Smite: Roc-A-Bellona Gameplay

Hello Peeps. Hope y’all are having a wonderful Monday.

This is some Smite gameplay where I play Bellona, a warrior who excels with weapons and defense. Amped up her defense items so I stayed extra tanky. The skin is called Roc-A-Bellona, and I love it.  Otherwise I prefer the standard Roman skin for this god.


Smite Joust Game Play with Artemis


Playing Smite as Artemis in the Wrangler skin.  She’s a hunter class (ranged melee), and has crits built into her passive. I build for attack speed, more crits, and cooldown.  I played with friends so we were communicating the whole time.

Red Star Athena

This is me playing Smite with a friend. The game mode is joust, which is a 3 vs 3 match.   I’m playing with a friend (he’s playing Medusa), and it was fun.  Athena is a guardian class character, which means she’s all about being tanky, and using crowd control to draw the enemy’s attention to her.

The build I made is nearly all physical protections with aura to help the team, and hinder the enemy.