It’s Halloween, and I haven’t done a thing to get into the holiday spirt at home.  Not even dressing up for work, even though I decorated the library at work with spiders and web. It looks good. Had I thought about it deeper, I would have drawn some spiders for the windows. Something in pastel to rock their world. I know I’m putting effort into Christmas decorations.

I’m trying to get ready for National Novel Writing Month (November).  I’m excited because I’m either gonna fly or fail in a blaze of glory.  I love me some blazing, but I’d like to see me fly at novel creating.  I’m gonna be busy trying to get some stuff done. I’m happy to begin it.  As I told a friend today, it’s going to be something silly and twisted.  not that people who know me will be surprised.

Didn’t edit much other than the one short story. I will see if I can devote a moment to another short story. Forgive me, cause I don’t discuss too much of politics on my blog.  I’m just a little tired of hearing about it.  I’m voting. I hope all who can vote, will vote, and let it be. It’s all I can say on the topic. If it goes further I dare to post cat memes.


Mondays Felt So Awkward

Yesterday I went into edit mode for a short story.  I polished the drafts and now I need to give it a few days rest before I read it again. Today’s agenda include me looking at another short story in need of revisions, and once screenplay that needs mad attention. I managed to get some folders, labeled them, and now my work feels a bit more organized when I look at it.

Power shut on and off twice yesterday.  I was at work, and it caused some confusion. Not that Mondays need a reason to throw a brother off his game. Was at work wondering how and why to get some things done, but that was resolved.

Power Outtage

This morning was interesting in part due to the power being cut off and taking a while to get back on.  In the meantime I found myself jotting down more notes, and writing out a plot for a story for a second novel.  This one came as a bit of a visitation. I decided to take a twenty minute exercise and write out as much of the plot as I thought of in the allotted time.  it’s very rough, I don’t like it, and I meander a bit, but I’m glad I did it.  Some of the stuff I can use. Also I wrote out a possible ending to the story as brief notes on paper.  So I have a middle to work on, and I have a lot to resolve and revise.  For now I gotta let the plot breathe.

Yesterday i ened up writing down ideas for another story, and printed out some of the ideas I had already typed out for it. I kinda want to turn this one into a comic book script, but if push comes to shove, I’ll novelize it as well.  it’s got a lot of my trademark goofiness and  sometimes people don’t get it at first, so something in the science fiction vein may work for me.

Anyways, off to do more writing stuff.  Happy creative endeavors, everyone.

In Between Errands

Today I’m trying to get some errands done, and getting my writing together. There’s some more revisions in my immediate future, and that’s a great thing. The kitchen needs tiding up a good bit, as well as the living room. Double Indemnity was on early this morning. Great film, and noir simply rocks. As a treat for me, a couple of Hammer’s Dracula films were on too. I loves me some Christopher Lee as Dracula, but I had to skip out on the second film to get a few more errands done. I need to see if they are on Netflix to re-watch.

Yesterday, after work I was a bit drained, but managed to jot more notes and ideas down. Last night I got to look at  Mockingbird Lane, and Grimm.  It was a good two hours of TV watching. Mockingbird Lane is a decidedly different take on the Munsters as the creators went darker in the humor, and picked up on the monstrous and macabre aspects of the characters. I’ll have to do a separate write up. Perhaps that’s the topic of tomorrow’s post.

In addition to the notes/revisions for the current short story I worked on, I put down several ideas on paper that started off as rough concepts I created. I listed reasons for motives and reasons as to why things were the way they were for each concept. This helped me get a tighter vision/grasp on what I have, and possible directions. For example, I realized quickly in some instances I created a protagonist different from who I thought it I was writing about. With the fantasy novel I initially wrote pages about the sons, however  the father’s driving the story.

I did list out multiple motives, desires, and possible actions following a tip from writing exercises.  The first few may be eliminated because they were the easiest ones to come up with. The strongest concepts forced me to think further than a few reasons. One concept carried over to today and received conclusion/resolution#20.  I love the idea that concepts can go further than where initially imagined.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Sometimes I Hate Mornings

I had to run errands, like get a haircut, and I needed to write something.  Did modest editing/revising today and all I want to do is take a nap. Putting on some music, sipping on coffee I shouldn’t have to get a post done, and at least another couple of paragraphs of revisions done. Of course this means now I feel like dancing.  At least the sleepiness went away.

Happy creative endeavors peeps.

