Let”s keep this short and sweet since I am busy, and hungry.  I needs a meal.  I am writing, and I found myself listening to videos from screen and television writers on how to improve my craft. I needed this, and hope to get energized by the end of the week for writing.  Other than that, all I can do is keep pushing forward.

Happy creative endeavors.



Today I woke up knowing I didn’t do any writing yesterday when I had free time, and that’s really on me.  It was truly free time where no one was around to disrupt me, and I didn’t necessarily feel like playing games at the time. I wanted to relax, and enjoy my free time.  So I was a bit indulgent.

I did contemplate a several ideas, BUT I was slack in writing thoughts down.  For the record, I wasn’t playing games all day, I just ran a gang of scenarios through my imagination, and failed to capitalize on my own creativity.

That said, I am now at a moment where I can at least write a blog post, so I should lead my writing with something decent. At this point for story content, if I can do five sentences in a day, that would be more productive than I was yesterday.  Something to keep me going forward, and not stagnant.

I really need to make myself write more–for better or worse.

Happy creative endeavors/


I Need A Distraction

This distraction needs to be a writing task. For some reason I feel I am so far off track with ideas and can’t get myself together. Perhaps it’s time to start a new screenplay or script for a comic to get my mind off my current project.

So this will get my gears going and help me focus on something that’s productive since I can’t get this novel to gel the way I need to.  Screenplays I can get done and focus on.  I feel like a mess right now.

Something’s stressing me out, and I need it to go away ASAP. This means looking at what’s going on.  Time to start a day journal and see where my time goes. It may be that I’ve gamed too much and now I’m bored that I’m not gaming.  Life is more than games, despite the fun they are.  Games ain’t paying my bills, nor is it 100% fulfilling me.

If it were a job though. I wonder how good I’d be.  LOL

Happy creative endeavors.

Monday Mash

I have to admit I went a bit game crazy this weekend. Final Fantasy XIV has some pre-release time for Stormblood, but I took my character to a new job, and I need to get a stronger feel for it.  Next I’ve been playing Smite so much that I’ve been trying to figure out how to build better characters.  I’m a bit obsessed.

That said, some ideas ran through my head that I need to address soon. The first is brevity. What I’ve noticed, in my notes is that I haven’t gotten down to the point of the story or the scene.  it’s bothered me a lot because I KNOW I can pull this off, if I take the time to stop BSing myself.

So it’s time for a writing exercise to get this story ironed out.

Happy creative endeavors.

Fountain of Creativity

The migraine must have heralded a fount of creativity, as I found myself writing a lot more in my notebook.  Some of it was for the novel, and some were ideas that were chilling in my head.

I then typed them when I had the chance, just to give the concepts more of a visual presence outside of my notebook, and a little more organized.  I need to keep working on them.

The ideas have a sort of cohesive, related theme, which is probably why they seems so clear to me yesterday.   One of my teachers once said, we write the same story over and over. Don’t know how true that is, but I do visit a lot of the same themes.

Some older ideas popped up as well, which meant they needed to be written down.  Once story I had so many questions, I typed them out, and hope to answer those quuestions soon.

The novel keeps taking these turns. Wrote down a possible rewrite by hand, and after thinking on it overnight, I realized I missed something, and will add that to the story soon.  Need to go back to the outline and add this as well.

Some of the dialogue I wrote out needs revisions, as I’ve thought of some new lines, and others I need to scrap.  It will work itself out.  I am happiest when I’m creative. so I love those aspects.  Gotta keep being creative.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A Christmas Eve Post

Rather than think too hard on this, I’m just gonna write what comes to mind. So it’s been a long, long month, that started in November with me doing overtime, and lasting long enough to scramble my internal clock. I mixed up days and time was a bit off. Even waking up became a chore, and I hate when that happens. So now, it’s break time.

Hoping my creative batteries will get recharged, as the semester is now over, and I can relax a bit, minus the usual family going ons where  I need for people to chill out, and not try and stress me. Why is it that holidays bring on stress when they should be happier and more peaceful times?

So, as I said to myself, I need to chill, the first thought that popped up in my head was to get this blog post done. So here were are, blogging, and ready to post for the holidays. Not sure if my creative power has been charged, but I know when I blog, I typically feel good about creative writing in general. Especially because I don’t feel like I’m forcing myself to write.

On another not, I feel a little lighthearted about creativity, and don’t want to take it serious in the least, just play around and goof off, and not be so weighty. I might end up with deep thoughts, but it started with me not trying to be serious, and enjoying moments of creativity.

Happy Holidays, and happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I want to write some horror stories.  Not sure if I’ll be good at them, but something short will be fun–or maybe scary.  LOL This is the result of reading Poe and watching Universal Horror films at a young age.

Maybe if I don’t think too hard on the concept. Lightly flesh out (pardon that pun) a concept, and go. Don’t think too hard, or I’ll collapse in a fit of frustration, and boredom.

I Get To Brain Today

For the record I am still being creative, and still writing even though I am playing video games. For the past couple of days my mind has got into rethinking some projects. For the novel, I had an idea that changes the main character a whole lot. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, BUT it is a legit idea that helps me add to the story. I’m excited and nervous. It may be what I needed to push the story in the right direction.

Tuesday is also Election Day. It could be a wonderful, or terrible moment in US history, but we won’t know until the election is over. Voted early, but still, I’m guessing the drama will arrive and be a nasty stinking hot mess. I hope and pray the night will be good.

I hope people will come together and be better for the nation. This is a great nation, I love being an American, working hard, and trying to be better each day. I hope the world will be OK.

Happy creative endeavors.