G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra

GijoeofficialposterOk Hasbro owns a piece of my childhood.  Both Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe were parts of my youth.  Gotta love the 80s cartoons.  Now both properties are live action films.  Could Jem be the next for the big screen treatment?

I did have reservations about seeing this film, especially since Transformers 2 dropped the ball.  In fact, I was downright afraid of seeing zero plot logic AND not being fun.  The way Trans-2 turned out to accomplish.

For the record I’m not one of those fans who must have all the characters like they were in the 80s cartoon.  If you ever hear me say “Destro was never like that in the cartoon,” please feel free to call me on that!

The creators took many liberties with the characters, and I am for one, glad that they did.  Remember how on the cartoon no matter how much shooting they did, no one really hit anything?   Imagine if they kept that?   That’s a big bowl of blah.

This film is directed by Stephen Summers of (Van Helsing, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns).  For what it is, we get a lot of goofy fun based off of toys and a cartoon.   My Professor suggests that this type of action film is the descendant of the B-film, but with a better budget.    It sincerely is not cerebral, and definitely full of fun.

There are lots of flashbacks in this film. Destro, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Duke, Baroness, & Cobra Commander all get flashbacks.  Lots of gap fillers here.

For the record I am such a nerd for the Baroness.  Yes I am.  No I don’t care that she’s different from the comics and cartoon.  I thought Sienna Miller gave the character life.

Marlon Wayans as Ripcord impressed me, as he was able to be funny without going far overboard with the silly.  Nice balancing.

See GI Joe if you like fun and goofy films.  If you’re down with cerebral films, you REALLY want to skip this one.


The Wolfman

Here’s a link to the trailer.  I so want to see this film.  I love the dark look of this film.  I so want to see how the Wolfman story chaged.  Also I want a thrill from the horror genre.   I have hope that this will not dissappoint.

The CINEs So Far

So far I have only had three cinema study classes: CINE 703 (Research and Methodologies), 705 (History of Cinema), & 747 (Cinema Theory).  I can tell you my writing improved by leaps and bounds.   By time I got to 747, I was able to put together a stronger paper.   For the record, I revised the CINE 705 paper (which was on Blade Runner and Metropolis).  I used the revised paper to apply for the CS program, which got me accepted.

So far these films as my paper topics:

  • Blade Runner/ Metropolis (705)
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall (703)
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula (747)
  • Porky’s & American Pie (737c)

I want to revise the Forgetting Sarah Marshall & Dracula papers

I‘m going to take Critical Concepts in Cinema Studies (710) and World Cinema (725) in the fall.

How I Got To Cinema Studies?

It was a trip worth taking, I must say.  I made several missteps in my graduate choices.  I started out as an e-learning (online) student in graphic design.  While I had the skills, I preferred and in-class experience.  I moved to Savannah, got a job, and contemplated my academic life.   The program and I were not working out.   I wasn’t satisfied.  I didn’t know what I wanted.  

Eventually I took a cinema study class as an elective (CINE 705).   I found I love the class.  My perspective changed on how to view films and what I look at in films. 

I am making a concentration in screenwriting/writing in general.   I took a screenwriting class and fell in love with the program.   The class moved at a good pace, and we covered a lot of ground.  The coolest film we saw in class has to be Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

Also I noticed how we take our films and TV for granted.  We have shows we visit on a regular basis.   For me having a historical background for films will help me become a better screenwriter.   For some versatility, I took writing for comics class, and am taking a business writing class this summer (starts on Monday).    So far I have two screenwriting classes under my belt: Screenwriting (wrote my first screenplay), and Writing for Television, where I wrote a spec script for The Office.

The Kick-Off-Long Overdue

Pardon the sports metaphor, and the tardy post.  I’m as sports savvy as a brick wall, but I’d like to use what little I do know.   As the blog title suggests, I devote this blog devoted to my life in graduate school at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) the Cinema Studies Master of Arts program.

I have reasons for writing this blog; for one thing I get to talk about something I’m doing that I love.  Next, graduate school has been quite an adventure with several embarrassing missteps and many rewarding steps forward.  I’d like this blog to be a positive experience I can share.   I love to write, and now I have a reason to update on a regular basis.

Paper Topic for 737c

Looking for a movie and for a paper topic. It has to be in the New Hollywood era film, and I didn’t think this would turn into a 12 labors type of event.

Right now my brain locked itself against my goal for writing a good paper.   Normally I get a feeling for my paper topics, but I confess to not knowing jack, which makes me nervous.   I admit my frustration and agitation with myself.

Music sooths me right now.  I want a paper topic before the end of the night.