CINEs Have Standards: Film Form

Have you ever been aware of film form?   Well these are the elements of a film that cinema studies students look at when you’re analyzing a film.   While I can’t break it all down for you without giving you pages of notes, I can tell you what they are, because going forward, and review I use for CINEs will contain these elements or variations of them.

The five components of film form:

  1. Narrative
  2. Mise-en-scene
  3. Cinematography
  4. Editing
  5. Sound

The length and amount of time you spend on each component is up to the writer.  I know that it can change from film to film, as easy as it could change from writer to writer.  This is only a fraction of what we do as cinema studies majors.   We’re like detectives, looking at films, picking up clues, and giving our results.

I have a few films to discuss in the coming weeks.   So I think we will have some enjoyment in discussing films.   Furthermore, I may revise the older reviews on this page using the film forms.


The CINEs Have Begun for the Fall

As stated earlier, it’s all about world cinema, and critical concepts.   I’m both excited and nervous.  I did want to take the “Writing a pilot” as another class, but Cinema Studies is my priority.  I can’t take three classes, as I know my stress level and ability to get work done would be compromised in a bad way.   Gotta know my limits, and I sadly walk away from that class.

Been thinking of staying another year to get a degree in film & television.  That’s not an easy decision.  After four years of classes and work I do feel like its time to go.  I have a lot to weigh on my mind.  Fist I MUST finish the cinema Studies program.   If I happen to take a producing, editing or more screenwriting classes along the way, I may have to settle for that.

Besides I don’t want to rename the blog, “Several Deadly FILMs.”   I am Cinema Studies all the way!

Project 707: Mean Screenwriting

I still got my FILM 707 (screenwriting) project to complete.  Essentially I created a screenplay for class, and was hoping for the time to reclaim and complete it.   It’s a comedy, which is different for me since I LOVE sci-fi and fantasy, but the change of pace was 100% worth it for me.

I do love thinking outside the box, so it was worth developing for class.  Now its worth developing as my first screenplay!

Did several rewrites, but this time I got every page of the story with some changes.   I’d like to explore the possibility of getting a lot of the edits I’ve done between now and Sunday.

CINE 737c Completed!

New Hollywood class is over!  Thank goodness it didn’t end with a whimper at all.  The pace of learning can be intense all the time, so I promise myself to keep up, and to keep the drive for paper completion moving forward.

We’re at the end of the break.   I took time away to stop writing.  Boy did my brain hurt a lot.  Not to keep up the suspense I passed the New Hollywood class.  My text (films) was Porky’s and American Pie.   I found myself looking at the quality of the content, and addressed the use/exclusion of race in both films.  Furthermore there are a lot of contrasts and similarities with characters and themes.

Needless to say, writing the paper was difficult to start.  I felt rather frustrated.  I made myself work some of the ideas out.  I then sat down and hammered out a LOT of my ideas and read articles and books I found.  By the end of this paper, I was ready to turn it in and be done with it.   I was more than happy to receive a good grade on the paper!   I would have settled for a ‘B” BTW.  That “A” makes my efforts feel marvelous!

I have to say the writing gets a bit more challenging and complicated.   As I see the weaknesses in old papers, I now see that it’s NOT going to get easier.  I was more than challenged by the concept of creating a worthwhile paper.  I felt I had nothing to say.  The meaning lay buried beneath a lot of thoughts.