The Crock Pot Adventures and Other Goodies

Yesterday was a time to chillax, and gaming. Gaming was good, if not even more relaxing. For the record I’m trying to get the “ultimate” play through with Dragon Age: Origins, so I can have an alternate version for DA:I when it comes out (the saves carry through to the next game- and effect the game world).  A new Origins save playing DA: II again as well.

One thing I did different this time was take some routes I hadn’t before when I played. My character made some darker choices. I didn’t know how well that would sit with me, the player,  as I kinda like being an in-game goody-goody and noble who happens to kill anyone who gets in my way. In reality it garnered me another gaming trophy. I may get another. Well it is a dark fantasy, and making a less moral choice game-wise. Didn’t realize how much I like being a goody-goody and how making some choices were a bit uneasy.

I did, in all my gaming, get time to put on the crock pot full of speckled butter beans. It was a pretty straightforward dish. For seasoning, I used salt, pepper, garlic, onions, bay leaf, and smoked neck bone (ahhhh meaty flavor goodness). It cooked overnight, and could use a little more heat  (cajun seasoning, hear I come).  So dinner shall be amazing, when I cook the rice a little later.

Woke up today with another goofy/surreal dream. I, of course wrote it up/typed it out before writing this post. This one’s gotta chill. I like it, but I don’t know what I think of it yet. Dreams yield such interesting , creative ideas, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to get it down on paper.

Happy creative endeavors.


Quick and Dirty Post

Neck pain is all upon me, and I am pressed for time.  Was looking for films to watch. I want something new. Need to go eat something, and drink some water. Will have to cook later on today. It’s all going in the crock pot, and cooking overnight, but I need that kitchen cleaned up too. Didn’t do much writing last night, and I feel a little fearful to start. Morning anxiety and apprehension needs dispelling. Admittedly I felt a lot of blah last night, which would explain my lack of true enthusiasm.  Today is a new day. The question is what kind of story do I wish to write today?

Aside: I got bored as well as blah last night, looked though my Notes App, and saw a a little narrative called “Tater Head Woman.” I sent it to a couple of people. Both thought it was goofy, if not surreal. All I could thing about is that the title should now be, “Tater Sack Head Woman.” So if you can imagine a woman with a potato sack for a head looking for love, you’d imagine what I came up with a while ago. I was amused with that. Now to take care of my neck pain.

I say to myself, again, I need to get stuff done. Let all the other stuff roll off my back.

Happy creative endeavors.

Sunday Lunchtime

Yesterday I tried to get myself together and focus, but that’s not didn’t happen till later. One professional writing project I’m doing at work shapes up nicely, and still needs work. I’ve spent time researching, revising, and it’s a set of instructions for students and visitors to my place of work. What started off as a set of individual sheets on topics really developed over the past two months for some real comprehensive material. I like the thought of producing comprehensive text. It makes me feel all academic, and reflects a lot of my background.

From now on when I say, “I’m being lazy, I need to shut up about that. I’m writing all the time at work and at home. Clearly I love writing. Why is a day off suddenly “slacking?” I know I always tell myself “I should be writing more,” and I try, but I need to be fair to myself. I put in a lot of time on projects, and focus on other things isn’t a bad thing.

Perhaps I’ll post some of what I’ve been writing in the future, as a sample of what I’m doing. It’s still not ready, in my opinion. I remind myself not to beat the horse about perfection. At work I was sitting at my desk, reading the material aloud. I caught a few typos, which is always good.  Several sentences didn’t make sense at all, when read aloud. I was like, “how did this get past me?” I see it now.

Failed to make dinner the day before, when I should have put it in the crock-pot. Some days I’m a mess, and that’s not cool. It did mean I had to spend $6.00 at Taco Bell, and I pray I don’t regret that excursion. Let’s be honest, Saturday was not made for cooking, it was made for gaming. I have to eat that consequence.

I was on break when I wrote the bulk of this post. Break time means I can listen to music (via headphones), and type this out on my own laptop. I’m not even posting this until I get home, and use my own internet access. Had a friend once get accused of “stealing company time” for blogging. She had to explain to too many people that pre-set times for her posts from her home, but people don’t think like that, and it was a hassle before it got resolved. So, I want to enjoy my break, and leaving what’s on break, on break.

Came home to writing out an idea I had from a dream. When I got up it stayed on my brain, BUT it got lost in the shuffle of me doing things. I forgot completely about it until I set foot back in my place. Sudden;y I was like “write it down. I have that free time. So now I contemplate how the logistics of this could possibly work, when I have other things on my plate I have yet to resolve. Can’t help but be brainy in these moments.

Happy creative endeavors.

Creative Muse Strikes

Yesterday I found myself being a bit lazy, and gaming more than anything. My hand was cramping. That’s too much gaming. I know better. Stopping the gaming was slow to do, but it was worth getting “lost” in games. It let my mind wander a lot, and gave my day this sweet touch of forgetting any or all woes for a short time. Also I was bold and talked crap to the game. Best stress release ever. I need to play a few different games though. A fresh challenge will change my point of view.

Speaking of gaming, I worked on developing archetypes. In joking with a friend I mentioned how I could make an RPG based on the archetypes, and subverting them with contemporary constructs. I never realized until that moment that I understood some roles, and how clear they could be, when I created some characters. I must apply these values to other stories.

