Iced Coffee and Brainstorming

A couple of days ago, I tasked myself with creating a longline for the show I’m working on.  This stems from being asked what the series is about.  I can tell you what the story is, but the goal is to give a person a one to two sentence summary of the show that distills it down to its bare bones. Since it’s a fantasy series, I realized the terminology would throw a host of people off if they peeped it. 

This means I’d have to leave out any unfamiliar terms, and try to make sense.  I did mention the genre, as it’s important to the series. The first try was too simple.  The second try had all the world-related terms a friend didn’t get when he read it.  The third pass was me just saying to myself, “write this longline like its me in a casual conversation, and a bit carefree.” 

Suddenly I had a positive start where I only had to tweak for grammar, and not overhaul what I’m saying. It was clear, more reader friendly, and as a friend told me, it made more sense, and was relatable. I love a positive step. So now I have a better viewpoint and can shape the story better.  

Happy creative endeavors. 


That ‘How To Do’ Affair 

Sometimes for me, writing is too formal and gets overly structured and arranged.  I clench and stuff starts going awry. Case in point, all my formal arranging of various materials has lead me to fussing over stuff that doesn’t feel “right,” or “fixed.” This is usually when I put the text down and move onto something else.  I’m typically frustrated and have abandoned projects for this reason.  Writing is a source of joy for me.  Why is it not working? 

Yesterday, the same thing happened. A long-time project is frustrating me. I was ready to let it rest for a good while and move on.  In fact, started two short stories with the hopes of getting my mind off the material.  

Yesterday, I had a random idea for a series. Wrote it out as it came to me. Did not try to make it formal. I needed to know the character, knew the situations, and let that be that. What I’m getting at is I got raw results with not fussing or self editing along the way.  The only thing I’d add is possibly a vice or two (drinks a little too much, self-medicates, has bouts of depression). 

So for a new series I have characters, concept, and several story ideas.  I’m going to brainstorm more ideas today, as it was fun to put them to paper. 

What did this mean for my longtime project? I looked at it, and wrote out character descriptions minus any of the fussy elements I once added to them.  I got, distilled, raw characters who I see clearer. New story ideas will soon to follow.  

This is all to say, one is always learning sometimng or repeating old lessons.  This doesn’t mean I’m free of editing, but it has a time and place. Not during the creation phase.  Also unclench. I put myself through so many changes in the story, when what I was after was a simple, direct approach.  

As always, happy creative endeavors. 

Late, Late Coffee and Five Sentences Minimum

So yesterday I made coffee, with the intention of chilling it in the freezer for iced coffee. It’s way too hot for regular coffee, so this was me doing something clever. This meant I waited, got distracted, and forgot I placed the coffee in the freezer. By time it dawned on me that I placed coffee in the freezer, it was late, and a nice chuck of ice. Needless to say there was no coffee consumption yesterday.  It’s alright though, the coffee’s here for today. Consumption can be a good thing.

Today is a five sentence kind of day.  There are multiple projects I wish to work on. [As I type this, I am reminded to activate my Notes app, and allow it to synch to what I placed on my phone.]  This means sitting down and writing a little here and there.  That’s not a bad thing.  I wanted to start with a blog post, so here I am ready and willing to make the best out of this day, and have that meh feeling that sometimes comes with the weekend.

Did a lot of praying and reflecting on being and doing better for myself. I do believe if you start with improving yourself, you can reach others. Sometimes it’s one little step, but that a step forward.

On another positive note, I want to wish those who are working on their projects, great progress and breakthroughs.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Reclaim A Story 

For some time, I’ve been annoyed by one of my stories being incomplete.  Perhaps this is a good moment to find, reclaim and revise it.  I called it a short story, but it was twenty pages, and it needs a lot of work.  The genre was a mix, but it has elements of a thriller, and I feel if I narrow the focus, I may be able to approach it stronger. 

So, I think I have a printed version in my room, and I’d like to at least look over it.  Months have passed since I glanced at it. At best I wrote out a few scenes I thought it could use, but that was months ago too. So, if I can’t make this story work as prose, I need to rewrite it as a script. Why? Why not? I like screenwriting.  A nice thriller might do something good in a different format. 

That’s my thoughts in a nutshell. Happy to write, and need to keep writing. 

Happy creative endeavors.  

Fool Up

Note: For some reason I’m having some text issues with cut and paste.  I’m willing to overlook this, as it fills in nicely with what I’m writing.

The term “fool up” is both regional and ethnic. It means something or someone is “crazy.” Crazy itself has varying degrees. It means any thing from silly, to dangerous.  Needless to say if you’re having some kind of chaos going, the situation or the people are “fool up,” and that’s not a compliment.

Writing has been at a crawl, but I found myself scribbling some scenes and dialog down last night. That’s always a good thing. It allows me to expand what i wrote, and there’s another scene that follows it, that’s in my head, and it disturbs me a little.  Something bad happens to people, and I’m trying to take myself out of the scene. I’ll have to face it, and write it out.

Doing some research into other literary styles, which can only inform any current or new projects.  I’m a bit of a mess, so I’ll just relax and let ideas flow.

Trying to think positive, and stay creative. Perhaps what I need is something completely out of the box, because as much as I like to think my creativity stands out, I’m pretty much coloring within the lines. It’s not bad, but sometimes I feel like the push should be to explore what feels unsafe and frightening. All of that is outside the comfort zone.

Was chatting with a friend, and was reminded about playwriting, and would love to write a few plays. Not sure of the logistics, and that’s not on the immediate pile of to do things. As another friend once said, “one word at a time,” so I gotta step up my game, even when I don’t feel that mojo going.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


by S. R. Haynes

My throat flakes out,
And my mind melts like butter
That fries in the pan of the world.
I’m remade Cryptically,
In a peculiar shade of unharmonic blue.

This is me,
This is you,
This is the sun,
This is the song I sang last week,
Under a tree,
Where humidity slapped me,
Shook me, and tossed me down,
The flight of stairs of life.
Although I’m beaten and bruised,
All I can think of is,
“I want is pepperoni in my calzone.”

I’m just that weed.
Dainty, unsightly thing.
Growing, reaching, about to be mowed down.
Eviction isn’t pretty.
Don’t look,
Lest you see me cut down.
When my seed,
Flees on the wind,
And takes root once more,
We’ll play this vicious game once more.