A Little Shameless Self-Promition

Growing up I was taught not to brag on myself, and now these days I can brag on my humility (humblebrag-as it is), however this is where I am when it comes to thinking about putting together a story proposal.  I dare say I’ll have to eat my modesty alive, and I don’t think I can…yet.

First, I’m reminded of a class I took on writing, where my professor told me that I needed to do more writing, and like a fool I completely forgot to add to my resume that I blogged for some time now, which was me writing on a regular basis.  Thus I was, then too modest, and remain so…most of the time.

To me promoting via proposal myself means embracing that I have a certain flair with my writing, a sense of humor, and that I wisely drop-kicked my modesty and shame down a flight of stairs soap opera style. My point is, sometimes my own writing can have a strong antiseptic approach, and I often fail at a delivery because the proper (correct) thing to do is be modest. Needless to say, how can a proposal or synopsis be interesting if I’m boring? I’m lucky people read it in the first place, but damn, I think I can push myself to forget that I don’t have to be right and correct all the time.

Sometimes foolishness must reign, and by foolishness I mean capitalizing on my fundamental silliness that is neither correct or posturing.  It’s just me being me, and happy. It’s also a me that really doesn’t worry about correctness, and being right, or proper.  So maybe I need to laugh at myself when it comes to my stories, and let the chips fall where they may, as opposed to being overly controlling of my writing.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Novel Activity

Yesterday and today, I began reworking the synopsis for the story. A lot of things are in place, so I feel very secure in this material. Part of me wanted to set up a small prologue where I can tall a little of the fantastic aspects of this world, so I’m currently working on that segment.  yesterday was about setting the beginning. Part of me wants to distill these paragraphs into simpler sentences, because the synopsis will be what I ultimately will show to a potential publisher. I want to keep this material succinct, and down to one page. I’d make it all one paragraph if I had to make it this way.

Needless to say, I feel I should complete the synopsis before I make any stronger revisions. Part of me is annoyed that I did all this “pre-work,” however I’m glad I thought these things out, since last summer I tried so hard to write a lot first, and fill in spots. It was a good exercise, but it proved to be too much for me not to have organization.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

PS On My Novel Writing

Hello All,

I am still working on the novel. I wanted to do a brief update, so as to not lose track of my progress. Yesterday, on my way to lunch, I had this idea for the MC’s background. Not radical makeover of an idea, but rather filling out who he is, and what he does.

I quickly pulled out my phone and added it to a doc app.  This new phone has a weird auto-correct, so I had to take my time and write out a few lines.  Pulled the doc out later, and elaborated on this. About to do some more work on this aspect.

It makes sense to me, this direction, and I’m glad for the random bit of inspiration while zoning out and thinking only of food. I was hungry, and on a budget. LOL

Still obsessed with Smite item building, though.  LOL Maximize potential.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

My MOBA Adventures with Smite: Part Two

In yesterday’s post, I talked about the basic roles and pantheons in Smite to choose from. Smite is a free to play game, that’s available on consoles and PC. For the record, I’m playing on PC, and loving it.

Today, I’m gonna discus my obsession in huge part with this game, which is item building. In Smite you’re building items to increases your stats. Your stats have three categories, and how you build in these categories determines your effectiveness in the game.

First. let’s discuss that each god has a basic attack and abilities they can use.  In addition, each god has a passive that can aid them in the game. Passive is just as it sounds-a passive ability that benefits that god, or the team.  Depends on the character.   For the sake of brevity remember that all characters have a base health and mana pool.

  • Health is a finite amount of points that if is lowered down to zero by enemy damage, you die, and have to wait to respawn to attack.
  • Mana is your energy levels and your abilities draw from this pool. You don’t want to be without man because your abilities can get you out of tough situations.

Both of these stats can be increased by item building, and items are earned though gaining gold as you play the game.  You start off with some gold, but it’s up to the player to farm (kill minions and enemies to earn more gold)

As for the three area of stats they are:

  • Damage: This is how you put the hurt on people. Your power and attack advantages are here.
  • Defense: How you protect yourself from the hurt. Your health stats are increased with items here.
  • Utility: How to keep your power up and going.  Think-Viagra for your mana pool.

These areas have sub-classes, but we’d be here all day if I went into them.

Because Items increase your effectiveness, I always want to get good items and have to be mindful of the costs. This means some items can be purchased after a few rounds of fighting while others take longer.  While I’m still new to the game, I’ve noted aggressive players always seem to farm for their coins quicker. When I play the hunter role, for example, I clear minion waves fast, and collect the coins. There are also items to help you collect coins faster.  So snagging those are good.

I’d say everyone needs some damage in their builds. If you don’t have any you’ll likely be getting outplayed by your enemy. Defense is pro and con.  For my warriors and guardians, I need them, because you will get focused on by the enemy, and you need to be able to last in fights.  For mages mainly I put stock in utility more because they tend to use a lot of abilities, and those abilities cost mana.  Some other roles the abilities are equally mana hungry.

