Ok, this day has some lumps in it, but I will smooth them out. Coffee slowly working its magic. Gotta get up, and get my hustle together.

The premise I was working on, and shared with my writing group got responses. I need to develop it. Perhaps this is a good time for a tad bit more research.

Additionally, I was looking at qualities of my fave movies and TV shows. It was a simple exercise, but I liked it. I also looked at genres, tone, and pacing.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Saturday, We Meet Again

Saturday is one of thsoe days where I throw my weekely routine away because its a day to move at a mellower pace. Mind you, I’m cooking today, so there’s no real slacking off.

That said, one thing Ive taken away from my rewatching this Masterclass; a writer should be writing every day. I like to start writing with a blog post.

I did write down ideas for a story I’m developing. I need to work on stornger aspects, such as the full cast, the setting, and getting more research for this pilot. I did do more research yesterday, and it helped fill out some background. Needs more research to feed my imagination.

Will keep on.

Happy creative endeavors.

Howdy Monday

I needed this weekend to relax. My blahs went away, and that makes me happy as all get out. Yayyy positive moods.

Tried to watch the film Suicide Squad, but lost interest. I love Viola Davis, though, so it was good to see her play a ruthless character. One day I may sit through the whole film. Yesterday was not that day.

On top of that, I decided that for at least three days this week I am preparing my meals as opposed to purchasing lunch. Downtown meals are expensive. A cheap meal will cost you on average, ten bucks. A good meal may cost you more.

That said, I really love this idea of having meals, and spending less, as I try to get my life together. So today, salad, and I will enjoy every bit of it.

Happy creative endeavors.

I Am A Hot Mess

Sitting here thinking I had hit “publish” on last’s list’s blog post. To my surprise, I find it on my computer unpublished. That’s not what I intended. Now I’m a bigger hot mess than I intended, however, all I can do is post it today. This also warrants a post today.

It’s weird, but the moment I try hard to get some things done, this is when people decide to interrupt me…frequently. Once or twice is a distraction. Further calls to my name becomes an annoyance I cannot abide by.

That said I have put some ideas down on paper, and would like to get them worked on, provided people leave me be. I got my headphones on, and playing some music.  Not willing to be interrupted, and people have to come to me, see that I am preoccupied, and not assume my free time is their to use at their whim.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Friday, Rainy Skies, and Writing

I am trying to stay awake, and I am trying to stay positive. Had to deal with some negative energy yesterday, and quite frankly that situation needs to be purged from my psyche. I feel this is the best thing I can and should do for my peace of mind. Note, I need to reduce all bad things, and focus on the positive actions.

Its rainy looking outside. It has that yucky, “where is the sun” look outside. It’s a stay in bed longer day. I really can’t stay in bed today. Lets hope this coffee gives me the pep needeed to get moving.

Writing was good last night. I am slowly organizing things. If I have some more free time, I believe things will get done on time. Deadline is coming up. Weekend too.

Happy creative endeavors.

Voting Day

Up earlier than I anticipated, and now that my senses are a bit more together, its time to put sentences together. Time to write more. Met my deadline for getting more pages for the story bible, so I should spend this week revising it. I’d really LOVE to see this information shine better in one cohesive file, so this week is all about getting my stuff together.

As always, happy creative endeavors.