Tired III

In my bed with hopes of getting up and about soon. Finals seem to be contagious, as I appear to be sleep deprived and need more rest and relaxation. I hope today is that day for the r&r. I’m thinking music will soothe my mind. 

No plans today than to go on top of a workshop project, and plug away to first draft. Yesterday had a moment of clarity, where the original proposal set for critique was not something I liked, so I rewrote it and resubmitted it to class with hopes of people responding to it. If not response, I’m still moving forward with it. 

I feel strongly about the direction, and this is why I like to write things out before they are due. It gives me time to digest things, and see what’s going on in my head. Otherwise I get days where things are clear to me. 
Happy creative endeavors.  


Bed Day

Ok, I feel lousy in the sense that I’m tired. Too tired. I didn’t get up on time. This post is being done in bed. Yesterday handwrote out the pages for the screenplay on a notecard. Have yet to transcribe them. Was gonna do that this morning, but that didn’t happen. Will keep on writing it down and this weekend clean it up. I need some coffee. Will have to get out of bed for that.

Need something to eat as well. Just not feeling this morning. Can’t wait for a day off to sleep with no alarm and get up when I feel like it.