Monday Goodness

I got my revisions done for my cast list, and added a few pages to the story bible. My outline revisions haven’t been typed, so this week I shall get the typing done. I still have more to do with the bible, so I shall keep writing. I’ll cut into my loafing (gaming) time to do at least one act per night. At the very least, if I review my hand written notes and get them into shape, typing up should be a little smoother.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Hello Thursday

Last night, I quit procrastinating, and wrote first this project by updating the story bible. I also started updating the cast list. I was sleepy, but I knew I needed to put the effort in. One word at a time is all I can do. At the very least I was happy I made some progress. I’m going to have to lean harder on my weekend to wrap this up.

One thing that occurred to me this morning, is to have better names for some locations. So I’ve jotted that on my to do list. I’ll get it all done. I also want to load about. Creativity before gooding off, though.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Quick Post

A brother is slipping, as I usually have a post done in the morning. Spent this morning writing for this story bible, making my bed, and getting ready for work. I feel happy when I write, so this was a positive boost to my morning. It is word at a time event, but each word gives me a step towards greatness.

Please note, I understand the story could face rejection multiple times as far as production goes. I, however, feel great putting the effort forward to giving my passions a shot. That’s always good start.

Happy creative endeavors.

Tropical Storm

What’s left of the hurricane gives us a tropical storm warning, and it’s been gusty for a while. I am home, contemplating the tone of my series. Also thinking of to manage stress and anxiety as one goal I’d love to achieve is helping others stay focused and positive.

That said one tone route could be with humor. I do think if we can laugh a little, we can push ourselves through the day, so a slice of it can help. Sorta like pie, but on calories or carbs.

Other than that, I was going to go more serious in tone, but I needs my laughs too.

Happy creative endeavors.

Truth Is…

I think research may need to be broken into two parts. While article searching and reading is going well, I would like to take my time to figure out the voices of my characters. In addition, I’d like to look at shows that could have a postive influence on my project. I’d like do do this without trying to OD on films during a weekend.

So, week 3 is research, and week 4 is phase 2 research. We will see what happens.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. Research has yielded some fascinating results. I want to explore more, and this has me excited.

Research Week

Today I do more research for this project. I’ve already done some, and continue to delve into topics. I keep finding new topics to at least have some familiarity about. By Friday I should have at least all the books/articles I need, and most of it read. By this upcoming Monday, my story will be informed by all this info. I feel great about that.

As always, happy creative endeavors.