Thousands of Words Later

Last night, I was simply loafing about when I decided to write out a scene for the novel. It started out innocent enough, butter the first time, in a long while, I wrote a scene that made me laugh on the spot, and I couldn’t wait to write more of it. It started with me being bored, and playing with my Notes app, how many things start.

It was simply me being silly, goofing off, and not remotely trying to be deep. I wanted to write and not feel constrained or fit in. The idea took off, and I ran with it. This scene needs a mad formatting, and clean-up, however the beauty is I was very happy with what I wrote, and want to continue to write this way.

This feel good moment comes after writing thousands of words, and feeling mostly like I got too heavy, and heady for my own good in my writing in order to make sure things had a place and structure. The moment I stopped giving a damn about structure, happy writing took place.  I’m praying I keep up this kind of thinking because I believe things will work out for the better this way.

This is not to say all that what I’ve written so far for the novel is bad. In fact a lot of it is still great, however, It has a different energy. Normally when I write, I sometimes can’t identify its strengths or weaknesses as I am in the middle of it. I try to hit the beats like a champ.

Hitting beats isn’t wrong. Sometimes I can’t get from point A to B without being technical in my writing. At least there are words on the paper.  When I have this breakthrough, like last night, it feels good, changes the flow of the story, and I need to go with the flow.

Happy creative endeavors.


Under the Influence

Influences can be good, as they inspire me to create. Sometimes, I think my influences get all mixed up, and that’s when I start having issues with my writing. I couldn’t figure out why my energy for my novel was waning like it was. Then I realized I was watching a lot of diverse material, and while many of them didn’t have to do with what I was writing, it did have an impact on my creative spirit. Thus I was thinking of new projects while working on the current. It made me very, very confused and conflicted. Needless to say the frustration truly irked me.

The different stories, videos, articles, etc has been good for me, as it does allow me time away from what I was writing as a massive project, and fed my brain new topics or simply engaging material from a new point of view. That’s a great thing in my book. At the time, I couldn’t recognize this shift in my attention until last night, when I’d gotten into some gaming guides, that had my complete attention and excitement. I’m like, “I can’t wait to try these games” (I’m looking at you, Battleborn, and Overwatch).

There’s a key way to make some adjustments, and I think it’s simple; I need to find influences for my novel, and review them, to get me back in shape for what I need to do. Also I need to find more influences to shape the novel.  Right now it’s very simple and straightforward, but I think I can do better. Oddly enough, I did a lot of journal writing yesterday, and ended up putting down some notes on where to go and what to look at.  Will keep it up. It will, hopefully get me back to where I want to be with regards to the novel, and creative writing.

I must say I’m surprised because I was ready to shut the novel down for a few weeks until I got my bearings. It looks like I have to do a lot work to keep it at the forefront, which isn’t a bad thing. Some things are worth the effort.

Happy creative endeavors.

An Early Post

Today I’m up and about earlier than usual. It’s not a bad thing. Stuff needs to get done, and since I’m awake, I can get it done. I am, however feeling a little tired and meh. I may need a cup of coffee soon, or later. So long as I get it, and am able to drink it in peace. That said there’s something wrong when you can’t sit back and relax while drinking a cup of coffee–at least for me.

That said, I did want to point out while I wasn’t making the progress with the novel I wanted, I still have been writing. I finished a draft of an essay for a film, and its a hot mess, and far too long. I need to let this cool off for a while. Glad I typed it, but need to rewatch the film to clarify my own points, and extra ideas.

I should have more to say, but until I wake up–at least if my mind does, then I can get myself together. I’m a mess without the necessary sleep, and it’s taken me too long to write a post that should have been done a while ago. I’m too hard on myself, and trying to adjust when my brain is like, “we don’t even get up at this time, but you dressed and trying to be articulate.”

This Day…

Didn’t do much today. Didn’t feel like I got enough sleep, and didn’t do a blog post at the time I normally do. I’ve been a little obsessed with some dialog I wrote for a different story, and while I have yet to format this material, I still think of it, and tinkered with it yesterday.

