Get It Done, Darn it!

I was trying to write about how I was looking forward to revising material for the novel. The content was sweet, thoughtful, and faced multiple revisions. Then I deleted it.

Why?  I was laboring too much, and if the material is to unabashed, progressive, and creative. I must act, not hold back, and do what needs to be done to make an entertaining story.

That said if the main character is naive, innocent, and these are defining traits, then he’s not truly passive. I simply have to break his traits. By that I mean I’m going to break, destroy, and ruin those traits for him.

He’s going to get some choices, where he can run, hide, and hope it all goes way, or he can man up, and get his life under his control, and it won’t be easy, or pretty.

So everything can and will fall into place.

Why? Because he’s my hero. Right or wrong, he’s going to get through his journey.

Happy creative endeavors.



When thinking back on yesterday, I was ready to write I didn’t do too much, as I did get busier by the moment. In fact, I did write several thoughts down on characters and situations.

Even looked at an antagonist and viewed him two different ways that intrigued me (possessive/controlling/selfish and acting out of duty/purpose), The first was the initial thought, the second came after contemplating his role, and are all antagonists so predatory?

Well, nothing better than a tragic hero who’s fatal flaw has overridden his senses, AKA tunnel vision, AKA motive.  Even if I went all predator it could be depicted as someone who wants to do right, but ends up doing the wrong thing.  Internal conflict for the win.

These ideas came after I wrote about writing a horror series and I wrote about a protagonist who was being stalked.  I then asked myself if this would work with a previous concept I was developing.

Also started working back on the TV show concept with the dysfunctional family.  Trying to distill the premise into two concrete sentences. It sounds simple until you try it out.

Man with the abilities to bend space and time creates “do over” business with his dysfunctional family. As his company succeeds, his family and friends relationships implode, and rivals attempt to control or destroy him.  

Will eventually replace the word “man” with a character name, and tweak the premise a little more.

© S Raynard Haynes


I Need A Distraction

This distraction needs to be a writing task. For some reason I feel I am so far off track with ideas and can’t get myself together. Perhaps it’s time to start a new screenplay or script for a comic to get my mind off my current project.

So this will get my gears going and help me focus on something that’s productive since I can’t get this novel to gel the way I need to.  Screenplays I can get done and focus on.  I feel like a mess right now.

Something’s stressing me out, and I need it to go away ASAP. This means looking at what’s going on.  Time to start a day journal and see where my time goes. It may be that I’ve gamed too much and now I’m bored that I’m not gaming.  Life is more than games, despite the fun they are.  Games ain’t paying my bills, nor is it 100% fulfilling me.

If it were a job though. I wonder how good I’d be.  LOL

Happy creative endeavors.


I need to set some projects into stronger rotation in my days, and that also includes this blog. I took a seminar on Friday about projects, and effective communication, despite the fact that these posts can be spur of the moment, there is something to be said for a focused, thought-out post.

That said, it’s Sunday, I’m a bit moody, and tired. It leaves me little room for putting things together, and I’d rather be gaming.  Since I’m not gaming, all I can do is put some effort into posting

Little writing got done this weekend, and I am reminded that I am not happy that. If I am to change this aspect of my weekends, I need to change my attitude. Writing is a passion, but it is also an investment. I need to invest in myself on a daily basis, even if it’s twenty minutes a day, at the very least I know effort was placed towards something I love.

Keep in mind each writing task is a separate project. For example, the blog gets its twenty mins, then the novel gets twenty mins, and so forth. I gotta get myself together.

Happy creative endeavors.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. There are many things to be thankful for, such as living, having a job, or even another chance to be creative again.

Been slacking off, as the semester revs up to finals, and the library’s going to be open longer. This means I’ll be busier, and somewhat stressed out. Those days pile up to a point where I personally *don’t* want to do much but not be stressed, or frustrated. It happens, then the finals is over, and I go rest.

One thing that helps me de-stress is writing–even though it can frustrate the heck outta me, and I know, like I always do, is go back to writing. That said it’s time to think and do more writing. I’ll talk less about it until I have completed material to talk about. Did have some random ideas I wrote down, and I feel I’ve got a lot of unformed ideas.

Today I did some cooking, spent some time with fam, and now after eating, I just want to be mellow. Somehow I needed up thinking of my blog, and knew what needed to be done.

Happy creative endeavors.

Revisions (Part 3 of 3)

This is the third pass. It feels much better for the story, and has a type of energy I found appealing to write.  I wanted to make sure the conflict was stronger, and engaging.

Happy creative endeavors.

“What’s that filthy bushwash you’re using on our great plaques?” Timothy asked. “It looks too cheap for Beauregard Clemmings.”

“You the cleaning inspector now?”

“Wha– how-how dare you?”

“You’d think I was asking about your weight, and the extra donuts you like to eat all the time. You leave the crumbs all over the place.”

“You rude, ignorant servant of a bitch.”

”No need for calling my mother names.”

“Forget your wrinkled old mum.”

“Forget your prune-faced wife. She looks like the bottom of an old frying pan, she does.”

“Of all the…I don’t know what kind of slipshod games the mayor has running from that hovel of an office, but the people of Nutbush pay too much money for a janitor to think he can check me.”

Felix sighed, put on his headphones and MP3 player, turned away from Timothy, and renewed his cleaning.

“That distraction isn’t allowed while you’re on duty, sir,” Timothy huffed.  “You know that, as it was part of the charter rules and regulations.”

Felix didn’t turn back to Timothy, but he did turn up the volume on his MP3 player. Timothy turned away, and marched down the park to the city entrance. “The nerve of that fool,” he muttered.

Revisions (Part 2 of 3)

This is my second pass at revising the dialog for the scene/story. I wanted something a bit more abrasive, and less agreeable between the two characters (Timothy and Felix).

I didn’t format it properly, as I knew if I liked it, I would add it to Word (from my Notes app) and adjust it.

It’s essentially the exchange between Timothy and Felix, so I know its two characters.

Timothy watched Felix apply the solution to the glyphs.  It looked shinier, and he appreciated that glow.  Timothy stood back after the last coat and admired the glow.

T: Nice job, Felix.

F: Thank you, Mr. Guthrie. I’ve already cleaned the benches, good sir.  Don’t want you messing up those fancy clothes of yours.

Nonsense. I’m more curious as to your new solution.

F: Pay it no mind. Just boring new regulations.

T: “They’re facts, Felix,” He said, “and facts are never boring.”

F: Then the amount of bird dropping per square inch on a plaque is right up your alley…sir?

T: No. That is not up my alley. I insist you tell me what are you using clean our glyphs in our town.

F:  Why that’s classified, sir.

T: Classified? With taxpayers money? Really? Does this sparkle orange concoction have a proven track record with maintaining a secure protection from rogue magic?” It could do more far more harm than good.

*he waited for a response. None came.

T: You know if the wards don’t work, we’ll be in a world of pain.

F: Your bench, sir.  It’s gonna get taken.

T: Rest assured, I’m contacting the mayor.

F: Be my guest, sir.