Thesis: It Gets No Easier

Been writing my thesis.  To me plugging away at it is the only way to get it done.  Well I realized today that this is gonna take a lot more time than I expected.  For that matter, I’m looking at doing more and more research than planned.  I’m gonna go way past the minimum of 40 pages for this degree. It wan’t expected, and in fact I would have preferred to keep it simple, however since I’m not going to do that, I want to work harder at putting things together.

Trying to contextualize genre has become something of an obsession for me.  I need these defined and move on.  Next weekend I have to finish the comedy sub-genres because there are some other genres I need to address and finish.  I may have to get up early during next week and spend at least an hour a day writing.

Thought about taking the first five pages and revising them, but I feel I need to write more and do less editing.  It must be done. Why does it feel so monumental? My goal is to show at least 20 pages of this to my professors, but I’m a mess.



Two scripting options have surfaces.  At least I can manage my time  to handle them.  First thing is what most of my FB peeps know, after losing the file for a 90 page screenplay I was faced with having to retype all 90 pages over.  I have a hardcopy so I knew what was ahead of me. While cleaning some old files from my computer, I found the screenplay.  I have three copies of that file now.  Soon I’m going to have to go over this screenplay to correct it and make it noteworthy.

The second is I’ve been working on a project to submit to a producer.  Finished the first draft of the beat outline.  This weekend I hope to get the kinks out and resolve several of the problems within this outline.  One thing classes have stressed is to resolve the issues within the outline stage or the script won’t work.  You don’t want issues then.

This means for me a sign that I’m getting things on track.  I really need to resolve these issues in this story and get myself focused on something positive. For those not in the know, writing has always been a source of challenge and comfort for me.  I’m gonna get it resolved and make things work out.

One thing I did notice is that my first two screenplays are comedies.  I didn’t not expect that as I always favor science fiction, fantasy, horror, adventure, and crime genres. Maybe I will get to them.  I know so far what I’m doing feels right.  For me having people laugh from my writing makes me feel good.

When Last We Met. . . Thesis Fridays

I felt very queazy last Friday and my sleep patter went all the way to heck.  I didn’t have the fortitude to get up and go to the computer lab and work on the project.  I felt ever so guilty, and my family suggested that I leave thesis alone for the weekend. That did not mean that I gave up on writing. Also I have some positive news.  I’m saving that for another post.

I did work on the thesis during my weekend.  A total of five pages.  I needed to get those completed.  I nearly have all my discussion on genre completed.  On a side note, I have some additional information that I will add to the pot.  This should push the page count up higher in a good way.  For the record I wanted to contextualize comedy and a few sub-genres (screwball, romantic, and dark). I find I’m looking at elements of melodrama, which I worked on around last Christmas holidays.  The information is scholarly and therefore usable.

Some genres force me to look at other genres and extend the research.  For example, dark comedy often overlap with satire and contains elements of tragedy.  Horror blends well with dark comedy. All three genres need a solid definition, and I prefer to have at least two scholarly sources in my paper for this genre information.

Well, I’m going to dare to suggest I’m not done with genre information and I hope to make it thorough and concise. When you read this thesis, my goal is for you to have detailed information done with confidence.