A Simple Monday

Woke up late. It was awful. My faithful alarm was set to vibrate. Normally I hear this, no matter what, but today I was in a deep sleep, and didn’t even react to its constant going off. Needless to say, the scramble to get together, and out the door proved to be a challenge, and that was annoying as all get out. Still I accepted the challenge, and worked with it. I should get me a latte. I am too non-focused today.

One thing that I was doing, was imagining the first part of a story that I wrote the concept out for. Who knows where this will go, or how far it will distract me, but when I see it that clear, I need to put it in a file, or write it down on pen and paper. Somewhere today, I’ll make this wish come true. That’s who I am, it’s what I do. Also need to show the print journal some love. I’ve been slacking off.

Reading’s going well, and has consumed my break time. I like having at least thirty minds of uninterrupted reading time, and I get that. So I’m good. tried to get reading time at home, and everyone seems to find a reason to stop me. I hate breaking the pace I’m going at. I need to make a no-interrupt zone at home to finish.

Noticed yesterday my lack of organization has left my bedroom in a state of chaos. It looked rather dreadful, and I was indifferent to it. I get that feeling it will always stay like it is, but I need to clean this sucker up. We shall see.  Will do the five items at a time thing.  Pick five items up, and put it where it belongs, and see where that gets me. That may or may not succeed, but I always believe that if at first you don’t succeed, get back in that race.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



It’s Sunday, Hop To It

Yeah, it’s Sunday and I gotta get stuff done. Don’t you know it, my laptop’s power cord has a tear and needs to he replaced ASAP. Still there is other stuff to address. Need to show my print journal some love, clean my room, and find a way to play FF XIV. Yeah, get more writing done. 

Been bouncing the idea around of leading coding and game programming mainly to get back into web design. Also to make some games, which I LOVED the idea of doing. A while back I created a concept of a life sim, which I want to revisit and revive. Learning coding should help me put together the game. At least a huge part of it. Perhaps I can take some classes.  That’s in the future.  

Today is about one step at a time, and making progres. Ready to do things and not feel trapped by them.  

As always, happy creative endeavors. 

I Need a Latte

NOTE: This was yesterday’s post, and I failed to complete and post it. Oh well. If I leave it alone any longer, it may stay in limbo for longer than I really care to think about.  It was an early morning post, and no, I didn’t get a latte (until today, that is). I simply needed to do more writing before I treated myself. I treated myself today though, as I had ideas, and wrote them down.  Even an idea on improving characters (or flattening them). Having some ideas now.

Yes I do, and I deserve it. So I tell myself. Did some writing. Needed to do some more. It seems after work, all I want to do is check up on some vids, respond to some messges, and relax. It seems I spin from one chaotic zone to the next. I have to make more time for writing.  Some side projects got some love, and I was struck by another curious idea I can”t really explore, but did some quick research and and jotted down notes.

I do have a solution to switching gears a little bit. I did managed to get myself a new power chord for my Kindle, and I did get some credit for books, and perhaps if I start reading something, that will give me the detachment from all my chaos I need to get my creative gears working. Everything seems so far away at the moment, and I know I can do better than where I’m at in this moment. Cycles of chaos is a visions thing I dwell in.

So reading will help me put some focus on something new, that I can escape to, and leave other events behind for a short while. I don’t mind, so long as it gets my head of of all my woes. Hopefully, after the focus, my mind will process older things and have some new ideas.

Happy creative endeavors.


It’s Friday, and We Keep It Moving

It’s been an odd week of me having some ups and downs creative wise. Some days I have ideas, and I jot them down ASAP. Other times I get influenced by images, and seeing things in life, and put those into ideas as well. Other days it feels flat line when it comes to ideas, and I do nothing, or think of nothing.

Yesterday was like that. I was a little flat on the creativity. I did put down some notes, and that was it. Late last night, and early this morning, I had all sorts of odd, surreal dreams, images that my first instinct was to dismiss. However, a part of me, after taking a class on writing Bizarro fiction reminds me that I should be focused on the odd ideas, and expand on them. Why? They would be the most unique material I’ve seen, and to expand upon them might make for some compelling stories.

That said, I immersed myself in some psychedelic art and animation that made me think even more of how surreal elements can impact ideas and concepts. Also I want to have fun with writing. Struggling with the novel, and the TV script has taught me that some things can be very formal to me, and also sometimes too antiseptic. Ther’es no fun in stripping the fun outta ideas. I gotta push back on the immobility I’m suffering.

On a side note, I noticed that I haven’t written any funny animals stories of late. By funny animal, I simply mean something akin to fables, told with some humor. Apparently I know how to make things silly, fun, and entertaining when I add non-human characters with very human traits and foils.  Perhaps its time I look into this among other things.

I would like some time to contemplate getting this stuff done so I can rock a flawless when it comes to the output.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


I actually wrote for the novel last night. I was more than anxious to write. It’s all unformatted, and needs to be revised, but it met my requirement for doing a little at a time. On a side note, I send at least a paragraph, but dialog between characters breaks the paragraph, but not the five sentence minimum. I’m happy about small progress, as it is what I wanted to work on. I already feel the revisions needed for this scene as I didn’t like parts of it that felt a bit clunky. Gonna de-clunk it soon.

I have done without coffee for about three days. I may treat myself today. Part of that is I kinda went hog on coffee on the weekend, and I feel indulgence can be a bit of a pain, and turns to a vice. So, holding back just a little has done me good. I hope I get my habit under control.  Super big iced coffee, and multiple cups within a few days really felt good, but it’s wrong.

Happy creative endeavors.

Short and Sweet Post

The start of a new semester, and the place is hopping. I seemed to forget I was supposed to give my journal some love, so that was one of the first things I did. Will need to keep that up as it is one of my happy writing goals. Need to make myself a reward system to get myself writing again. Will also lower the threshold. All I need is a full paragraph for today in regards of the novel, and any other creative writing endeavors I’ve developed.

The only other thing I will say is I want to step up the action game in my fiction. I want some excitement, but I’m writing out dialog scenes.  I consider this is a craft lesson, as I often wish to see more stories, films, TV shows with more action. Why not start with myself, and with my writing. Let’s see what i come up with.  By action, I do refer to the genre and simply more action per scene. I don’t mind some chatting, but people need to do something. So I’ll be thinking of movement along with communication.

Pray for me.

Happy creative endeavors.


Classes start tomorrow, and the place is popping. All I hear is background noise, which I need to get used to again. It’s going to eat my focus, I know, but it’s time to get active, and be active. I sound like a life couch, sorta, and I don’t mind it.

Had plenty of ideas this weekend, and none of them meant the novel got worked on. I was totally scatterbrained, but I like that ideas were put down in files, as it means I’m still being creative. What I need to do is focus like it means something. I’m rather disorganized at this moment, and that’s unfair to myself. If I want this novel to work, I have to do it!

On the fair side, I did think I needed a break away moment to step back and see what I’ve done.  I got a bit intimidated and doubted myself like crazy. I was totally unfair to myself. SO I have to get back in the saddle, or keep doubting. I will get to first draft.

I did watch a documentary on Alfred Hitchcock, which was right up my alley. I also got to watch another episode of Mr. Robot.  I really need to sit and watch the episodes uninterrupted. I’ve been getting too distracted so easily when I’m home.  That’s gotta change.

Also my PS3 seems to not have access to the Playstation store for over a month. I was able to update my online apps, but that’s it.  If I didn’t have it, it may not show up for me.  I guess my old console is getting kicked outta the club or something.  Stuff happens.