Not Much To Say

It’s an awkward moment where I look at the blog, and don’t know what to say. It’s a one word at a time day. Did some writing, attempted to organize a lot of my thoughts on paper and file. It seems daunting, but I liked getting the work done. World building is daunting, but I’m a break through this.

Yesterday I also goofed off and did some gaming, which sorta of relaxes me. At least I was able to forget the day which was a mix of busy and chaotic. With gaming, it’s a puzzle of sorts, as I am playing MOBAs, and trying how to make the characters better, get the mechanics down, and overall be better for the team.  With MOBAs I get a mixed bag because some players are better at communication than others.

Other players I’ve to yell at players, and I’ve had my fill of obnoxious people, so I don’t need that kind of mess in my chill time.

World Building

I’m working on more notes for the novel, and what I’m learning about world building is that it is not as simple as I initially believed, thought, or invested time in. There are points where I questioned character’s motives, what key icons are constantly seen the world.

There was a point where I saw the antagonist and asked in my notebook, what does he do for a living. How does he get things together, and what motivates him when he gets up. None of this has made the character sympathetic to me–he’s not supposed to by, but I was worried I’d go too far.

On top of this, I asked myself what is this story about. NOTE: Not the plot, but the story’s about.  I came up with a few ideas, but they should be simple. For example; this novel is about challenging the status quo, or, this novel is about embracing your fear for fun and profit. So I need to work on what I believe the novel is about without telling people the plot.

That said, all I can do is keep inching towards greatness. Those last three words could easily be what my story’s about. Happy creative accidents are good accidents.

Happy creative endeavors.

Let’s Go With a Funky, Funky Flow

Yesterday, I wanted a flow to my stale prose so I played a little with poetic meters to see what I could do with an economy of my fun words.

To make a post in the same way will take more time than I realized, and time is a little precious at the moment. Still wanted a post in, before I go to other tasks. Loved trying to write, and figure out how to be effective with writing. I could stand some extended free time to write, however, that is what my weekend may shape up to be like. I did get a few lines in for the novel, that will need revising.

Happy creative endeavors.




I haven’t been blogging, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t writing. I have a notebook that’s been getting some mad love these days, and I’ve been happy with the results. I also left the notebook in plain site when I was slacking off, and reminded myself to jot down ideas when I wasn’t preoccupied.  While I’ve been putting down concepts and ideas I have, I also put notes down for the novel.

By notes I have ideas and questions I think need addressing as well as passages, names, and ideas about what happens when. I do believe I have to rewrite the outline and concept for the novel soon, to reflect the changes I’ve made, which isn’t as scary as I make it out to be. Yes, I’m nervous and excited over the prospects, however, that’s part of writing for me.

I also found myself looking at my main characters’ names, and taking time to find good last names for them.  It was a challenge because I said the names aloud to see if they had a flow to my ears.  Once they passed the flow test they were good. That took more time than I realized.  Of course, some other characters came up, and there names just popped up and rolled off the tongue. I laughed, then wondered if they get last names. They aren’t the MCs, so I’m not worried yet.

Research also falls into place as I have to look up a few things to get a better understanding of them before they will be written about.  This is when it never dawned on me that I’ve become far more involved into the novel, and the material has evolved to an extent. I’m not 100% sure what I have on my hands, but I love that there is progress, even if it is in smaller increments than I intentionally anticipated.

Happy creative endeavors.

Know Better, Do Better

It’s hard for me to push myself when I know I want to goof off, or do something less stressful (like organize my constantly messy room). However, the more I write via blog, writing exercises, and generally writing my thoughts down/typing them into a file, helps me think better, and process stuff.

Case in point, I wrote down a lot of notes not only for the novel, but other writing projects I want completed in 2017. This meant, last night, as I pondered the age of my MC for the novel, I’d have a different mindset (think late teens vs forty-something). Needless to say in my notes, a couple of my concepts paralleled. The thought occurred to me that one should be about a late teen (novel), and the latest pitch be about the forty-somethings. That way I can explore variations on a theme w/out changing too much in the novel.

That said, I jotted stuff down, and more notes I need to act upon. One word at a time, and keep moving forward.

I also need to get my reading on, and earlier today I realized I failed to charge my Kindle. Not my best planning ahead moment, but it’s charging now.

Happy creative endeavors.

Into and Out of Love

This blog used to be filled with essays on film and television shows. I created it for that purpose. I used to have a personal blog that I filled with daily chatter, while CINES chatted about film and television.

I felt closer to the text, loved every bit of it, and pushed myself further to explore more topics in film. Then that love dwindled. I feel like I took a turn into deep chaos in a way I fully can’t explain, but my enjoyment for film and television went to a crawl. That’s never a good thing for someone who loves what they wrote about.

Perhaps this was a depression that I didn’t recognize, or a moment where other events overrode something I enjoyed. As a friend pointed out, “one step at a time.” I cannot get from under a cloud and expect an instant return. It truly is a piece by piece effort to regain your foothold and be a better man.

Some of the chaos was released, and left me. Thank God.

Still I gotta grow from where I was, to a better spot. This means focus, effort, and inching towards some form of personal success. So one day I will fall back in love with the things I once had a passion for writing about all the time.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Lovely Allergies on a Wednesday

Allergies are pure misery. As the temps in SC fluctuate between cold, and warm, my allergies and sinus dramas are wrecking me. I’m stuffy, then runny, then I lost my appetite. I made myself eat last night and this morning. It’s not a happy time for me. If I don’t eat, I could weaken my resistance, and really get sick. That’s all I need in the course of a day. Needless to say I’m on allergy meds, and I hope to get back to my regular self again.

I can also say that when I can breath through my nose, everything seems to be agitating my sense of smell.  This has taken the joy out of NOT being safe at home away from all things that really set my senses off. I digress. A brother can be a trooper when the occasion calls for it.

Allergies aside, yesterday I did get some writing done. What I did the first go round is write down what I think are some issues for my main characters.  One thing I used a lot was their fears. So after a few bullet points of exploring fears, I told myself to look at other emotions. Why? I felt the characters will start to repeat themselves, or get into a deep rut. Also I wanted to see what else I could explore beyond fear. So unless it’s a horror story, I want to see other emotions.

Wrote a little for the novel, but that’s fine with me. A little goes a long way for me, and I don’t mind when I’m under a hit of misery.  I hope to keep writing something soon. That way I can write about something other than allergies.  LOL

Happy creative endeavors.