Dragon Age Video

Because I love this game.


Comprehensive Exams

For those not in the know, part of completing my Master of Arts degree requires a two part comprehensive exam.   It was plenty of work, and forced me to put more than my usual efforts into completing the exam.  I studied for a week for  the first part, and for the second part (take home essay) I did a LOT of research.   I admit that this was quite the challenge, AND I really pushed myself to work harder.  I passed, and that was a great relief.  I was very nervous, but I did put a lot of energy and efforts towards success.

Of course, now there is a review, and the thesis needs to get underway.  Now that classes are over for the quarter, I can now get to revising a couple of papers, AND working on several pages of the thesis.      It never ends.   I’d love to see this to the end.   That MA degree is right around the corner.

Old Prose

This is kind of neat:

Before grad school I wrote a lot of prose stories. I NEVER knew what to do with them, and my skills were limited to the two fiction writing classes.

I still have several of the stories on file. One of the stories I loved to death. I put a ridiculous amount of time and effort into writing/rewriting it. I could never get it published. 😦 LOL

Now I have a MORE writing skills/tools to evaluate and revise this story. Lets see where this takes me.

Essay Adventures

Still writing this paper (ten pages). Taking a quick break, then back to the grind. About to pick out come clothes for work and then paper again. Should get something to eat. The goal is to get two more pages done before work. I’m feeling good and a little nervous. UGH mixed emotions. 😦

Feel I’ve neglected SDCS. Well I’m micro posting today. Less guilt.