Short, Simple & Clean

As the title suggests, I’m not staying too long.  Yesterday’s migraine made me consider taking some serious rest as opposed to writing. I rested, and now I feel refreshed.  It was a necessary delay since I put much time and effort into being productive in the last few days.  Today I am writing four pages of new material, so I’m pleased with this option. If I have to write two pages in the morning and two in the evening, I’m a satisfied writer. The importance of getting my goals accomplished without stressing or buring myself out appeals greatly to me.



I found myself falling asleep after the migraine.  Thank God for the recovery time.  Grabbed a nibble to eat and I keep trying to resist the thought of eating a couple of these mini peanut better cups.  Who can eat only a couple?  The PBC were not the meal, I ate a croissant, and it was tasty.  May need to rest a little more before I get to writing. May reduce  my page goal for today only because of the migraine’s attempt to spoil my day, so simply start writing later in the day.  There’s no need to overtax myself when I have a full day in front of me.

Laying Down on the Job

I’m typing from my cell again as I’m feeling the nasty start of a migraine that sneak attacked me while I was at the laptop. All I can tell you is the brightness of the lamp, screen, and the pain in my neck forced me to get ibuprofen and head for the couch. Thankfully the cell screen isn’t too bright for my eyes.

I’m gonna do more writing when I’m feeling a bit better and my goal is once again four new pages in addition to what I have.

I really went on a rip last night and got two more pages past my goal yesterday. I’m pleased with the progress. Let’s keep it moving.

Quick Update

Silence is truly golden only once.  I’m trying to write and I realized once I broke the ice with quietness on day one, that won’t work for day two.  Was on page two (seven total) for today when I needed a break.  I felt something was missing, and that’s sound.  I need music, TV background noise, something good going on in here other than my oscillating fan.  Time to get things together.

Back Into the Grind

Did not want to get out of bed today, but I wasn’t sleeping, and there’s some construction going on, so I knew once I heard it, I had to get out of bed. it means If it means I get up early and writing to make things happen, then so be it. My goal for the day is four pages (or more) for this current project.  I’m sure the momentum won’t leave me.  Like yesterday I won’t play music while I’m writing.  The gloves are off during my break though. Something to get my mind of the writing and focused on good vibes. Let me get busy, cause I wrote some things on my “to do” (prep work) before I start writing.

P.S. yesterday I made my goal of five pages and spilled onto page six.  I don’t count it cause it’s like 1/4 of a page.  Had I did half I’d be like Awwww yeah!  This reminds me of my college days.

Silence is Golden (Just This Once)

I have an important project I needed to get the outline together for, and I decided this morning I’d write with no music, TV as background noise on, and just get to it.  Well three pages in and I feel I made good progress.  I decided I can have a break and listen to some music one of my playlists while I type this blog entry.  Clearly I had the right idea for silence since I’ve been bopping my head, mouthing the lyrics, and swaying in my chair since I put my headphones on.

Creativity is odd.  One moment music has me in a mood to write, the other it’s a potential distraction.

Unemployment Sucks: The Series

On my personal blog, I’m doing a series called, Unemployment Sucks, which is my life as an unemployed library assistant.  The posts are twofold: to document my experiences, and to possibly help others and inspire them to keep moving for a positive direction in their lives.  It’s a tough economy out there, and it’s BRUTALLY UGLY, but at the same time I love being an optimist and knowing I shall overcome all constraints in time saves me from falling into despair.

It doesn’t matter what happened, or how you’ve fallen on hard times, we must still progress, survive, and succeed.  There will always be opposition, and there are always relapses into sadness, but to get back up after a fall is truly worthy of recognition. I don’t feel any missteps on my part can destroy me.  Missteps can and have embarrassed the heck out of me, humiliated me, chipped at my dignity and professional integrity, but I never give up.

So now we know, in part, why I never give up on writing. Unemployment does suck, however, I know I’m back up on my feet, and the power to persevere is mine. The power to endure strife is mine.  The power of prayer, meditation, and love is mine.  We have strengths we never dream of until we’re tested, and we know for sure.