Tuesday Sleepiness

I am sleepy. It shows. Slow to wake up, slow to get out of bed, and just slow. Slwoly but surely, things will fall back into place.

Yesterday, I saw the 22 rules of storytelling by Pixar creators. I decided tonwrite them out. Mainly because reading it was simple, and I wanted to incoprate it in my brain more. So write I did. I like it. Letting it chill for a min, then I will review it again.

Maybe I can apply it to my current peoject. It wouldnt hurt.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


When Will I Catch Up?

Ok, my schedule finally goes back to the default status. This is a good thing, but I still feel like a hot damn mess. It happens, and I must persevere. This meant, last night, I needed sleep before it was bedtime. I really feel like things aren’t falling into place. That feeling shall pass.

Hopefully some writing will get done. Blogging is always a good start.

Before sleepytime hit me, I did manage to rekindle my interest in dark comedy, and did a little research into the topic.

Happy creative endeavors.

Truth Is…

Trut is I haven’t been blogging much, but it didn’t mean I stopped writing, which kept up.  I’ve also been taking writing more classes and trying to get myself in order. On top of that it seems my schedule has conflicted with everything; my life, diet, sleep, and creativity.  I am not a happy camper.

That out of the way, let’s talk of pleasant things.  One of my writing lessons has been to look for the emotional payoff of characters in a story.  So, the question of “what’s this story really about,” sunk in for me.

After much contemplation I found myself writing down something that was too real and raw for me, personally.  It really pinched a nerve, in addition to being an emotion I felt I could explore and discuss.

My initial reaction was to pause, let the words cool down, then I went on to working on technical aspects (outline). Still there’s an elephant in my room that’s being ignored, because I felt I was shying away from my own story/character epiphany.

So as chaotic as things may be, the current goal is to get back to the heart of what I discovered, write it out, and work through a pinched moment.

On a side note I am glad I paused from blogging.  It helped me want to blog again.

Happy creative endeavors.

I Wrote Too Soon

Allergies really slapped the stuffing outta me. I’m stuffy, I’m runny, I’m up, down, and a hot mess. Ran outta the Allegra and now I’m using the more generic stuff. I’m not pleased with the results and I have to wait to get some of the top goods, so waiting is meh.

I could use a few days off and simply relax. Went to work with a nose that ran off/on. Left me running to the bathroom a lot. I ran out of tissue real fast. On top of that the bathroom stunk so bad I could smell it with chaotic nostrils.

Wrote some, as it was all I could do that didn’t make me sick. I wrote and rewrote parts of a short story, that I have the impression the page full scene can gets reduced down to a few lines. I’m nearly the opposite of most people who underwrite. I’m overwriting.