Friday Morning


My imposed deadline is Monday, and I’ve been writing up a storm. This is a process, and is always worthwhile. A new character popped up-the main antagonist, and I was happy to write down what I was thinking. So the project is shaping up.

Happy creative endeavors.


Sixteen III

In the process of writing, I’ve found some humorous things that happened with the premises I thought I’d share for grins and giggles.

A lot of theses stories are set in Charleston, or North Charleston, a fictional variation of the two, or a fantastical/sci-fi setting.

  • A lot of people make some bad or interesting bargains.
  • My ignition is high. I’m the rational one. ¬†ūüėČ
  • Family dynamics show up in one form or another.
  • I love science fiction and fantasy a lot.
  • I have one melodrama that WON’T leave me alone.
  • I also love dinosaurs.
  • And monsters.
  • Also mythology.

That’s enough. Gotta go back to writing, but those made me smile today.¬†The news is on, and it’s depressing me, so I better listen to some music and write.


Today is neck pain and migraine day. This means a little stress into my day has fallen, and it’s up to me to steer myself to a path of goodness. Writing went on chill this weekend until late last night when came up with an opening line for the first chapter with the hero.

Failed to write the intro down, promptly forgot, and woke up this morning in addition to discomfort with the intro waiting on me. ¬†It’s not getting away again.

On last Friday, I worked on the outline and wrote out some dialog for some scenes, so it wasn’t like I wasted my creativity–at least that’s what i told myself–I could and should have done more.

Back to the present: So now I may have a shot at typing out a few lines for the novel. I gotta go get that done. ¬†Also have random ideas for another story–but will put that to the side. Will write it down too.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Note to Self: Get Well

A little under the weather since the weekend. Building my strength back, with drinking water, orange juice, and lots of soup (mainly broth). It’s not the flu, no vomiting, etc. I am tired, congested, and breaking though whatever this cold thing is supposed to be.  

My creativity has been impeded, but that’s understandable. Stuff happens. Getting better is my priority and let me tell you, it’s easy to take your health for granted. One moment you’re a bundle of energy, the next you need to lay down and conserve your energy. Your appetite goes away, and congestion builds up, and you need water cause you know in sickness people can die due to dehydration.

So me blogging is always the start of my mind working towards creativity. At least today I’m strong enough to focus.

I did get to watch some movies and tv shows. Jurassic World, a heap of Clone Wars episodes, The Two Towers, Age of Ultron, Hellboy, and Samurai Jack. 

As always, happy creative endeavors.  

Not Now, I Have a Headache

Among other things that happen to me, my poor head’s been aching. It’s quite the distracting,mane I don’t want to do much. Last week was me dealing with some reaction to food. All I can describe it as like someone punched my insides.  The offending food is no longer in my diet.  Noticed me improving, and the “pinching” ceased. So that’s a positive, right?

Of course Mr. headache comes along, and throws a wrench into my expectations.  It’s likely I need to drink more water.  The weather has been notoriously hot and humid, and that had me sweating and feeling awful by itself.  I need to replenish my water intake.  At the very least it’ll have my hydrated. 

Writing output has been substantially weak as I manage my health. I hate that that’s how I’ve been doing. At the same time, I feel inspired to write more. Might as well put effort into what I love. I pray that I maintain the inspiration.  We’ll see where this takes us.  At best, my time away from projects may have given them the cooling off they need.  

As always, happy creative endeavors.  

Thursday Goodness 

Hello World,

Today isn’t bad. Not in any aches or pains. Monitoring self and activities to make sure that I’m not in trouble.  Going to have to keep a log if the pain persists.  

Did my rewriting late last night, and it’s very unfinished.  Usually in this stage it doesn’t have the feel I’m confident in, however, that’s how it’s supposed to be. It needs completion, then I can relax. Sorta like partway in a painting, or the prep work for a meal.  The fun is just beginning.  I will say, sometimes writing brings out the worst insecurity in how the story will be resolved. However, I don’t give up.  

So, after this post, I hope to write some more and get a decent page count. The rewrites have me working harder, and that I don’t mind.  

Happy creative endeavors.