The Spine, A Seond Pass

Ok, yesterday was the day the spine of my story got a second pass. The goal was to make sure the story focused on the two characters (main character and antagonist), so mission accomplished.

I still have questions, so I need to know how some things will work out (the logistics) that requires deeper thinking. That said, my story spine (outline) has improved. I think I should type it out soon. I feel it will improve by leaps and bounds.

This has me excited and wanting to see more development.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


The Spine

Stories have spines. The spine is the bare bones of your story that has a beginning middle and end. It is essentially an uncomplicated outline.

For my current project, I created a spine for the story. It is as raw as all get out. It helped me choose the direction fornthe story. What’s important in the story, and what needs to be improved.

As the spine gets a second pass, I remind myself that the story originally had two characters. I want to return and make sure that they, and the obstacle are front and center.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Tuesday Sleepiness

I am sleepy. It shows. Slow to wake up, slow to get out of bed, and just slow. Slwoly but surely, things will fall back into place.

Yesterday, I saw the 22 rules of storytelling by Pixar creators. I decided tonwrite them out. Mainly because reading it was simple, and I wanted to incoprate it in my brain more. So write I did. I like it. Letting it chill for a min, then I will review it again.

Maybe I can apply it to my current peoject. It wouldnt hurt.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Have A Great Day

I try, every day, to wish people to have a good day. This is in a large part, to start my day off with positive vibes. At the very least, like my blog, I want something consistent, and feels good to do so.

That said, I am back to focus on my writing and working on something. I still have more questions that need answers. Hopefully by the end of the day I will have some answers.

It also wouldn’t hurt for me to start writing down what I think happens at the beginning, middle, and end of this story. At least have something on paper that can be rewritten.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Saturday Smoothness

Well, its one of those days I was convinced I already did a blog post. The rational side of me is always like, well double-check. I did, so now I’m writing one.

This day has been, so far, quiet, and enjoyable. I am grateful for these quieter moments.

About to make a simple breakfast of sausage and bread because anything else on this day will change the mood.

Need to get into writing. Like this project needs a starter. Five sentences will do. Three time today. So like three paragraphs worth of creativity, minimum.

My characters need names. They really don’t have any. I insist on naming them today, even if they are simple names. We will see where this goes. After I name them, I should write something about them. I dunno, five sentences maybe. Could solve my writing chores with my naming goals.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Rain, Allergies and Sinus Drama

The weather shifted, which means my allergies flare up. After several days of not taking allergy and sinus meds, I’m back on them. They make me sleepy. That’s ok because I have free time to sleep, but before I get sleepy, I get mopey.

That said, I am back on feedback for my writing project. The current premise, thanks to feedback, gets less words, and I need the “why” to be factored in, but that can be about three more words. It will get down.

BTW the feedback has been positive. So it is in the right direction. The streamlining is helping. At the very least, people can “see” what’s being pitched.

So before I get mopey, I better go revise.

Happy creative endeavors.

The Why Got Me

I am revising my premise based on feedback. The question remains, why does the character do what they do, as it is part of the inciting incident.

So far, my re-wording has been clunky, AND I am distracted constantly by fam. It may be time for headphones and music to relax and revise. I really need some undisturbed time. I want to de-clunk this premise.

That said, I keep having other ideas, I joy them down, but I am giving a single project my attention.

I will figure it out.

Happy creative endeavors.