Change is Good…Sometimes

Sometimes change is good, and it’s better for writing, because writing is rewriting, however there are times what I know and do-in regards to writing -doesn’t really compute.

Wrote tings that I know can and will change, however I’m a bit stuck because I’m too attached to the material. So I need to leave some items alone for a while. That way I hope I can “divorce” myself from from the story.  This way I will look at it and be willing to cut or change without holding too much onto it.

Case in point, I have a script I have been thinking of lately, and I remember hating the ending, and there was a point where I *din’t* want to change the main characters, but forced myself to do it, because it wasn’t working.  I tweaked and tweaked trying to resit the change until I got frustrated.

Now, if I look at the script (and subsequent episodes), I know I’ve spent time away to make changes.  So maybe I can go back, reclaim and revise without too much attachment to it.  I don’t feel hesitation or reservation to cut or alter. Also I’ve had enough time to think of a new ending.

Also I need to make room for a couple of screenplays. Was talking with my brother and told him that was into some action films, and need to write a couple of my own.  I sense a  new project in my future.  Hopefully it will help me resolve older material too.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Prelude to a Weekend Screenwriting Throw-down

So this weekend will be with me getting this screenplay done. I’ve talked about it, got the outline done, and all I need to do is write it down. This also means having some fun writing these pages. Writing can feel tedious and overpowering at times, but if I can stick out NaNoWriMo after lagging behind and doubling my efforts, then I can work the hello outta this script over the weekend.

Sometime during this weekend I may get another cinema essay going cause I’d love to post it here. That means more writing and its not a chore. Also the tv concept is going slow. Trying to make a log line. Came up with a few revisions last night, but I’m getting too caught up in that. Time to move onto other things.

Happy creative endeavors.