As I learnt e game more, I’m trying to figure out who needs what has a character.  For example, characters with healing abilities need different items than those who don’t heal. I might want more attack speed, or raw power to hit harder. Perhaps I need more defense because I’m on the front line and getting a lot of attention.  Trust me, if your enemy sees you too close, they will come for you as a team, and murk you.


My MOBA Adventures With Smite: Part One

When not writing, working, or interacting with the fam, I find myself dawn to playing the MOBA game Smite. For those not in the know, MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.  Essentially you’re play with and/or against other people online.  I am far behind the curve, as the game’s been out for a while, and I’m quite new to it, and MOBAs in general. With this post, I hope to explain a little of the game, and what hooks me, partly because I feel I should write about things that fascinate me in addition to writing.

First, let’s establish that the characters in the game are all based on the gods from various mythologies, gives them roles, and me-the player must not only level up my character, and secure objectives, but build items on my god to enhance his or her existing abilities (or kit as they are called). That said it depends on which game mode you play, which determines objectives.

Let’s talk roles. Smite has four of them that you can play: Mage, Warrior, Guardian, Hunter, and Assassin. I’ll try to keep two sentences for each role.

  • Mages do ranged, magic-based attacks which ranges from crowd control, healing/sustain, and damage. Mages, however, lack strong defenses against damage.
  • Guardians do lower magic-based damage, but function like tanks (highly defensive/take heavy damage). They usually have strong crowd control ( AKA CC/debuffs) or healing (buffs) abilities, and are referred to as “supports.”
  • Warriors do physical-based damage and function like tanks as well. They usually have abilities that help them do high damage and stay in fights longer.
  • Hunters do physical-based damage, have ranged weapons, and are very item dependent to enhance their kits, but also use their basic attacks for damage.
  • Assassins are physical-based damage roles with melee-based weapons that specialize in quickly getting into a fight, bursting down a foe’s health, and getting out.  Their defenses are weaker, so it’s high risk-high reward type of action.

There are sets of pantheons to choose from as well:

  • Celtic: The smallest group at the moment with three characters.
  • Chinese:
  • Egyptian
  • Greek: Largest with sixteen choices.
  • Hindu
  • Japanese: Second smallest with five.
  • Mayan
  • Norse: Has thirteen.
  • Roman

One of the things I try to figure out in this game, and others, is what to level up first, and what items to install. I won’t list the items cause we’ll be here forever, BUT just know they boot your abilities, and while some are universal (all gods can use them) some are just for magic damage gods only, and some are for physical damage gods only.


Woke up feeling like this Friday is a hot mess of waking up early (after going to bed late) and feeling like I’m not gonna be good this week. Never mind that I forgot to purchase some allergy meds when I had the chance, or that I have’t used the Netti pot to clear out my sinuses for the last two days. I am now known as the house of mucus. Gross. But funny, cause I know better.

That said I’m hearing voices. Character voices, and I’m like, talk to me.  Main character for the novel has a voice that I like, and will keep.  The villain has his voice down as well. Next, the MC’s ally has her voice, and a secondary character has her voice as well.  I missing several voices, however, before I know it, I’ll hear them too.  BTW this is the only acceptable time you’ll ever hear me condoning hearing voices.  If’s it’s not for a story, then I’d back away from the person, or their blog.  I jest cause I love peeps, and humor makes me feel good.

Today has been one of those days where I’m gonna go home, and I am positive I am going to lay down, but inside I know that’s a lie. I’m gonna play video games, cause a man my age should be out dating, and having drama that he’ll put in his stories that he’ll be sued for in the future by a bitter ex.  And she will be bitter cause I’m gaming, not dating, and didn’t watch the Lifetime made for TV movie with her.  I also binge watched the shows without her.  I’m a terrible fake boyfriend. To be fair she fake cheated on me with a cooler nerd, so gaming is my safe space.

That said it is Friday, I need to drink more water, and I think I have the library pretty much to myself now. Which means it will be a bigger safe space, cause libraries are wonder resources that are for the people.  No gaming though, which is a bummer, but what can I say. Time and place for everything. You wouldn”t take a shower in the rain on a city street, would you? I mean the rain water’s usually icy cold, and looks dirty.  It’ll like washing off in mud.  Time and place for your outer freakishness.

Happy creative endeavors.



I have a lot of lists to work on.  They were to do things I decided that were important enough to write down yesterday, and review today to modify as needed. I even made a dinner menu to work on for the upcoming months.

I need to get to work on this . It won’t be too consuming, but I’m a get some stuff done.  I aim to have things completed or on a strong daily rotation with deadlines.

Happy creative endeavors.