I have a lot of lists to work on.  They were to do things I decided that were important enough to write down yesterday, and review today to modify as needed. I even made a dinner menu to work on for the upcoming months.

I need to get to work on this . It won’t be too consuming, but I’m a get some stuff done.  I aim to have things completed or on a strong daily rotation with deadlines.

Happy creative endeavors.


Realized I’m my happiest when I’m being creative.  This means I need more creativity in my days to make them richer and better. Perhaps I can create a project list for myself and manage how they are getting done. At least I’ll have things aligned to a particular way for my benefit.

That said, I did some writing in my notebook for the novel yesterday. It’s rough as all get out, and not even in a first draft of a chapter mode. Just me writing, and getting it from head to my notebook, and eventually my laptop/Word file.

Happy creative endeavors.

World Building

I’m working on more notes for the novel, and what I’m learning about world building is that it is not as simple as I initially believed, thought, or invested time in. There are points where I questioned character’s motives, what key icons are constantly seen the world.

There was a point where I saw the antagonist and asked in my notebook, what does he do for a living. How does he get things together, and what motivates him when he gets up. None of this has made the character sympathetic to me–he’s not supposed to by, but I was worried I’d go too far.

On top of this, I asked myself what is this story about. NOTE: Not the plot, but the story’s about.  I came up with a few ideas, but they should be simple. For example; this novel is about challenging the status quo, or, this novel is about embracing your fear for fun and profit. So I need to work on what I believe the novel is about without telling people the plot.

That said, all I can do is keep inching towards greatness. Those last three words could easily be what my story’s about. Happy creative accidents are good accidents.

Happy creative endeavors.

Into and Out of Love

This blog used to be filled with essays on film and television shows. I created it for that purpose. I used to have a personal blog that I filled with daily chatter, while CINES chatted about film and television.

I felt closer to the text, loved every bit of it, and pushed myself further to explore more topics in film. Then that love dwindled. I feel like I took a turn into deep chaos in a way I fully can’t explain, but my enjoyment for film and television went to a crawl. That’s never a good thing for someone who loves what they wrote about.

Perhaps this was a depression that I didn’t recognize, or a moment where other events overrode something I enjoyed. As a friend pointed out, “one step at a time.” I cannot get from under a cloud and expect an instant return. It truly is a piece by piece effort to regain your foothold and be a better man.

Some of the chaos was released, and left me. Thank God.

Still I gotta grow from where I was, to a better spot. This means focus, effort, and inching towards some form of personal success. So one day I will fall back in love with the things I once had a passion for writing about all the time.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Sunday and the Slumps

Hello World,

I was ready to procrastinate, when I told myself, you have at least got to put out a blog post. Help yourself, man.  That’s my rationale, and I’m sticking to it. I’ve been non-creative for the past few days as I try to get myself in order, and stressing out over stuff I have no control over. Well, as I sit across my bed telling myself I will not allow distractions, it’s time to get myself back together.

First, I made some coffee.  Need that coffee to start the day. Second, I need this blog post.  This post signifies how well I’m a get stuff done today. It an be done if I put the effort towards it. Nothing needs to be perfect, just done.

Creativity all but ran away and hid. Its time for me to find it, and drag it back in front of the laptop. I need for things to work. That overwhelming feeling did tend to negate my feelings of positivity, but this is a new day, and rather than repeat what happened yesterday. Even if all I can muster is five fresh/revived sentences, then that’s a good start to something better than where I was.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

The Flipside: With Friends Like This

With the last few posts I discussed how communication could resolve issues between friends as opposed to taking to social media as an avenue. This post is dedicated to how communication off social media backfired, and made matters worse. Again there’s no such thing as perfection, or perfect people. The attempt to resolve went awry. It happens, and this is the story.

A good while ago, a friend, whom I know in years, had a meltdown of sorts. This friend and I went to college together, and shared a lot of laughs and pains through the years. Our lives took us in different directions, and that was a good thing, as we kept in touch. As social media came into stronger aspects of our lives, we kept in touch.

At the time of the meltdown, my aunt passed, and my by my friend asked  me to unfriend a mutual friend on Facebook. This unfriending would have lead to a hot mess, as the hated friend was part of other social networks, like LinkedIn. This unfriending had little to do with anything major. The two had a falling out, and suddenly the only way to get back at the hated friend, was to get others to hate on him too. This was drama. I refused, and found myself having a text message debate with my friend who insisted that this friend had to go, and trying to guilt trip me into not being this friend.

We stopped speaking after the text debate. I suspected that was a desired result on my friend’s part. As time passed the object of unfriending suddenly wasn’t on Facebook, and I let that pass, as there was pressing matters to attend to. One day, as I visited and updated my very neglected Google Plus page, I spotted a most curious site. Both my former friend, and the object of the unfriending having a friendship on GP. It was amusing, and sad. I knew that neither of these people were trustworthy, and much to their own delight. I know I was better off without either of them in my life.

Bed Day

Ok, I feel lousy in the sense that I’m tired. Too tired. I didn’t get up on time. This post is being done in bed. Yesterday handwrote out the pages for the screenplay on a notecard. Have yet to transcribe them. Was gonna do that this morning, but that didn’t happen. Will keep on writing it down and this weekend clean it up. I need some coffee. Will have to get out of bed for that.

Need something to eat as well. Just not feeling this morning. Can’t wait for a day off to sleep with no alarm and get up when I feel like it.