Last night, when I got into bed, I found myself with my notepad writing more on the short story I mentioned before. What’s cool about this adventure – is in my head -I started to resolve a lot of things, and I knew what direction I wanted to go in with the story. I also know it’s purpose: This short story is a way for me to get into the world of one of the side characters. After all, he’s narrating, and he’s told me many things about his and this world. I need to make a few things personal in the story for him, some scenes to make things more personal. Challenges yield more challenges. There needs to be some mad revisions, which I don’t mind, and I put notes on the side of the paper so I will remember some of them.

So later last night, I dreamt up a weird story, and kept this one fresh in my head so I can write it down. It’s fun to have ideas. All in good time.

Happy creative endeavors.

Fables in the Mix

Writing a fables has been quite a struggle for me. In the past, I wrote down the plots, characters, some cool titles, but that doesn’t make the story complete. After several false starts I was at a loss on how to get this story going. My mind couldn’t make it work. It went into my “hold” folder while I let it rest. It stopped resting while I worked on The Wasteland. If anyone remembers, I was supposed to serialize Wasteland on my blog, but found the surreal elements needed a visual component, and perhaps it would work better as a comic book or graphic novel.

As I wrote before, I brainstormed ideas for stories for The Wasteland for the past few days. I managed to get the ideas typed, and my goal was to pick the best four of the best ideas so I can begin scripts. On a lark I added the fable concepts to my brainstorming session. It stayed in my mind, because it fit into this bizarro world. As I tried to pick storylines (I had two I was sure I wanted to write for sure), I looked at one of the fable stories, and wondered harder how it could fit into this world.

I felt compelled to write out (in prose form) the story with the characters from the fable. As it stands I found that they fell right into this world. I wrote out ten pages (it might be five pages typed-will find out this weekend). Still the idea of having the characters find a new life is wonderful. I thought this story didn’t have the bite it needed, when in fact it was waiting for the right scenario to arrive. What does this mean? It means I have another layer to the story I want to tell, and a few surprises. So far the draft’s unfinished, and I was pressed for time.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of this, once the first draft is done is going to need some mad revisions. I can see some spots I need to adjust already. Also some scenes need better settings. I may turn around and adapt the short story into a script. I won’t know until I finish it. I do know that a few characters I created for the actual story have more definition, and a stronger sense of being. I didn’t expect a couple of characters to be go in the direction they did.  I also didn’t think some of the characters would interact the way they did. I can see, in part what the protagonist wants to do, in spite of being warned and threatened not to do it. It makes me wonder what shall happen. I’ve got to get that on paper. I want to see what happens. I have a vague idea I that needs to be put on paper.

So does this mean The Wasteland‘s prose again? Will the short story inspire others, or get longer? Will it be a series of short stories (or episodes)? Will there be scripts for this story? I don’t know yet. What I do know and love is that the story went from written concepts to story. I feel I have a lot to work with, and a lot to resolve before I can make any other decisions.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Late To Bed Again

Tried to go to bed early last night, and didn’t even play video games which can keep me up and about longer than usual. Suddenly 12:00 AM became 1:00 AM, time became fluid and it was at least 3:00 before I dozed in and out of sleep. Of course I woke up several times, and finally the moment light hit the room my eyes reacted. It took turning the TV on, and on CNN and falling right back asleep. Of course, as I drift back to sleep, my alarm goes off. It’s time to get up and get things done.

Before my sleep woes, I did type out a lot of ideas I had for a current story, which went three pages. Now I need to pick four of the best  to write scripts for. I picked two on the spot. They stood out to me, and I was like yeah. A bonus to my dreaming last night is a came up with another idea for one of the charters. Was going to make him into a new character, but then was like, this concept works for a current character.

Trying to get myself together so that my day can go well. It looks like it’s gonna pour down and that’s never good, unless I can go lay back down and sleep. This is just going to be a day where I think of the next two plots to develop. I really want to get on the ball with the scripts. I need to keep writing. At least I’m doing something I love, and that makes my day better.

Happy creative endeavors.

Let’s Keep it Moving

Well yesterday I found myself with a lot of ideas, and jotted them down in my notebook. After a few pages, I needed to write them down.  Found myself busier, and one last idea came to me, and I put it on a note card. Finally late last night I had one idea before bed. It was me, my notepad, and a flashlight (to keep in the margins) getting that last thought on paper before I fell asleep. Speaking of sleep, I dare say I had a better time at sleeping than I did the day before. My sleep pattern has been erratic and I  made sure to attempt to go to bed a little earlier. Went to sleep within a short while.

Sometime between now and Sunday, I need to type these ideas up as well. I like the ideas, because some of them clicked in my head, some some of them, not so much. I hope to look back on some of the ideas, reclaim and revise them.

Dealing with the onset of a headache, and that’s never good in the morning. Nibbled on some fruit, then I took some Aleve. So now it’s a waiting game for the pain to go away. I don’t mind waiting, so long as the pain does go away. If not, it will be a long, long, day. If it gets worse I have to close down the laptop, write anything else out by hand. I hate looking at the computer screen with a headache, and the screen only seems to add to the discomfort.