When the Pane Shatters

Window pane, of course.  Yesterday consisted of me working on some lines and descriptions for a horror story. It was something to keep the hand and mind occupied-as opposed to buys. Busy to me meant my hand was simply moving, and mind darting all over the paper.

I want to push this further, since I keep getting my focus broken, so these staccato-esque sentences and fragments may help, and it keeps me writing, so I’m in favor of that.  Also I want to know what this is leading to.

On a side note, I was reminded that the fantasy script contained a LOT of horror elements, and this over three episodes was it’s one consistent element. I still need to make clear what the main character’s evolution is going to be.

Part of me says he needs to work better with people, another part says he needs to chill, while another part suggest he needs to close his cases and worry less on others.  More work to do.

Have a good weekend, and happy creative endeavors.



Change is Good…Sometimes

Sometimes change is good, and it’s better for writing, because writing is rewriting, however there are times what I know and do-in regards to writing -doesn’t really compute.

Wrote tings that I know can and will change, however I’m a bit stuck because I’m too attached to the material. So I need to leave some items alone for a while. That way I hope I can “divorce” myself from from the story.  This way I will look at it and be willing to cut or change without holding too much onto it.

Case in point, I have a script I have been thinking of lately, and I remember hating the ending, and there was a point where I *din’t* want to change the main characters, but forced myself to do it, because it wasn’t working.  I tweaked and tweaked trying to resit the change until I got frustrated.

Now, if I look at the script (and subsequent episodes), I know I’ve spent time away to make changes.  So maybe I can go back, reclaim and revise without too much attachment to it.  I don’t feel hesitation or reservation to cut or alter. Also I’ve had enough time to think of a new ending.

Also I need to make room for a couple of screenplays. Was talking with my brother and told him that was into some action films, and need to write a couple of my own.  I sense a  new project in my future.  Hopefully it will help me resolve older material too.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Print Reaction

I decided to print out the pages for the novel, which was eighteen. Pulled out the red pen, gave them a look over, and put some edits on the page. I found myself improvising some dialog that I wrote on the back of pages. Those need to be typed this weekend, and I’m sure those will expand.

Decided that I need a clipboard, which would help me at home. I wonder if I can find an inexpensive one soon. I have plenty enough pens and paper, so I’m not worried about that. In the meantime, a lot of the other projects have fallen to the wayside. I hope to pick them back up soon, even if its only two pages. I need to work more on them.

Happy creative endeavors.

In Other Words

Never let it be said that I’m not without ideas. Ideas come to me swiftly and I love them.  it’s time now, however to make the ideas work within story structure to present to all quality entertainment. From my last post I discussed my desire to grow as an artist. Now I feel a need to discuss what I’m currently addressing in this part of story structure, which is theme.   After exchanging thoughts and  ideas with a friend, we both thought of our writing and how we express our ideas. Theme gives a story focus in a way that isn’t always there in the raw ideas and with me  a story meanders for a bit before we arrive at the theme. What I sometime think is mood is me trying to make the express theme.

Theme can be hard to discuss, so for my sake I decided to treat this as a lesson and look the term up in several books.  Theme is also referred to as premise.  It’s sort of like a thesis statement in a research paper.  Although that’s technical, it does have merit and can be looked at as such. Your protagonist in a story embodies the theme in some way. These are the things I need to look at when writing.

Part of what I talked about is how to make my stories a lot more different and diverse so that my voice is heard over any perceived influences. For example, I love action and superhero stories but when I thought of how to write them, I saw myself often plotting stories as slugfests. That is to say I wrote all stories and they lead to a violent confrontation, but there’s no reason for the violence. This was a constant mistake on my part. First I’m not negating any action a story should contain. What I’m advocating is I didn’t fully understand the writing process and oversimplified my viewpoint, thus limiting the scope of my skills.

What I thought about theme-wise is different needs/wants of the characters. What if the protagonist lacks confidence? The theme of the story should reflect this (note this is the way of many stories). What if the protagonist allows their ambition to override their capacity for reason? What if the protagonist dreads meeting their father for the first time after 10 years? These are but samples of what a theme does, as they all yield excellent ideas and strengths for the story no matter the format.  Of course as we all no writing is rewriting, so I would have the chance to refine my themes, but starting off with a genuine theme works better, stronger, and with focus.

For today my exercise is to look at a few of my ideas and determine what my character wants/need s and that should push me in the direction of what my theme could be.  Writing got more complicated, and that feels good.