A Thursday

I got the writing I wanted done yesterday, and I enjoyed it. Felt good, and went on to do a little more writing. Woke up today with a new idea in mind I need to jot down in a few mins. Ideas seem to happen when I’m the least focused on them. That makes me a bit of a dervish. I think this will be a screenplay, as I promised myself to write three of them this year, or at least do the first 25 pages (act one) of each of them.

BTW, I just stopped to write it down so that I can not hold this idea in my head too long.  It seems like a lot of ideas can get left in the dust, BUT writing them down helps. Also getting the time to set things in motion will help.

Gonna do some more writing, but needed a blog post for my day.

Happy creative endeavors.

Weekend Warrior!!!

I’m hopped up on latte, so please forgive the apostrophes. It’s very early for me, and I need to be a little hyped, or I may fall asleep while thinking. That said, last Friday I was adding notes to my novel, when I put down the word, “what happens if this story takes place in outer space,” which was a pro and a con. A pro is that this would be another layer to this story. The bad thing is, the layer would make this story a bit more complicated, and I haven’t sorted through my other thoughts.

That said, once things get sorted, then maybe addressing this layer might be plausible. A friend suggested that I save these notes fora separate story, which makes sense. I’m thinking spin-off of some sort. It’s too early to tell. There also needs to be a list of all the major characters on one page. Why? It will have all the major players on one page that can be referred to as needed.

I was thinking more on some stories I wrote concepts down for, and to no surprise, I added to this list yesterday. Then I giggled because it got funnier the more  I thought of them, and I remind myself to work on them a little later, but I have a feeling about these ones.  It might lead somewhere.

Now, back to note taking, and eventual more novel writing.  Let me get that list out of the way, then move on.

Happy creative endeavors. Get it done.  🙂

Tuesday Starts Slow

Felt so sluggish this morning, and coffee didn’t help me in the least. I should have skipped it altogether, but then that nagging feeling of, “you should have tried it,” would live in my thoughts. Didn’t want that in my day.  Needless to say, I’m awake, and stuff needs to be done. Time to get back on the horse and write more material. I must add the allergy meds have a slight drowsy effect on me. I hate changing them, because my system has to get used to it, and that takes time.

Observed in my notes that I wanted to adjust the setting of my novel. It’s not a major setback in the least, but I thought of new locations, and that came with a different set of personal desires and goals for the MC. It also helps tie some of the themes together. I found myself referencing some material to research, and added some other things–thus expanding the idea beyond what I thought it could be.

I believe the previous written material for the novel could seamlessly blend with the newer ideas IF I put the effort forth to think it through and execute it. My greatest fear was I would overwork the material. It’s a novel in the bizarro genre, however it has strong contemporary fantasy elements. I feel I represent the genre elements, but there was a few story elements missing. I dare say I compartmentalize a lot of parts, and need to get them organized.

Speaking of efforts, I was chatting with my brother about a subject/genre for a screenplay and was hesitant of the combo. Of course I realized I could write what I wanted without worry, AND get it done. That worry dissolved into humor. I needed to remind myself to focus and worry less about can I or can’t I. The reasons never seem to be something substantial.

Other than these factors, I will try to keep positive and productive. It seems to be the right thing to do to keep a balance in my structure.

Happy creative endeavors.


I was gonna go edit some YouTube videos I uploaded overnight, but then it dawned on me that I should do a blog post first. Why? Well I feel I want to start my day with writing. It never hurts to start off with writing, and getting in the frame of being creative.

Yesterday I was annoyed because I left my Moleskin at home. I used the Moleskin to put down thoughts, so I can turn pages and see what I wrote.  I felt a little odd not having it with me. I have an alternate journal, and wrote down some dialog for the novel, which was fine with me. Still trying to get voices down, and I think I have two of the characters down.  Go me.  I have the Moleskin today, so no excuses for not writing something down today.

I did write some notes down, for the novel, over the weekend that I need to address.

