Thank God It’s Friday

I have a test comming this weekend. A test character, that is. I really need to put effort into developing my ideas soon. I can’t keep po utting this off. Yes, procrastination is fun, but I’d see something typed out. I like that i fill notebooks, but we need to up the game.

That said, I think I can have fun writing, and gaming. The time must be managed to get the best out of both. That and I need something creative that challenges my skills. Let’s see what the results will be.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



I want to go back to sleep. It would feel good to be under coveres and dreaming. I supposed to have to wait until tonight to get my sleep on. That said, I need some coffee, or i may be a grumpy fool all day.

P.S. I did some writing yesterday. Will go into detsil sometime soon.

Happy creative endeavors.

Planting Seeds

I feel lazier than before. I have ideas, and didn’t write them down down yet. That siad, I did update my Twitter feed with my mood last night. Essentially, I accpeted that I was feeling miserable, want to laugh and be amused more, and not sure, other than silliness in writing will do.

I just feel aimless, and a bit scared to step forward. What I want to do is make moves while I am free to do it.

Maybe that’s my biggest hurdle; to act on my own without any deeper motive other than I’m worth that effort. One word at a time.

Happy creative endeavors.

What Day Is It?

Ok, I was disoriented this morning. I had to check my calendar to figure out the day. I popped up early with a particular story theme in mind. Reached for pen and paper to write it down.

Misplaced my pen, so I opened writing app on my phone and typed it out. Hadn’t looked at it since, but I need to. Hopefully it’s not a bunch of garble.

Happy creative endeavors.


So, as I contemplated having self promoting loglines, I’ve written six that I wish to see move into a clarification/rewriting stage.

  • Hot mess of a screenwriter who loves structure, rewrites, and good deadlines.

  • Mild-mannered screenwriter with a love of writing science fiction and fantasy adventures.
  • Imaginative screenwriter with a focus on satirical and parody humor.
  • Dramatic screenwriter who loves character and action.
  • Creative screenwriter with a concentration on genre and character.
  • Bold screenwriter who enjoys dark humor.

Happy creative endeavors.