Today I worked on the novel–where I left off yesterday, which was five and a half pages. Pushed it to seven and a half pages, and didn’t feel like doing much afterwards. It’s odd. I feel like I haven’t made the story a bizarro title, or at the least I’m straying away from bizarre elements. I feel as if I don’t know what I’m doing, and more than a little unsure I’ve done the material justice. I’m very frustrated at this moment, and I hope this will pass.

I should go look up some things I think influence the novel. It’s part action story, part science-fantasy comedy in my head. So maybe I need to distract myself with more of this genre.

Perhaps this is the perfect time to switch gears. Allow myself a real break from the novel, catch other stories up, and get things done that I put on hold. Why? I hate when my mind feels congested, and my creativity waxes and wanes. Also I need to be rid of this self-doubt eating at me. I have the sneaking suspicion the moment I say “I need to stop working on this novel,” and begin writing other projects, the novel will come back to me.

Creativity is weird, and I don’t think there’s a right way to create, so I best keep on trying things, and even randomly sneaking in a paragraph or two for the novel mainly because I want it to go places, besides in a file, and left to cool off for long periods of time.

Happy creative endeavors.

Tuesday: Let’s Get Back On Track

OK, the sinus woes aren’t going to leave me any time soon. I need to settle up, get a latte, and gets to writing. Writing makes me feel better, and quite frankly, I want my feel good energy activated. So today I hope to get some novel stuff done, because yesterday was such a bust. Looked at the pen and paper, and didn’t put anything creative down. Looked at the monitor, and didn’t bother to open Word to start a file. It was a disaster of a creative day.

I did write before bedtime last night. It was a random idea I had in my head for a while, and I’d love to work on this as well. At the very least, I’d love to complete this scene and put it in a file. This started because I could hear the characters’ voices in my head, and decided to write them out when I should have been sleeping. They for sure don’t fit in the novel, and have their own desires that have nothing to to with the novel’s world. I haven’t decided if this is a screenplay or script. It’s just raw ideas.

Happy creative endeavors.



Overwatch: Fearful Symmetra

This is the game Overwatch. Yet another game on my “dream list.” It’ll have to wait,  Overwatch is an online first person shooter multi-player game with different classes of heroes to choose from. This is a hero who caught my eye.  It can be played on console or PC.

Symmetra is a support class hero. I love support classes in games. She doesn’t heal, but she grants shields, has a teleporter, and can place turrets that slow and do damage to the opposing team. If the player is clever enough in their placement of turrets and the teleporter, Symmetra can control choke points like nobody’s business. She can get a lot of kills with well-placed turrets. With her teleporter she can help her team arrive to critical points on the map in a short amount of time.

The common weakness with Symmetra is that she is queen at defense, but not so effective at offense. That’s been disputed by some very creative players who maximize their synnergy with their fellow players.

Enough of explaining.  Enjoy the vid.

Monday Has Just Begun

It’s a lovely Monday, which I don’t hate, but the sinus woes are still upon me. It looks like my meds are knocking the excess drainage out, because since I popped the meds, it was like Niagara Falls and my none, now it’s an occasional sniffle. I’m not mad at that. Scents are still raw as all get out with me, and that’s not a good thing. I prefer some stability and less discomfort. It’s making it difficult to get things done, and be focused. I hate that sensation, but I’m a make things work.

Creativity took a hard dive while I was suffering. Over the weekend, I lost and slowly regained my appetite, and settled on watching really bad B-films on Syfy, game videos, and police procedurals. Remember when the b-film was the transgressive film with the tighter budget, and the top tier film was the star studded affair? What? Too far back in film history? A little cinema studies trivia never hurt anyone, unless you’re allergic to history.  Back to my point, I was taking a hard dive.

Well, now that I’m up, I’d like to get back to the novel. Since I prefer to discuss results after the facts, I hope to have something to post tomorrow about progress. What I do know, and want to do is keep being hopeful. I will get stuff done even if I seem to be lacking on several days of progress. We all face setbacks of some sort. Besides, if I look at the silver lining; at least I gave myself a few days to “cool down” from my novel. Now I can start with fresh eyes. I still need to work with my typed page, then add the dialog I hand wrote for it on Friday.

As always, happy creative endeavors.