The Film Festival

The Film Festival for SCAD started today. I will see three movies, as time allots me to. I will also work on my papers this week. Trying to get them BOTH locked down with at least five pages by Thursday. It’s near time to to push myself further by accepting the fact that I MUST get it done.

Upsets to the work flow have been happening all quarter long, and its DST which ALWAYS throws a curve ball in my sleep pattern. I pray I manage with time to spare. Disorientation is not acceptable at this point. I MUST have control.



I want to make sure my email posting function works. Here’s me in six sentences:

Film festival starts this Saturday. I will attending three films, which should be exciting. The films are: Love Hurts, Grey Gardens,and The Hurt Locker. Currently putting together a presentation on Japanese directors/auteurs Kurosawa and Ozu! Rocking powerpoint for this one. Will be looking at writing some articles for Cine-Files.

My CINES for Fall

Paper topics can be tricky and I still need an abstract for my World Cinema class.  I got my Narratology paper topic (CINE 710) approved.   I feel I can breath easier than I have been.  For me, starting the paper gets a little rough.  I liken the experience to that of sleeping on a worn out mattress.

For those not in the know, I created a presentation on the topic of “desire” for class that I thought I could expand upon.  I made an abstract, and submitted it to my professor.   After a quick revision, I got the topic approved.  The films I will explore the topic of desire in will be, Elizabeth, V for Vendetta, and Interview with a Vampire.

The original class presentation included Batman Returns, but I wanted to use Interview after watching it last weekend.

I will discuss Pan’s Labyrinth for World CINE but I need my thoughts to gel properly.