Was reflecting on my poor attempts at erotic fiction again, which means I may be working in this genre again. Based on my last talks of not having personal stakes in the stories, I can see how and why I failed at it–It’s essentially a bad sex story, or really bad porn for a lack of better term. Again, nothing was going on in stories that made me think or like the characters. Perhaps the MC is afraid to be touched. The MC loves non-commitment, however the people he or she meets want more than a sexual romp. The MC loves thrills and cheating, however gets involved with a person who is far too honest and dignified to openly betray.

That’s me just tossing around ideas that could have made a bland story slightly better. If I put more focus onto the MC having an issue to solve, instead of revolving around doing the deed, I may have a story ready for a first draft, and multiple revisions thereafter.

Happy creative endeavors.


I am a mess, my allergies are working overtime, and I failed to be consistent with my allergy meds. This is catching up to me now, as I’ve gone from sniffles to having drainage, and it is yucky in feeling and description. The meds gotta take its course and work.

I did write over the weekend, but it was minimal, and I believe I left my notebook home.  Either way I failed to check my book bag to see if I have it or not. I have a spare notebook, but I liked the one I got comfy with.

I did place a lot of thought in what my MC should be doing in the novel. I kept going back to this, because I wrote down a couple of ideas  of what’s personal for him. Without giving away any spoilers I wondered if his hang-up is that he doesn’t take much seriously, and not faces a bigger than life consequence he can’t ignore, but doesn’t know how in the slightest on how to address the issue.

Alternatively, I wondered if he was someone whom other people wanted to tech a less to because he was a bit of a scoundrel with little care in the world for anything but his art. What if people stole his art, or he couldn’t paint anymore? So many ideas, BUT I ant to keep working at this because it’s something personal that interrupts his life, and he won’t be able to be happy to he finds a solution, makes a real choice, and confronts/deals this choice and consequence.

I still need to contemplate it all–needs more time for me to resolve what I want/need for the story.

Happy creative endeavors.


Yesterday, I had a lot of ideas, and I jotted them down. This meant my little idea book needs me to go back and review these ideas after a while. Excited about that.  Novel writing is a crawl, but it;’s a one word at a time day. I have the perfect sentence in mind to start with , and will do so.

Distracted with gaming…no surprise there. I love the process. Paragon and Warframe are holding my imagination captive for the moment. I actually like that I have something to anticipate when I’m off duty. If only writing came this easy. Surely I can change this fact.

Still need to come up with three to four ideas for screenplays. Looking at the horror genre as the genre to work with.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, I wrote down some lines I had for dialog for a character in the story.  If I had to guess, I’d say that comes near the end of the second act where the protagonist is confronted with his actions, and has some tough decisions afterwards.  Not set in stone, but that’s what I see.

I do want to do an action-adventure story. Something with science fiction as well, so I need to get my idea cap going. I have the genres, I just need to pick MC (Main Character), see what their problem is, and address it during the story.  It’s odd, because I always thought stories were about events, not personal issues, but classes, and reading have taught me to address personal issues, and let the events fall where they may.

Happy creative endeavors.

Wednesday Goodness

Pollen is everywhere, and I’ve been distracted with gaming a bit too much. It’s time for some more writing to get done. I woke up determined to put a few sentences in print, or a file because that’s the life. Of course, I’m being distracted now–non gaming stuff, but that’s also the life.  Let me tell you, despite allergy meds, my eyes are still burning, so I’m catching some hot messes today.

Last thing I wrote was me working on a few lines for the main character to a friend about mistakes he keeps making. I’m glad I jotted them down, but that’s in need of more time and effort before it becomes a concrete scene.  If not, I’ll move onto something else. Did think of possibly naming each chapter.   Just because I want to. Chapter 1 has a name, and like a genius, I don’t have my flash drive with me to work on that chapter.  Fortunately, I know where it is, and haven’t misplaced it.

As always, happy creative endeavors.