I Am A Hot Mess

Sitting here thinking I had hit “publish” on last’s list’s blog post. To my surprise, I find it on my computer unpublished. That’s not what I intended. Now I’m a bigger hot mess than I intended, however, all I can do is post it today. This also warrants a post today.

It’s weird, but the moment I try hard to get some things done, this is when people decide to interrupt me…frequently. Once or twice is a distraction. Further calls to my name becomes an annoyance I cannot abide by.

That said I have put some ideas down on paper, and would like to get them worked on, provided people leave me be. I got my headphones on, and playing some music.  Not willing to be interrupted, and people have to come to me, see that I am preoccupied, and not assume my free time is their to use at their whim.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Friday, Rainy Skies, and Writing

I am trying to stay awake, and I am trying to stay positive. Had to deal with some negative energy yesterday, and quite frankly that situation needs to be purged from my psyche. I feel this is the best thing I can and should do for my peace of mind. Note, I need to reduce all bad things, and focus on the positive actions.

Its rainy looking outside. It has that yucky, “where is the sun” look outside. It’s a stay in bed longer day. I really can’t stay in bed today. Lets hope this coffee gives me the pep needeed to get moving.

Writing was good last night. I am slowly organizing things. If I have some more free time, I believe things will get done on time. Deadline is coming up. Weekend too.

Happy creative endeavors.

Voting Day

Up earlier than I anticipated, and now that my senses are a bit more together, its time to put sentences together. Time to write more. Met my deadline for getting more pages for the story bible, so I should spend this week revising it. I’d really LOVE to see this information shine better in one cohesive file, so this week is all about getting my stuff together.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Petite Post XI

Hey Ya’ll,

Hope all is well. A hurricane is coming, and I am pressed, stressed, and trying to get things done. I need silence, and peeps want to stay loud in my ears. Trying so hard not to react while cranky. My head hurts, and I may need to drink some water.

Did some writing yesterday. Listed some topics to research. Would like to see me read an article or two on each topic.

That said, today’s goal is to mellow out some.

Happy creative endeavors.

Stay Positive and Focused

“Stay positive and focused” is my goal for the day, and an outlook I plan to keep in my life. Truly, I need this in my days.  I fail to take in account the amount of negative people with negative energy in their day, doing their best to give those bad vibes to me and others. We weren’t made to be brought down, and stay down.  One word, and day at a time. When we shine with greatness, we will transcend our woes.

To uplift myself, my best defense to purging that hostile energy is with my own positive passions.  While I do need rest, and some quality goof-off time, I start this day with my creative endeavors. It doesn’t hurt to publish a blog post.

At the very least, we’re still doing one word at a time. I also have a team project, that if I get one page of that done today, and tomorrow, I think I’m doing good. The other three projects need me to place some words on paper.  A step at a time will do me good.

I’ll still have room to slack off, and enjoy my day.

As aways, happy creative endeavors. I also hope that you can purge the negative out of your days.


Staying In Character

The other day I was thinking of how some character roles always feel like the “fun” role in the story. I was mainly thinking of the Wizard of Oz, and how the wicked witch really did all the work in this story.  All Dorothy did was walk around with strangers.

Needless to say the witch was fun cause she had the best lines, tried to do what she wanted, and when it didn’t work the first time, she tried again. While Dorothy did have a problem, and wanted to get home, that witch was determined to have the ruby slippers.

She kinda falls into what i thought Darth Vader and Maleficent fell into, which is being the hidden/secret hero of the story. After all it seems they have a lot riding on outcomes, and push the story forward more (in my opinion) that the main characters do.  They also have the most dynamic/dramatic moments on screen.

I can mention a few other movies, and the antagonist always appears to be the one with the strongest desire/pain in a story.  Think of how in Crimson peak how Edith’s sister-in-law, Lucille, temperament, and coldness is strong.  Thomas is ridiculously passive, and Edith is interesting, but Lucille really turns the screws in this story.

One could almost tell Crimson Peak from Lucille’s POV. Clearly thwarting her had repercussions that lead to tragedies.

This has me thinking of looking at characters and observing the differences and strengths of all of them, and could a character with less evil intentions, but burning desires can take the lead role in a story without being overshadowed by their antagonist.

At least my focus is on creativity. Better than any day where I feel blah, and don’t write much of anything.

As always, happy creative endeavors.