Busy Little Bee

I’m a busy little worker bee. Been getting up early to work, and handle things. Interestingly, working with books on two fronts (library, book room) gives me different perspectives. I know a lot about numbers, shipments, costs, and inventory. As we restock the book room, it makes me think of what it takes to put together a book. While this is mainly textbooks with a minimal about of literary material, it does let me know about the structure and sales when it comes to books.

So I’m kinda brain numb, but as always, I feel a need to blog. I need to keep writing daily. This pushes me to to create more. I did write out some dialog for a story concept, and place some notes for a new concept today. I really want to get back to my screenplay but that’s likely going to be on the table for Saturday AFTER I can get some rest. Did I mention I hate mornings? I really was made for a lazy get up in the morns. I felt I went over my caffeine limit with my coffee.

Drinking some tea and indulged in some iced cream. I need to pick out tomorrows’ clothes and iron them. That way I can get up and put my clothes on and run. Mind you, I need to get up earlier than I got it today. I felt like I didn’t have enough time to get ready. Sometimes I need and feel like a mess. I’m a get myself together.

Noticed today, and I pray I’m not getting too grumpy, but from time to time I see a celebrity news story, then I say, “why the fuck should I care about this?” Not the stuff on movie roles and new deals. I love those aspects of cinema. I mean stuff that sounds so empty, useless, and embarrassment. I don’t feel better knowing someone made a good or wears something hideous to a party. I need more laughs.


Why So Serious?

So I’m trying to chilled after a mad schedule change. Damn I hate the imbalances, yet I gotta go with the flow. Found myself writing no less than three songs, and more pieces of dialog for my screenplay. I’m liking that Expanding on my work, and I feel I need to do more for the screenplay

Also thinking of Joker from The Dark Knight since I decided to watch it last night. Mainly Joker’s phrase, “why so serious.” Granted he was a psychopath, but stripping the violent and mental disturbances out of the phrase, I wondered why be so serious. I like the idea of stepping back and embracing my inner idiot.

Mind you, my inner idiot pertains to my creativity. Strictly my writing. Nothing I’m working on will do anything but make you laugh when you read the stories. I’d like to think rather than people claiming all films do is incite violence that one could look at a film and take an aspect of it, and do positive acts with being informed by a film. Let me also add this is a conscious act. The influence doesn’t make me do anything I don’t allow, nor does it make me want to harm others.

To be honest, I like to make people laugh. Good laughter makes me laugh. In that respect I love comedy and hope to do more humor-based writings. We can all use a little more laughter. Not if you’re mean though. You need some fiber in your diets before any laughter. Come back in a month or two after that fiber works its way through.

Happy creative endeavors.

Holidays and Creativity

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday, I was determined to keep up with the writing. It started when I needed to go to the grocery store for some last moment goods. It was crowded, yet not as busy as it could have been. I say this cause I was able to get in and out quickly, but that parking lot was good and full. People were trapped in the isles, dragging their feets and carts.  Nobody minds that they’re blocking the whole isle. Such is life.

Once I got home, and cooking some foods that are going into my holiday meal. This includes some sliders, collards, and stuffing. Not trying to break the bank with the meal. Thank God I have the opportunity to have such a meal.

Writing went down extremely low the day before. I underestimated my lack of sleep and the need to rest. Spent most of the night watching animated shows, which made me feel a lot better. I KNOW I’m writing today though, as I’m eager to get things back on schedule.

Spent the bulk of yesterday cooking, which dominated my time. I’m rather embarrassed that my writing came to a halt as I underestimated my energy leaving me. Needless to say I didn’t write much. I was inspired to redevelop the hook for a TV show I was working on. That however, does not advance my screenplay.

So I do have to make the stuffing, then I can get to business with the writing.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A Bit of a Cooldown

Last night I went to bed late, and today I got up early. I was too incoherent to get anything done creative-wise.  I found myself cutting on the TV, laying on my bed, and falling asleep.  That sleep really felt good. I can’t lie. Was peeping the Discovery ID channel  and then passed out. Now I’m up and about.  Need to feed my face.  Writing for the screenplay went well. My goal was ten pages, and I did twelve.  Sometime later tonight I have to get at least ten more pages for today.  I’d like to keep this momentum going in spite of my sleep pattern being a bit of a mess.

Since I did some extra sleeping, I did not have the desire to to cook today.  I did want to make some spicy meatballs for today.  That’s not going to happen so I guess I’ll do that tomorrow.  Also I need to find the time to make some collard greens, but that can happen on tomorrow or on Christmas. I don’t mind the cooking.

Happy creative endeavors.

On Throwdown Day

It’s already a busy day, and I haven’t begun writing yet.  I’m also preparing a dinner for the holidays and cleaning so I have plenty of work to get done.  First things first. The screenplay will be worked on today. I should have a clean kitchen, living room, and hopefully bedroom as well.  There is laundry washing. It’s all a tall order, but I have to work with the process. Since I have an outline it’s a matter fo following the beats for the script.  So go beats!

Cooking will get more involved as I have ribs marinating, and will make some greens either today or tomorrow.  Depends on my mood.  I also want to make some meatballs, so I will have to find time to get those prepared. All of this will be in due time. While I love cooking, I don’t want to be trapped in the kitchen.  Later I’m gonna par-boil the ribs, and then bake them in the oven with BBQ sauce. It’s gonna have a sweet/spicy kick to them which I love. I have three salads in the fridge, potato, seafood, and green, so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about meals.

Laundry will be halfway done soon, and once I’m done with that I can begin typing. Don’t think I want the TV on just yet. On a Saturday TV can numb the mind, and I’m going to use movies as a treat for finishing my writing for the day. Now for music selections while typing.  I think I’m gonna go with ambient.

Best wishes on your creative endeavors.

Prelude to a Weekend Screenwriting Throw-down

So this weekend will be with me getting this screenplay done. I’ve talked about it, got the outline done, and all I need to do is write it down. This also means having some fun writing these pages. Writing can feel tedious and overpowering at times, but if I can stick out NaNoWriMo after lagging behind and doubling my efforts, then I can work the hello outta this script over the weekend.

Sometime during this weekend I may get another cinema essay going cause I’d love to post it here. That means more writing and its not a chore. Also the tv concept is going slow. Trying to make a log line. Came up with a few revisions last night, but I’m getting too caught up in that. Time to move onto other things.

Happy creative endeavors.

More On the Go Goodness

I spet last night adding to the concept of the TV series, and I hope to have material to put an outline together soon.  Spent late last night in bed trying to write a hook for the show. Came up with five.  In love with with number four.  Printed the hooks out this morning. I need it to marinate a little on the brain and see if I like it more, or need to go back to the drawing board. I’m happy with the progress.  Feels great.

This weekend will be my screenwriting  throw down, so I have to write some stuff to get things completed. I’m gonna have to work hard, like I did with NaNoWriMo, and make this happen. I expect writing, writing, and more writing up to the holidays. Maybe even during the holidays as it’ll be worthwhile to get some things under my belt, and then onto the next project.

Dunno if I mentioned this but I got myself an Excel spreadsheet and began listing my projects, so now ehrn I’m done with the latest, or need a break from it, I can go onto the next one.  I really want to develop a stronger routine for writing, and now that I have a wealth of ideas, I can really make efforts to produce on a frequent basis.

As always, happy creative endeavors.