An Experiment

Hello all. I need to get cracking on my writing, whether I feel in the mood or not. As always it’s good to get in the writing mind with a blog post, then I really need to try this experiment to see if it spurs my creativity.

What I’m going to do is pretend my novel is either low budget film, or a video game that needs fleshing out. That means I need to make sure the characters are in place, there’s a narrative, and that I have a solid conclusion.

The goal is to see the story become a better, or more structured once I am able to kill the anxiety over completing it.   Let me try this to get myself process material.

Happy creative endeavors.


Change is Good…Sometimes

Sometimes change is good, and it’s better for writing, because writing is rewriting, however there are times what I know and do-in regards to writing -doesn’t really compute.

Wrote tings that I know can and will change, however I’m a bit stuck because I’m too attached to the material. So I need to leave some items alone for a while. That way I hope I can “divorce” myself from from the story.  This way I will look at it and be willing to cut or change without holding too much onto it.

Case in point, I have a script I have been thinking of lately, and I remember hating the ending, and there was a point where I *din’t* want to change the main characters, but forced myself to do it, because it wasn’t working.  I tweaked and tweaked trying to resit the change until I got frustrated.

Now, if I look at the script (and subsequent episodes), I know I’ve spent time away to make changes.  So maybe I can go back, reclaim and revise without too much attachment to it.  I don’t feel hesitation or reservation to cut or alter. Also I’ve had enough time to think of a new ending.

Also I need to make room for a couple of screenplays. Was talking with my brother and told him that was into some action films, and need to write a couple of my own.  I sense a  new project in my future.  Hopefully it will help me resolve older material too.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Sick For Days

Unfortunately, what started as my allergies and sinuses beating on me like an after school bully turned into a moment where I needed to get in bed, and lay in misery as it passed. It took a nasty toll on me as I lost my appetite, and all I wanted to do is try and breath well.  My poor nose went from stopped, to running, to “hey, I can breathe.” My allergy meds may, or may not have been working, or at least taxed. I had to switch meds in order to see some results.

Needless to say, I’m feeling better, so to that, I’m grateful. It will take some time to get back into 100% recover, but that’s expected.

That said little to no writing was done this weekend, but my motto is, to get back on the horse and ride again. So that meant listing out some of the things I want to get done, and boy am I ambitious. That said there are some things I’d like to complete before a talk about them.

One of those goofier distractions I was concerned about was the desire to write more screenplays. What genre, and how many to work on for the remainder of the year. So I wrote down what I want to do, and I’m going to have to tackle it. No way around that. Will have to find a way to make things work.

Happy creative endeavors.

The Silkened Road

Often, and creative-wise I fall off track a lot. What’s been consistent in 2015 is I stayed the course, and worked on a project I want to see completed. Admittedly frustration, and occasional bouts of inactivity plagued my work. It happens, but I’m over being frustrated and inactive.

For the past few days the fork in the road has been the direction, and path to happiness and success. Part of that path is all about self-worth. How one sees themselves in the world, and to themselves is a vital part of our beings.

We all have many labels, and wear multiple hats in life. Am I that writing warrior who knows no bounds, or perhaps the witty, poetic, playful fool who lives for the reader’s smiles/entertainment.

I enjoy working on both TV scripts and with screenplays for film, but I think its time to pick one, focus on success in that field, then venture into the other.   Why do I say pick one? Sometimes the mind and heart are split, and nothing feels completed.

This situation reminds me of college when I took a variety of art classes. As I progressed, I did not see that my strongest skill was in my drawing. I had the most art classes in drawing, and worked the hardest to improve.

My drawing skills grew stronger than my painting, photography, and printmaking skills. It was not a bad thing, but I was accumulating knowledge and skill without any assessment of who I became, and where my strengths and weaknesses resided. Looking back is a lesson, and an experience.

I see the experience repeating itself, as I have demonstrated knowledge of both TV scrips and screenplays, however, my strength is actually in cinema. I have studied more film than I have television.

