A Thursday Worth Having is A Good One

So, my tablet is dying, and my laptop is kinda wonky which may mean it’s on its last leg.  Not too happy about that, and I don’t know what to say about my tablet at the moment other than I’m frustrated.

Spent a lot of time randomly writing, and trying NOT to think too hard on the direction, but to let it fall into place.  This meant I am simply not too worried about too much, or when it crosses my mind that I fill in that blank as I go along. Why am I doing this? I found my myself congested with thoughts on previous material where I kept choking on getting it done because too much work went into planning, and not enough on executing.

So I’m happier, and I keep wanting to know, what happens next, so I keep writing.  So far, so good.  All I can say is it involves family, and I keep wondering how they are going to resolve their issues, or perhaps they won’t.  The story took another turn on the way home (I wasn’t driving), so I tried to type it out, but this phone is horrible as far as typing, and the auto-correct doesn’t want to be my friend in this endeavor.

That said, I need to correct the crappy car writing I did so it looks like I understand English and punctuation usage because I was onto something.  I’ll see where this goes and move from here.

P.S. I’m gonna try this method with the novel. I already know enough and it’s time to let the characters speak to each other.

Happy creative endeavors.


Brainy Wednesday

I did manage to write in my print journal once again. Forgot what I wrote, so I will have to go back and read the journal entry. I’m doing a self-imposed deadline for a writing exercise as well, which is to write out descriptive lines for characters. I said do twenty of them, so I have up till Monday to finish this project. This is to see what I think of them.  I wrote out a piece for the main character in the novel as well.  I let the idea marinate overnight, so I should look at it today, and revise it. That part is strictly how I see my hero, and this will help me shape the theme a lot tighter.

So, journal writing is a great thing, and I need to keep it up, even if I write entries I don’t fully remember, but sometimes there are things that happen while pen is to paper. I believe most of the descriptive elements won’t make sense to me until time has passed, and they’ve cooled off.

Other than that, I wrote and need to revise a brief script for my gaming channel. It’s a voice over introduction, so I wanted to know what I would say before I pressed record.  I have to wait until I have complete free time to sit and put together this presentation. Then I have to upload it. For the record, my gaming channel is named S. R. Haze.

Random idea popped into my head about what “On the nose means” in stories in my head, that seemed less interesting because they were too direct. It seemed like I confused my understanding of genre with event. Having a vengeful spirit in a horror story is fine, but what’s happening beyond that to help the story? I quiz myself all the darn time, and need to have better answers.  EX: Instead of Vengeful ghost story, how about,  Woman diagnosed with cancer is visited by a vengeful spirit hell bent on breaking up her marriage.

I should do more journal entries. LOL

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Wednesday is a Slowday

I don’t know what happened, however the peppiness is not with me this day. I am way too discombobulated in the mornings, and have to wait for my awareness to slowly come to light. This is too rough. No, lattes won’t bring me up to 100%. I have to take this one hour at a time. Also my stomach is rumbling. I simply feel chaotic, and that has to change.

Writing has been slack as all get out, and that’s embarrassing.  I’ve been thinking it’s time to get back into the novel, and make dedicated progress. I’ve also been reading articles via LitReactor on writing in general, and researching other topics that have nothing to do with the novel…so far. This has at least fed my brain in the evening times.

Perhaps I am going through things the wrong way, and need to allow this week to pass with this schedule, then prepare to go into a great zone when my old schedule (that includes rest) gives me back my regularity. I so need this within the course of a day in order to function. I feel like I can’t get a thing done.

Happy creative endeavors.

What I Did Is…

Yesterday had me looking over my pitch and doing more revisions. It’s time to let this thing go for a while. Perhaps do something else. My mind is like relax and forget it for a shot while. I still have ideas to get across, and have been thinking of ways to translate it into prose, however, I got ahead of myself. I have and had to be able to tell what happens in in this novel in a straightforward approach.

Late last night, I had the idea for another story, which is kind of off the rails, and that’s fine with me, and perhaps I can take a few mins to write it down, as opposed to it growing in my head, and that should get my gears in motion. It’s all relative. I need to keep on plugging away, and perhaps “forgetting” project after project, until I see them with fresh eyes, that will more than dare to mark out sections of paragraphs to make way for what’s good, and important for an editor to see.

Learning lessons in writing never ends, it seems. The more involved I get, the more I have to learn about what works, and what doesn’t. Then I learn and do a lot more to make a better story. On top of that I’ve learned to take my ego out of things (a repeated lesson, by the way). If anything, writing a pitch, then revising it has offered me insight into my own methods and thoughts. My screenwriting professor’s comments make sense when he said that if you solve things within the outline, then you won’t get stuck later.  It’s applicable to all forms of fiction writing.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

The Dance of Revisions

Rather than worry about what I haven’t done yet, today is about focusing on what has been done. I wanted to revise a pitch for a novel. I wrote a synopsis for the novel, and it needed to be streamlined, so I revised and cut words and sentences that gave too much detail. Then I left the story alone. It needs to cool down, and frankly I needed time away from it. Why? I’ve worked too hard on it, and became slightly obsessed with the idea of making the synopsis perfect.

What I need is to “not care” enough to write what the story needs, and not censor the material. Let loos the inner fool in my brain for laughs and fun. I hate being antiseptic in my writing, but it happens when I get caught up in being right. I don’t want to be write, I want to have fun. So I’m praying I unclench and have fun. Otherwise I’ll be doing more revisions.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Don’t Speak

The blog title is not in reference to the No Doubt song, which is on my mind now, but rather on writing stuff down. I have a print journal now, and named it. More on that later, as that is a done deal. I was up early and my mind was everywhere.

The AC/central air is being repaired, thank goodness. My room is a hot box without central air, and quite frankly very, very uncomfortable to sit in, let alone lay down in without being drenched in sweat. Very unpleasant dealings, and it isn’t even summer yet. Hopefully the repairs won’t be too expensive, but I will cover it. My poor TV didn’t help the situation, as it emanated heat before it died. It’s a time at house Stacy.

Need to go to the doctor soon. So I need to find a GP to set an appointment with. This congestion needs to be eliminated from my system. So heat and congestion are not fun, and allergy meds only do so much. I’m hoping the doctor has something stronger that can get rid of this congestion once and for all.

That’s it in a nutshell. Have a good day, y’all, and happy creative endeavors.

Cool Sunday

Today was the first day it was chilly, and I wasn’t 100% ready for that. I would happily settle on some sunshine and warmth, but it is fall. The wind knocked over some plants. Gotta sweep off the porch more than usual, and hot coffee never felt so comforting.

For the past couple of nights, I’ve taken to doing revisions for act two and three of the spec pilot. The revisions for act two had me rewriting parts of the A and B stories to reflect new characters and plot points. I also made some adjustments to some existing characters. Characters always seems to need some tweaking.

The main/A story of act three needed updating. I believe the second and third stories in the act are fine as far as plot and character elements go. Will still glance over them before I advance to the fourth and final act.

I know I’m going to change the A story, and parts of the B story in act four (final act). Will likely change the ending to reflect the changes in A and B. The C story should remain roughly the same.

I did confess to a friend that I didn’t like the second episode I wrote for this series, so I may scrap this and write a new outline. I do, however like the third episode, and will likely tweak some parts of it to reflect a few things.

So I remind myself to push the story forward, and remove things that don’t work, even if I like a scene. Trust me, I liked a few of them, that I removed.

As always, Happy creative endeavors.