Four-Page Story

I found myself editing a short story that I wanted to revise for some time now. I loved that I wrote it, and finished the first draft, however part of me knew in spite of it being a story with a beginning, middle, and end, the story only made it to round one.  I found it difficult to edit as I lacked my typical resolve to get to the second draft. When my desire to revise came back to me last night, it really did my heart good.

I think my psyche is repairing itself because life feels so much more pleasurable now that I’m working.  Noticed I’ve been singing a lot more, and I was reading fiction for fun. Hadn’t did a fun reading in a long time. Gonna write about that soon, I promise. I hunger for more pleasurable things in life.

Speaking of pleasures, I looked at this aforementioned four page story I wrote a while ago, and hand-edited the text last night.  The revisions is something I don’t mind as I want to keep myself creative. Also I feel that I can add more to what I created.

In some parts I added more details. Other parts it was more lines of dialog. This morning, I read it aloud and made a few more corrections. Eventually I hope to send this story to my current writing group, and get some feedback. For me this is another positive step in the right direction.  Also it’s fun to discuss the material. My four page story grew a few more pages. Hooray for creativity and joy.

Revolution: Takes Some Getting Used To (Spoilers)

Revolution TV SeriesBeen watching Revolution on NBC.  It has a promising premise of all the electricity in the world goes away, and never returns. I want to like this show so much that I’m going against my own instinct to change the channel or to turn the TV off. Revolution starts quickly with people in everyday lives and a cryptic warning that power’s going to go out. As to the how or why, that hasn’t been explained. Technology is gone, cities are subject to urban decay, and militias form and take over parts of the world. The focus of the show is fifteen years after this disaster and what’s left of the United States. The protagonist of the series is girl name Charlie, and her family.

I love the mystery of this situation, but this show tries its damn best to annoy me with the characters and the stories. I love the idea of trying a new science fiction program and having time to view it.  Sadly, liking the premise really doesn’t extend to a lot of the elements. I have to say I really have a dislike of the main character Charlie, and I want to like her.  She’s written to be so so annoying, petulant, obnoxious, and dumb. I suppose her lack of experience and maturity are supposed to be highlights as she’s a typical teen, but it doesn’t endear her to me. I do appreciate that last episode the writers tried to ‘soften” her a bit by having her tell her uncle she remembers a different side of him, cause Miles is an ass to her. Miles is a douchey uncle, but a great killer. Apparently she has an decent effect on him.

Charlie’s on a mission to save her brother from the Monroe Militia, and  people on the cast drop like flies – the interesting people: Charlie’s dad, Maggie, the doctor (I liked her), and Grace, a woman who could turn the power on I assume died, by the way her home looked after a nasty visit from a mystery man with a cattle prod and his own ability to turn on the power. There are more secrets, like Uncle Miles knows Charlie’s mom is still alive, but doesn’t reveal this to her. As time progresses, we learn that Miles was a part of the Monroe Militia, and was quite an effective instructor/general.

I do wish Charlie had a few more skills and qualities to her other than annoying ones.  I mean she’s carrying that crossbow around for a reason. It would’ve been cool if she were more a bit more smart and a lot less of reminding the viewers she’s been spoiled, way too vulnerable and sheltered to travel in a dangerous world. At some point someone needs to give her some self defense lessons because she’s got the one trick with the crossbow, and constantly needs saving.

I would’ve loved to see this show start at the point of people simply trying to survive the day after after the power went out, but we have them established at little farms outside of the cities. That struggle may have been worth it.  The flashbacks are everywhere, and while a great way to set up who the characters are/were, I’m losing interest.  Also can some events please  work for the protagonist?  As much as I find Charlie annoying, does everything have to be a setback?

I do like seeing the urban decay, and can’t help but want more to see and explore.  It’s more like a survival drama with science fiction elements to me.  I must ask, who makes their clothes.  These cats have some good tailors, or they raided a clothing warehouse looking stylish and amazing and looking less ragged. I get the feeling season one is all about establishing the rules of this world, and what’s where.  I’d like to see some growth in the remaining characters. Seriously, Charlie doesn’t have to be bad ass, but if she learns some skills, and facts about the world are revealed it might be worth all the waiting.

If you’re willing to wait out the creative team set the groundwork for their world then you might find interest in Revolution.  I say might cause people’ve told me they haven’t found it compelling enough to stick around and find out why the power went out, or all the secrets of this world. I’ll let you know if I regret my decision to see this through. I’m hoping to stay to the very last episode so that I  can say if was all worth it.  My guess is that the season finale ends in a a cliffhanger/revelation, that may or may not make us look at things differently. After all there are twelve possible people out there with the ability to turn the power off and on at their leisure. I wonder how this all plays out in this show.