While my heart has always been in creativity, the knowledge, strength and skill comes from my Cinema Studies (the inspiration behind this blog), and the reason I learned screenwriting in the first place.

If I’m going to succeed, find happiness, and strive to be a better me, I have to stay focused, always keep ideas afloat, and work harder. It’s not going to get easier, or get handed to me. I’m willing to work for what I love.

Happy creative endeavors.


Old and New

After a couple of inquiries, I need to clarify some of my goals and aspirations.  For those not in the know, I am a writer and blogger. I use a variety of mediums to write both fiction and non-fiction, such as poetry, short story, TV scripts, and screenplays. I prefer to write scripts and screenplays for film and television. You can add scripts for comics as well, and need to get on top of that.

Some of my education has been geared to film and television, mainly research, film history, film theory, and writing based on the text.  I also learned to write and format television scripts, comics, and screenplays for films.

The one constant project I’ve been pushing is the completion of a speculative pilot, and two additional episodes for a TV series. It is a fantasy series, and it is my hope that the spec pilot is gets picked up for production, and lands on a network as a series. This project has been a challenge, as I started, and forgot some of my teachings in regards to formatting. I went back and reread textbooks, and relearned the format process.

Also part of it is me learning to cut out parts of a script that, while they look good, may not fit with the story and format. Sometimes I’m adept at this, other times I’m terrible. At this stage I’m revising, and editing, since I have the luxury of doing so without a time table. I hope to have the pilot looking like a champ.


Happy creative endeavors.

Reclaim A Story 

For some time, I’ve been annoyed by one of my stories being incomplete.  Perhaps this is a good moment to find, reclaim and revise it.  I called it a short story, but it was twenty pages, and it needs a lot of work.  The genre was a mix, but it has elements of a thriller, and I feel if I narrow the focus, I may be able to approach it stronger. 

So, I think I have a printed version in my room, and I’d like to at least look over it.  Months have passed since I glanced at it. At best I wrote out a few scenes I thought it could use, but that was months ago too. So, if I can’t make this story work as prose, I need to rewrite it as a script. Why? Why not? I like screenwriting.  A nice thriller might do something good in a different format. 

That’s my thoughts in a nutshell. Happy to write, and need to keep writing. 

Happy creative endeavors.  

The Lusty Fiend

today was a little change of pace in regards to writing. Decided to research a little more into formatting, and improving the protagonist, and characters in general. With most stories, it’s all about bout the protagonist, and their desires, and what gets in their way. I hear this in every book, video, or article on screen and script writing.  In wiring, in general, if a writer has an idea of what your main character (AKA protagonist), you’re on the right path.  

So, now that I can digest what I wrote, I wonder do I know what my character desires? This harkens me back to knowing what a MC’s hearts desire, or their greatest fear. Whatever I think it is the desire will be denied, and the hero will ultimately confront his fears. It all seems simple now, but I remember when I first heard it, the words didn’t sink in.  

So I had this idea: think of it as a sex story. Usually the sex desire is clear in my head–story wise.  

Character X wants sex from Character Z, whom he’s had a crush on since high school. Now that he’s a millionaire, he thinks that’ll sway her to his bed.  The obstacle: Character Z doesn’t even know X is alive, let alone finds him attractive.  Furthermore she’s into waiting for months before even thinking of sex, and maintains a strong Christian background and appearance. So character X has got to get Z to notice him, and make her fall in love, and want to sleep with him.  Damn those are tough obstacles.  Why is X putting himself through this? 

Now I have to know what happens.  Clearly his ego is high, but he still can’t get the girl with his bling.  Does he just want a one night stand, or a start of a relationship? It needs more work, and sex was not as simple as I thought for a story. LOL

I will say this, I’m intrigued, would develop this, and before scripting, I’d figure out the answers to the questions I raised. There I’d find the theme, and have a viable screenplay.

That’s enough. Glad I wrote, glad I blogged, and happy to have a new idea to contemplate.  

As always, happy creative endeavors.