Games in Before the Storm

Hello, there’s a storm approaching, and as always the Carolinas is a little chaotic. I played some games, which calmed me down. It’s another MOBA called, Paragon by Epic Games. It’s more action oriented, and fast paced.

All you need to know is I’m supposed to keep my towers from being brought down by the enemy team and vice versa. My character, Zinx has a lot of sustain, and I tried to capitalize on that.  She however has no real escape.  So trade off, in my opinion.


Smite Joust Game Play with Artemis


Playing Smite as Artemis in the Wrangler skin.  She’s a hunter class (ranged melee), and has crits built into her passive. I build for attack speed, more crits, and cooldown.  I played with friends so we were communicating the whole time.