Outlined II

Working on my outline and I feel like this is good progress. I found myself writing down stuff in my notebook and even out some potential dialogue. It’s rough as all get out, but it’s a start, right?

That said I like that there is progress and a little pushing to keep up with the writing. The outline will be linger than anticipated, and it will likely require a little more detail per chapter.

I’m trying to tell what happens in each chapter, and see if I need to split things up, or not. It’s just one of those things that requires me to have a seat and work on it for a while. I’m just gonna plug away until it’s done.

Happy creative endeavors.


Sweet Dreams

Last night went to bed with stories in my head that beg to be written.  It’s always the wrong darn time, as I was more than snug. I was frigging sleepy.

Fortunately my mind wasn’t willing to give it up. It’s a contemporary/urban fantasy, and since the ideas are still with me, I’m going to work on them.

Let me add the additional ideas come from a concept I wrote out last week. Thenthebidea chilled out in my files.  I had a smattering of direction, but nothing.  At the very least I’d like to see an outline for this soon. I have the main characters and the perfect antagonists for this story.  It needs work, and this is what I do.

Other than that, I’m gonna take care of some errands and keep busy while the fire’s hot.

Hello Monday

Yesterday I had a flow with the writing. Kept it going when suddenly family decided while I was into my craft to constantly stop me. The more I tried to complete a sentence, the less it was going to happen. Finally I attended to the issues, got soaked in the rain, and dried off. Got something to eat, and was ready to write again. My muse, however, was not feeling that.

What I had roughly was five pages, and perhaps that was enough. Late, late in the night, after watching The Strain, did I find myself revising the text. I needed it to be less, as this was an addition to a scene that I felt needed to be stated, as opposed to what I had. Will have to merge and revise the original scene.

Speaking of The Strain, it took a few episodes to get off the ground, and it has my full attention. I want to know what happens next. A couple of things irked me, as some of the characters did some stupid things for intelligent people. I suppose that can’t be helped. Anyways, in this show, vampires are grotesque, and things don’t get better for the victims.

I need to write more. Interruptions or not. I have an outline for the first episode. Gotta get the story to flow and be done for a first draft.

Happy creative endeavors.