After Christmas

It’s a good day. Why is it good? Why not? Gotta keep progressing and moving forward. I pray for better living, health, and well-being. I want to believe it’s not about being empty or afraid.

Did have a couple of buzzard dreams that I don’t know how to sort, and are still in my head. I’m at least happy they are dreams and nothing more. Just what is my psyche trying to tell me? Am I listening? Why did the scenes feel like plots from a script that had to go that particular way.

The day is still good. I’m a go write more. Fiction writing rules!!!

Happy creative endeavors.

Creativity is the key to success.


Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve
If you have to sneeze
Please, please, please
Don’t pass the peas

Celebrate, celebrate
Cease with the hate
Don’t need to tolerate
Or debate
Simply participate
In the love, love, love
Let it fill you up
Let there be peace
This Christmas Eve

Creativity is the key to success.

Job Hunting

Today is a day of internet and job hunting. Will keep on looking until I find something worth applying to. I suspect many of the applications I’ve completed/submitted won’t be responded to until next month. I still gotta keep trying, right?

Been writing many fragmented pieces of stories, and I need to get them into a Word document soon. Hopefully I’ll make more of them than just a fragment. Also I should have eaten sooner. Nothing comes from not eating on time. A banana does not count. Those things are like gone in seconds. I really need to get some food that’s worthwhile eating for breakfast. A job will change that.

Not much else to say other than I strive to get things done. Now, back to job searching, and possibly writing something coherent.

Happy creative endeavors.

I’m Still Writing

My Notes app is filled with concepts, pieces of stories, and notes on what to work on soon. I have some proposals to work on that I want to send to potential publishers/editors.

Had an idea for a story that I thought I’d never write. It haunted my dreams like it was a party up in my head. I don’t even know what I’m doing with this one, as it’s out of my element, but doing something outside the box is good. It means understanding how to connect stories. All I can think of is if the story will bear my caustic humor that follows me on all my stories.

I’m hungry. I need to eat more than a banana, a cookie, and a piece of turkey sausage. I’m a mess.

Happy creative endeavors.

Tuesday is Beat the Pavement Day

I needed a haircut, and I got it.  Never mind that I didn’t get up early, and my breakfast was abysmal. It simply happened that way, and there’s not time traveling to fix it. Somehow I’m not upset about that. Doing some job hunting, and like a rank amateur, I didn’t charge my laptop last night, so I’m not at 100% capacity.  Best to make the most out of what I’ve got. Searching is frustration.  Gotta keep at it thought.

Writing has been a struggle. Was working on a ten-page story I’m determined to keep at ten pages. The issue has been the last scene, which seems to want to keep more, and I needed to add a few passages at the beginning and middle, to make the last part feel connected. I’m stressing myself over this. Maybe that’s what it needs from me, stressing.

Writing’s funny. I keep getting interrupted by well-meaning forces. Family is an endless source of attention. My disdain for watching TV  of a reg basis anymore doesn’t mesh well with others. If I isolate myself to write, I get asked “what am I doing,” and peeps need help more than I imagined. I’m a hot freaking mess of a mess.

All I can do is keep working. This story will resolve itself.  Also while trying to work that out, I got the inspiration for the opening of a script that’s been in my head for a while. So five pages of something lured forth, and I’m glad for that. Now this short story needs some legs. I really want the final pages to be done this week. Leave it to me to make ten pages a decadent affair.

Happy creative endeavors.

You Used to Love Me

You used to love me,
Then you went trippin’ off a trip,
That took you half-way ‘cross the world
It used to be,
When our eyes locked,
And our souls touched,
That our fears and shames melted away

You used to love me
Every day, all day
Then days became weeks, and weeks became months
Then you turned your back
Stomped on me
Cursed my spirit
Broke my heart
I have no doubt of your intentions
For a brief moment,
You were mine
And the world didn’t matter,
Yet you went trippin’ on it, hard.

Inspiration and the Critical Eye

Five pages into the latest story, and I already know I have to chop out content. Frankly speaking, not everything seems to be working. I’ve taken too long to get to what the heart of the story is about. Normally I prefer to wait until after I’ve gotten a first draft to edit but, I’m going make an exception this time.

I’m also using my voice to type this via my iPhone. It’s an experiment but I think it’ll work out, with some modest editing. It’s not a bad experiment. I kind of want to try this with actually writing a story. At the very least, I am very happy that there’s various materials I can use to write in different ways and methods.

Back to the story I was writing. I was a bit excessive in describing and having dialogue and it’s not working at all. With this story, I wanted something it was 10 to 15 pages long. At the rate I’m writing, I’m likely going to double that amount which is not good. Part of writing this short story is creating something with an economy of words and pages. I feel that I failed at that already, so I’m hopefully not being self-defeating. I do want to stick to my goal, however I also want to address that writing this material and keeping with the rules I have isn’t only an exercise, but it’s about quality. I need to strive to do different things with my short stories in order to keep them very indifferent and fresh.

All I can do is keep striving to do better. That’s all anyone can do. Admittedly, I love when I keep thinking about how to write better, how to approach writing differently how to approach my subjects with new eyes. Also experimenting rules!

As always, happy creative endeavors.