It’s one of those days where the sun hits the concrete just right, and it’s so damn bright my eyes can’t take it.  Needless to say, I have to cross the street with the correct traffic, and my poor eyes suffer. Then I walk into a building that is darker and i can’t adjust properly.  I feel like a hot damn mess.

Now, not too much went on yesterday in regards to writing fiction.  However I had some notes I took from a seminar on being a project manager/admin assistant–which was to improve my job skills.

I transcribed the notes and it ended up being five pages!!! I had no idea I took that much notes. With my handwriting it took two pages, as I sectioned off each topic in its own area then moved onto the next.

Something repeated in my notes was embracing change as opposed to be resistant.  I am very interested in the logistics of events, so I need to know about events and how things work.

I need to go over these notes because clearly this is far more information than I realized, and I think I can get more out of the seminar if I keep reviewing the material, and scribbling my own notes/thoughts on them.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Monday Mash

I have to admit I went a bit game crazy this weekend. Final Fantasy XIV has some pre-release time for Stormblood, but I took my character to a new job, and I need to get a stronger feel for it.  Next I’ve been playing Smite so much that I’ve been trying to figure out how to build better characters.  I’m a bit obsessed.

That said, some ideas ran through my head that I need to address soon. The first is brevity. What I’ve noticed, in my notes is that I haven’t gotten down to the point of the story or the scene.  it’s bothered me a lot because I KNOW I can pull this off, if I take the time to stop BSing myself.

So it’s time for a writing exercise to get this story ironed out.

Happy creative endeavors.

I Lost My Wallet

Four words I never want to utter, nor think about. Yet today I did. Was sure my wallet was in my pocket, as I placed it there, or at least I thought I did when I was distracted.

Needless to say this morning as I knocked over some papers, bent to pick it up, I dropped my wallet in the process.  Without realizing this, I walked outta the house, got to work, and didn’t have a clue.

Of course, I needed to get some coffee, and I reached for my wallet, only to find it wasn’t there, and I had no clue as to where I misplaced it.  I retraced my steps, and it wasn’t outside.  I went into panic mode.  I got permission to go look for it, and went home thinking it may have fallen in my patio.

Over time I found where I dropped it, which was a relief, but I was rather dismayed that I could have potentially had my info and bank card stolen.  That’s all I need within the course of my day to be saddled with the drama of freezing my card, replacing my items, and just feeling ok.

Since I was able to calm down some, I’ve been trying to be grateful and should do some writing, which I haven’t, but for me, starting with a blog post helps put me in a writing frame of mind.

Happy creative endeavors.


Hello World,

While I have’t blogged in a few days, it didn’t mean that I wasn’t writing. My schedule was a bit chaotic, and I found that I wasn’t getting my posts done. I hate that, but at the same time, I was waiting for a free day to post something.

A couple of the character’s for the novel have more viable roles. It took me a moment to figure it out, however, they grew once I wrote out some general thoughts, suddenly became relatable. Slowly the pieces and characters reshape themselves. It’s been worthwhile exploring the options.

I also looked back on how to introduce the main character, who he is, and how he relates in this world. I’ve been looking over and researching some to better define his roles for me and the story.  He’s gone though a lot of changes, but I like where I’m going.

Only one thing concerns me. Several of the characters have a political hierarchy. That is they relate to each other via those roles. The MC might be at the bottom of this hierarchy, and therefore doesn’t relate to several of the people. This may or may not be feel for discord/conflict, so I see potential greatness for him being.

I have much more work to do.

Happy creative endeavors.

So Not the Drama

A couple of days ago, I posted about how the character’s personal issue/problem is the real motive/action of the story, not an event drive tale, and I wish to elaborate.

I used to think the MC, or hero needed to react to an event that really had nothing to do with him or her. For example, I thought the hero had to go into a pre-made situation that didn’t involve him/her in any way.

If it were an adventure story, he/she was traveling just to travel. If it were a love story, the two would simply meet and hook up. This could go on, but the outstanding point is the MC’s in my stories had not connection to anything.

