A Little Lazy

Is there a such thing as “a little lazy?” That’s who I was yesterday with video games, and the calmness. It made the day sweet. Did some note-taking and writing, so it wasn’t all lazy. A spurt of ideas here and there. No real stories to talk about. To be fair to myself, I have done some critiquing for the writing workshop the day before, and a recharge was in order. The not taking consisted of world-building for a science-fantasy type story. I’m thinking this will be in comic book scripts. Four issues. It’s influenced by my constant gaming, and love of animation. Something tells me I just scratched the surface of this, and if wonders how far to push this story.

My “ultimate play through” of the Dragon Age games is going well. In hindsight I should have created a warrior mainly because I wanted a couple more trophies the game offered. Well, that’s done with for the time being. Right now Dragon Age Origins is done. Will go onto Dragon Age Awakenings soon, then the DLC for the games. Then it’s onto Dragon Age II. The reason for this play through is that the saves from this game will have impact on next year’s Dragon Age: Inquisition, which I’m looking forward to playing. When I was writing I completely put the gaming down, so this is a catch up of sorts.

So am I really being lazy? I think not.

To all: Happy creative endeavors.


Third Draft Done

The short story got its third draft, and now it’s off to my writing workshop group. I didn’t finish revising last night because it was far more fun to goof off and watch television. I knew when I got up I’d have to address the revisions, so that’s what I did, as well as make some food for dinner. Not pleased with my slacking off, but at the same time, I made up for it this morning. It kept me busy, and that worked out well. It’s not like I had something pressing this morning.

For the record, the workshop is a great way to get feedback (besides friends). I needed to push forward and get more and more feedback from unbiased eyes. That’s not to say my friends give me endless praise. In fact it’s quite the opposite. They tell me what’s on their minds in a constructive way. I always appreciate that. What I get from the workshop is the same thing with more eyes seeing different material. Who knows. The story may not be liked at all. It may be loved. it may be middle of the road. I go in with no expectation of brilliance. I do hope I entertained with my writing, and I find ways to improve the content.

Happy creative endeavors.


Middle of the Week Writing

Late last night I found myself revising my short story before bed. Told myself that I owed myself at least twenty minutes of revisions, which I surpassed. This worked out well for me, since I wasn’t sleepy, and it helped me shape what I created. Also it allowed me to put time into something important to me. A sibling asked me, what I was going to do with this story now that it had a first draft. As i mentioned in earlier posts, I was gonna let it cool off, revise it, and see about its eventual publishing.

Hand correcting the story proved to be a boon. I was able to make a few notes, and corrections on paper. Also some words I needed to look up and add to the story went right onto the paper. When I pulled up the laptop, I had the info on page one to refer back to. It’s a small victory, but I love it.

The cool down period seems to have allowed me not only fresh eyes for the story, it allowed me to digest the material anew. A friend asked me if this was a dark comedy, and I have to say, I can see why she asked at this point. I took some darker ideas, and made them humorous, comical, and poked fun at them. I didn’t write it with any genre influences in mind, and part of the research I was doing for my essay wasn’t on dark comedy, but differences in fiction, which informs the story. I will admit there’s always something psychological going on in my stories.

I’m afraid the other ideas got a little neglected, and some newer ideas percolated in my head. I need to put them down on paper before I loose them. In the meantime, I promised myself a blog post before I do another “micro post.” So it’s time to complete some editing, then eat some breakfast.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Monday On the Go

Didn’t blog over the weekend, and partly because I was mulling over an essay that I haven’t completed yet. Sometimes writing is like baking (needs time). Other times, it’s like a salad (raw). I have a lot to sort out. This did not mean I wasn’t writing other things.  Had a spark of ambition for a set of short stories, which I did a little mapping, and wrote out some paragraphs. I need to write at least a few more paragraphs today.

Spent some time critiquing other people’s stories. This was a pleasant change of pace. It allowed me to offer help and advice. I’m not a harsh feedback type of guy. I liked being able to offer some insight and share what I loved about other’s writings. It’s a good way to give help to others., and I love helping others. It brings forward the notion that there are like-minded people having similar struggles with writing. If I can help, I really want to well for fellow writers.

Speaking of feedback I need to edit my own short story. I’ve given it sufficient time to rest, so it’s like looking at it with fresh eyes. Been peeping it over. I know I want to add more descriptions, at least, and clarify what I think is cloudy. In addition I restarted working on a story treatment for a screenplay, and the start of a TV show. Those are going to be one sentence at a time, as I wrote out a few things yesterday, and I hope to get them into the start of something. At this point, for both of them I’ll take that. I want to see material on paper.

Happy creative endeavors.

Keeping Cool

My AC unit is under the weather, and trying to get it well is a bit of a struggle. Spent last night making use of my oscillating  and ceiling fans as I drifted off to sleep. Thank goodness that the temperatures haven’t been abysmal, or this day would be rather ugly. I’m already in an uncomfortable zone. No need to be a hot mess deeper than I am. Called the apartment manager so hopefully stuff gets resolved ASAP.

Did more research than writing yesterday. At least I read some articles, and fed my brain. I have some correspondences to follow back on, and I can tell you right now, I need to put that fan on me because I’m starting to feel a little ugh.

UPDATE: I stopped writing to relax a lot in order to feel good. I was rather tired and a bit nauseated. Fortunately, the maintenance staff got here, and it’s working now.  So hooray to feeling  better and getting the temps regular. I’m still not up to 100%.  TImne to relax a little more before tackling anything.

Happy creative endeavors.