it. I love my ride. That’s a lot like my laptop. I want it to last, and I hate the idea that it could crash again.

Still, that’s not a reason abandon writing. As I sit here, and the TV is on news, with me sipping my coffee, my mind says “write,” and that’s what I wish to do. It starts with a blog post.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I haven’t given up writing my spec pilot tv show, short stories, and screenplays. Never did. The minimal writing was notes for them, and jots of ideas. I want to do more than the minimum. Minimum got me nowhere. I have to crack the code that gets these materials pages of text.

Sunday Coffee

Got up out of bed, and suddenly the first thing on my mind is coffee, so I made a cup. It’s gonna be followed by a cup of water, and eventually a meal. I have cereal, or something in there to quell my stomach. Quelling is fantastic.

Yesterday, I went over themes and storylines again. I have to say, I was very dissatisfied with the progression of what I wrote previously, and I feel that two things need to happen before I can make the first episode really gel for me.

The theme and focus need to be right. I have an ensemble story, but I need a grounded character who is the focus of the overall story. I need that theme to work, and it will carry through the story by this singular protagonist, as he is the only person tied to all the characters. It’s annoyed me that I didn’t figure that out until yesterday.

The second big thing is my story needs a good title. Sounds like a simple thing, but a story with no title doesn’t work for me. Sorta like my short stories. They need something that binds them. I suppose for me title is equally important

The good news on top of progress is I already wrote out a lot of scenes, and these scenes will help me shape the story better, as I refresh and revise the outline I just wrote. Direction is a keen thing, and I’d love to see completion. Make the story better and stronger. Why not start today.

Saturday Morning

The computer crash was a bit much to take when it happened. Getting software restored, then updated proved to be tricker than anticipated. Forgot about Scriviner, Movie Magic Screenwriter, and a few others, that are separate from the basic package. I was able to restore them with some time and effort. Very grateful they work.

Some files I saved on my flash drive, so I had back up of a lot of things. Many music files from CD’s I owned, it looks like I’m going to have to rip again. I have the CD’s in storage somewhere. I gotta find them. The ones from iTunes I can mostly re-download. I hope I can find the imported CD’s which contained soundtracks from other countries (mostly Japan). Others were part of my collection for ages.

Still writing, but didn’t feel much like it. Thoughts crept back in my head, and reminded me that I wanted to have an overview of the TV series. I wanted to make sure each episode had a theme, and the stories were thematically linked. Having issues with the the sets, as I don’t think they properly convey what I wanted.

I’m pretty sure the theme for the first episode is “authority,” as the episode was inspired by a character’s speech, and he’s an authoritarian type of person. Everything should fall into place then, I hope. They story carries over to the next episode, but I think theme doesn’t, or does it? Perhaps I have an overall theme, and then a sub-theme. Not sure. I need this to work.

Didn’t think I had anything to say today, but look at this. Progress is slow, and sometimes upsetting. Still, the idea of moving forward does me good, and makes me smile a lot.

Happy creative endeavors.


Fell a lot off the writing wagon. In fact all creative efforts came to a crash. Been working at restoring my laptop after its crash, and then at one point I didn’t want to work on the laptop. I seem to be frustrating myself, and going through some apprehensions I need to squash. It’s not helpful to dwell on things beyond my control.

One way of reclaiming some strength is to start blogging again. I believe I saved some of my older posts I typed while I was offline, so I need to get on top of posting those.

Happy Creative endeavors.


The laptop is having issues so I can’t access much of the pre-written posts. That doesn’t mean I have to stop writing, right? I have access to my page via my tablet, and I know things will just have to get done at a different pace.

I’m hoping the laptop will get back in shape as my screenwriting software is on there, and makes formatting a breeze. If I have to it can get written all out and formatted later. I’m a bit of a mess right now. The laptop stalling isn’t the end of the world, but I am dependent on it functioning.

Stress later. I need to stay creative, and not freak out as it solves nothing. Bouncing back from chaos always feels so rough. I’ve done it before. I can do it again.