What I eventually learned was that what drives a story is the MC’s emotions and their reaction to something personal. A good thing (heart’s desire) which could be a flaw, or too much of a good thing. The MC could also have a fear that they’d have to confront.

For example, the adventure story MC could love to travel, however, his/her travel plans are often interrupted by other people in need. Maybe he’s affected by a travel ban. Perhaps his/her fear of small boats and planes is preventing him from going to a remote location.

The more personal the story, the mileage I can get out of it, or that’s the plan, and perhaps why some of my plotting of late has been rather frustrating.

That TV spec pilot I was writing? Not personal in the least, simply event driven with a theme. The novel? Highly event driven with a theme, but I’m a do better. Much better.

Happy creative endeavors.

Symmetra To The Defense

A friend inspired this post, when we talked about changes to Symmetra. For those not in the know, this a post about the game, Overwatch.  Like many games, the developers often make changes to characters and settings from time to time to improve quality.

Symmetra was reworked in December to give her more viability (playable) through the game.  Symmetra is a support class hero, who plays like a defense hero (protects a spot). She was also situational, as she didn’t offer much past a niche role of defense.  She also didn’t heal as all the other support heroes do.

Symmetra isn’t the only hero I play in the game, however, she is one that I have the most experience playing. Many players, before the rework didn’t care for her, and believed her to be a less interesting hero.

The video below shows Symmetra game play before her rework on the Eichenwalde map. Note that I have to put shields on everyone, and limited turrets I could immediately use. Set-up was a bother.

Since her rework, Symmetra is definitely more powerful, and I use her on different maps that I didn’t before, and not always on defense. One of the things discussed was that the character may be “overpowered,” and I don’t want to dismiss someone’s concerns out of hand.

I asked a few Symmetra mains (those who have a definitive hero they play) about her viability.  They love it.  The Symmetra played her for far longer than I have, and on all the maps before her rework.

There are more people playing Symmetra, and in large part LOVE the death ray feature of her attack. Many people weren’t used to seeing her, so she went from being niche to frequent picks. That has freaked more than a few people out.

If you get caught out of position or unaware, the enemy Symmetra may capitalize on your error, and outplay you.It’s happened to me before. I’m not here to tell anyone how to be a better player.

The video below is on the map Eichenwalde after Symmetra’s rework.  Notice no more shields, six turrets at the start, and throwing out barriers. The beam length for close up attacks is longer.

I don’t think she’s overpowered in the least.  She’s strong, and far more dangerous now. She’s hitting people with the beam in games.  From the videos, you can see that I play from the back lines mostly. To get the beam from me, you HAVE to be close enough for me to consider you a threat.

FYI the beam has always been this strong, it’s that the length has been improved, and it pretty much latches onto the enemy you aim it at.  It sticks, charges up power, and eats away at the enemy’s HP (health points).

Maybe I’m playing her wrong. Was I supposed to chase people around with the death beam? I prefer my method as I’m not the team assassin.  I’m the teammate who helps with area denial, and some crowd control (the turrets have a slowing effect as well as do damage, but only have one HP).

This has been a fun, if not longer than usual post, but worth it.We shall see if the developers like or hate the progress of the character, and what future changes they may make.

Happy New Year

Well this is a new year, and pretty much we’re all getting older.  It seems simple until I think about how old I already am, and what I’m getting closer to. Let’s keep this positive.  At the moment, my head is blank, and despite needed to be creative, I feel rather tired, and in need of something to eat.

I could go for some Chinese food just because I could, and its delicious from the right shops.  Not trying to be too picky, but I do want something good that I can enjoy.  Also I heard a challenge to go a week without dairy products, or even soy products. I can’t drink milk, but that also means cheese. I loves some cheese.  I dunno if I can do this challenge.

Beside that, i was up early, no time to think, or relax, so creativity went to hell.  I rather resent that. I clearly have not pushed myself. Better get on top of this. Not getting any younger, am I?

Happy creative endeavors.