Fountain of Creativity

The migraine must have heralded a fount of creativity, as I found myself writing a lot more in my notebook.  Some of it was for the novel, and some were ideas that were chilling in my head.

I then typed them when I had the chance, just to give the concepts more of a visual presence outside of my notebook, and a little more organized.  I need to keep working on them.

The ideas have a sort of cohesive, related theme, which is probably why they seems so clear to me yesterday.   One of my teachers once said, we write the same story over and over. Don’t know how true that is, but I do visit a lot of the same themes.

Some older ideas popped up as well, which meant they needed to be written down.  Once story I had so many questions, I typed them out, and hope to answer those quuestions soon.

The novel keeps taking these turns. Wrote down a possible rewrite by hand, and after thinking on it overnight, I realized I missed something, and will add that to the story soon.  Need to go back to the outline and add this as well.

Some of the dialogue I wrote out needs revisions, as I’ve thought of some new lines, and others I need to scrap.  It will work itself out.  I am happiest when I’m creative. so I love those aspects.  Gotta keep being creative.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


So as I keep working on the novel and progressing, I get this fear going on. A fear that I haven’t developed the main character enough. I’ve done so much world and character building, I hadn’t stopped until now to examine the character.

Also I feel like I’m trying to avoid the issue with him. I’m rather frustrated with myself. I put in my notes that I needed to be more blunt and honest in the writing, otherwise it will look like I’m dancing around the characters and situations without really dealing with them.

Maybe this is anxiety, or me reminding myself to stay on point. Whatever it is, I feel like I need to manage it, and get underway.  Part of what I looked at is whether or not the character is noble (or has a noble sentimentality), or is more of a rogue.

Part of me likes the idea of someone who has faced adversity and willing to fight more in a righteous way. I also love that a person can be lovable and not always willing to do the right thing, and make a hell of a lot of mistakes.

Heroes do know sacrifice, which is inherent in their life and noble.  I dunno. I’m indecisive at the moment.  Maybe it needs to marinate overnight now that I’ve dragged the fear to light and faced it.  No blinking. Gotta get this done.

Happy creative endeavors.


My blog updates have been slow to arrive, however I am writing as usual. After a lot of notes, some research, and redefining aspects of the world for the novel, I began a new outline.

The start has been a bit of a challenge as I wanted to jot everything down, and ended up with a ridiculously long act one. It felt good to type out hat I anted to happen (after putting a lot of it down in pen). So I started to condense the outline.

This is a process, so I hope to work more towards making it to a solid draft I can say is correct with the only corrections being typos.

The weekend is coming. It should be a creative time.

Happy creative endeavors.

Work It

As promised, I worked on game practice.  Only got two rounds with Sombra, and managed to play as other heroes to support the team.  I did terrible, but notice my other characters fared better or stronger, as I was spending time away from them.  The only thing I can do is keep practicing.  My support sniper hero definitely felt stronger, as did my defensive support hero.  Still gotta put more time in.  Slowly moving from four hours of quality time to five.  I’d like to see me get to ten at the end of this Sunday.  At least closet to it.

Writing became an off/on endeavor.  I for sure put more ideas down in files, and even addressed my group project, which needed my input. I feel good about that.  I want to make sure, some time today, I open my print journal and write with pen and paper in addition to blogging, and putting down ideas.

What resonated with my yesterday was a series of questions I asked myself about my protagonists.  Essentially I wanted to know what they think they needed to be better/achieve their goal, and what they truly need in order to be a better person/find happiness, or just sleep better at night.  It’s not an answer that came instantly to me, but I like that it actively keeps me thinking about the protagonist, and their status.

Lastly, I’ve been thinking of themes to explore, and this needs additional thoughts as well. I really need to look back and see what I’m thinking the themes are for current projects, and explore them, or at least access what the theme is so far, and write it down.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. A highlight from one my games last night. it’s Ana, the support sniper.  She can heal teammates with her gun, and hurt enemies with it. The team kept me busy.  LOL

What Day is It?

It’s been a long week, where the days are blending in a way that I find disjointing.  I forgot today was Wednesday, and swore it was Thursday, which only added to my dilemma. Once I realized my mistake, I was a bit mad with myself, then laughed. I was too far into the future.

This is the last day of finals, so the students have thinned out, after nine days of super busy moments that left me drained.  No wonder I didn’t know which way was up. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t a few days ago.

Also managed to do some new writing for the novel, and that’s good.  it’s handwritten, and I found time to scribble it down between busy people, and all sorts of demands to get things done. It needs lots of work, but it adds to the story, and I hope to continue top write.

Happy creative endeavors.

LMG 11/08/2016

LMG 11/08/2016
by S. Raynard Haynes

Relax your grip,
You hold on too tightly.
You think you rise,
As I struggle to breathe.
I’m fine, I’m alright,
I will never stay down.

Set me free.
Watch me fade from your eyes,
And you from mine,
Until we are distant memories,
Of where we used to be.
Where we dreamed of going,
Until we laughed ourselves Tired.
Set free the angry, petty stings of bitterness.

As they dart and revisit,
And you get high off
Vapor and foolish dreams.

Get it all out of your system,
Cleanse the dreams,
Hiding deep in your marrow.
Wash away with the dirt and pains,
That easily to cling to your body.

LMG: Let me go.
The truth is,
I have let you free,
A very long time ago.
You were the cautionary tale,
That was told and forgotten,
In my ages of caution,
Headed, and no longer needed.

Wherever I go in life,
I laugh, smile and move on,
With my life.

Sunday In the Summer

Rose photo, garden

Rosebud photo by S. Raynard Haynes

It’s warm outside, but I didn’t stay out there too long. I was putting stuff in the recycling bin. It felt nice. Lie the calm before the roasting heat shows up, and going outside feels like a harsh labor to contend with as opposed to enjoying nature.  Such is southeast weather. 

Found myself writing late last night. A scene that is part silly, and part conflict. I enjoyed writing it down in my Notes app, which means sometime today I must sit and get it to my Word file, and format it properly. 

No rewrites got done, and I pretty much goofed off for a while, but I feel we all need time to not be constructive. At the very least it gives our minds a rest. 

Failed to drink water…or least least a glass full. Just a few sips here and there. I did have soda and coffee, but I need my water. So I will try this again today, with more water, less other drinks so I can have better balance in my water needs.  

Hope to pick up more writing today. If it’s new scenes as opposed to revisions, that’s fine. I want more stuff done. The page count should be up, but won’t know how far until I get formatting done. 

Happy creative endeavors.