A Sunday Post-Holiday Post

Thanksgiving has come and went. Loved it very much. It was a simple affair. No muss, no fuss, and not an overly complicated gathering. So I’m thankful for keeping a holiday simple, and moving forward. It’s also good to see some peeps. One I had not seen in ten years. Ten years! Amazing.

Yesterday, I found myself saying I need to get on top of some character background writing, which I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. Started that, like the results, and found myself writing out dialogue for a couple of scenes. As I wrote those scenes, I got the idea for another, and wrote that out as well.

What I expected to happen, and eventually did, was that the interruptions would show up-in rapid succession, that prevented me from sitting and composing material. I got a lot done in spite of the upsets. Even did some minor writing in the middle of assisting someone else. I suppose I was a wee bit distracted, but I wanted that scene to have some additions I was positive I’d forget if I addressed them later.

Hopefully, I’ll get some writing done today.

Happy creative endeavors.


It’s a Rainy Tuesday

It’s a rainy day, and there are leaves all over the ground. Can’t rake them because the ground’s too wet. It would be a mess of mud, leaves, and water.  Still those leaves need attention. I like a clean yard.  Of course, after a couple of days after being cleaned, the yard will be back to being full of leaves.

Writing was slower than it needed to be. Clearly my mind and hear was not 100% into the goal. I need to redefine myself.  It’s not that I didn’t write, I simply didn’t make the progress I could have done. In that sense my mind needs to be in the game.  So today I need to make clearer goals. I’m gonna break out the note pad and write down what I want to see done this week, and maybe what needs to be done today in addition to some house chores.

For now let’s see if I can keep some of the simple things like getting more focused, getting blog posts back to a more frequent basis, keeping optimistic, and overall having a better day than yesterday. I did get my coffee, and I need a few glasses of water. I feel I haven’t done my fair share of drinking water.  Water is good for me.  I’d like to see my bed made up, just to ave it made before I decide to retire to sleep tonight.

So today, I must write out my tangible goals for this week-in regards to the writing. I must stay optimistic, and get some chores done.  I feel like this is a step in the right direction.

As always happy creative endeavors.


Make Things Happen Monday

What I constantly strive to do is be a better person and keep my cheerful disposition vs dwelling in negativity. Trust me, sometimes negativity creeps up and ruins a moment. So it becomes a mind over matter adventure. I can do more. I can be more. I need to set my mind to improve my life.

With that said, it’s time to write more. Admittedly, I was a little into gaming yesterday, and stayed up far later than I anticipated. It was not an ideal situation for me to be invested in, yet the gameplay was satisfying. Today I’m less about gaming, and more about relaxing a little. Next I hope to focus on some good things. For example, I need to drink more water. That’s happening today.

Will get myself together, and see what projects I can work towards completing because they ain’t getting done if I don’t put the time in. Sometimes I feel like my own life coach. Other times I’m that best friend who insists that fun is more preferable to work. Gonna strike a balance.

Happy creative endeavors.

Get Back In the Game

Writing has been stilted, stumbling, and failing for me. It should be a bad thing, as procrastination, for me can be fun, enticing, and what’s in my head doesn’t have to follow any liner rules, however a pen needs to meet paper, a file needs to initiated on my behalf.

Been putting too much time into not writing, and granted I’ve been engages in other tasks, I know I can do more. As always it starts with a simple blog post, then I owe it to myself to place some quality time into writing some actual script, or story. Something to get the ideas from my head into the world.

Yesterday, I at least wrote out some background notes for a character for the TV show. Part of me, all week has been asking what are these characters risking, or what they have a stake in this series. Fortunately, I wrote one of the main characters ideas out. It makes for some good insight. I have to know what’s all the characters have at stake in the world. Also began requiring parts of the prologue for this series. This time I hope it expands.

That’s it for me. Will likely be writing something, anything soon.

Happy creative endeavors.

Hey, Update This Page!

This is me reminding myself to write more, and to start the day with a blog post. I haven’t had my coffee yet, so bear with me as I get myself together.  It’s the Weekend already. I can’t believe it. Another week has passed, and seemingly so quickly. Hope everyone’s having a good weekend.

First things first, I applied for more jobs, yesterday. I like to keep myself busy. Very busy.  The world sucks if you don’t have something to occupy your time.  Secondly, I found myself writing. A couple pages of rough script, unformatted in Word. I need to look what I wrote, and add more details and lines to it before I format it. My goal is to see a completed scene.

Also wrote out a quick bio for a character I may or may not use series. I like what I wrote, and the eggs to be fleshed out within a script. As usual other ideas bounce around in my head, and i wrote a couple down.  We’ll have to talk of those in a separate post, but I love the idea of having ideas, and committing them to files or paper.

Well onto writing, and hopefully this upcoming weeks some interviews. If not, keep trying, writing, and attempting to make progress.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Play Early and Pay: Buying a Game Demo

I’m excited about the release of the game, Dragon Age Inquisition. Those who know me, are aware of my love of this dark fantasy RPG franchise, and I’ve posted a few videos from the game in the past.  Yes, I’m all caught up in the hype, and love every minute of it. For the record, the games in the Dragon Age franchise are: Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age Origins Awakening, Dragon Age II, and the current game Dragon Age Inquisition.  Dragon Age Inquisition comes out next week, and I look forward to eventually playing this game.

What I hoped for, before the game was released was to play the demo of the game.  This time there were no demos. For those not in the know, a demo is a sampling of the game. With the last Dragon Age game, Dragon Age II. It gave us a couple of sections of gameplay, and like most demos, it was free, and served to entice players to try the game, and offered some in-game bonus items for playing.

So now, with the new game, there is no demo, which is pro/con, but that’s a done deal.  What one can do, according to the Bioware website, if you have an Xbox One is purchase EA Access subscription, and before the game release dates, download a trail version of the game that allows you six hours of gameplay. Isn’t that a demo? Aren’t people now paying for a demo? Perhaps this is the way of the future. Perhaps our anticipation has been measured, and there’s coin to be had for our desire to play.  I suppose making a demo exclusive works out somehow.

Like I said before, I will eventually get to play the game, and I’m sure I will be excited about it, and that will be the best aspect of the game itself. To everyone who will get a chance to play, enjoy yourselves. I do think they franchise only got better, and can’t wait to hear tales of how people had fun with the game.