Today is neck pain and migraine day. This means a little stress into my day has fallen, and it’s up to me to steer myself to a path of goodness. Writing went on chill this weekend until late last night when came up with an opening line for the first chapter with the hero.

Failed to write the intro down, promptly forgot, and woke up this morning in addition to discomfort with the intro waiting on me.  It’s not getting away again.

On last Friday, I worked on the outline and wrote out some dialog for some scenes, so it wasn’t like I wasted my creativity–at least that’s what i told myself–I could and should have done more.

Back to the present: So now I may have a shot at typing out a few lines for the novel. I gotta go get that done.  Also have random ideas for another story–but will put that to the side. Will write it down too.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. There are many things to be thankful for, such as living, having a job, or even another chance to be creative again.

Been slacking off, as the semester revs up to finals, and the library’s going to be open longer. This means I’ll be busier, and somewhat stressed out. Those days pile up to a point where I personally *don’t* want to do much but not be stressed, or frustrated. It happens, then the finals is over, and I go rest.

One thing that helps me de-stress is writing–even though it can frustrate the heck outta me, and I know, like I always do, is go back to writing. That said it’s time to think and do more writing. I’ll talk less about it until I have completed material to talk about. Did have some random ideas I wrote down, and I feel I’ve got a lot of unformed ideas.

Today I did some cooking, spent some time with fam, and now after eating, I just want to be mellow. Somehow I needed up thinking of my blog, and knew what needed to be done.

Happy creative endeavors.


For those not in the know, I used to take photography classes for fine art and digital photography. With fine art, you shoot film, manipulate light and shutter speeds, to produce a variety of results. You develop your film, and as you print, you can do even more manipulations with the film and light.

You also need to think of your subject as a composition, and how you frame the image.  Not frame as in placed on a wall, but how it’s focused on in the image.  For example, you can take a photo of a piano, but what you focused on the keys? What angle would you use? Do you use a tripod to steady your hand.  How much light are you using (is it natural light or artificial/flash)? What angle do you choose?

All those questions seem overwhelming, and believe me, they FELT like that during classes.This is only the start though.  Once you get your film developed, make a proof and look over what you have (and you take multiple shots), you have to print something worth mounting on matte board. From there your image may be good, but perhaps it needs MORE work. Did I use the right photo printing paper? Did I push myself far enough to get the right composition?

The hard push is for quality in an image that you could show in a gallery. You also learn to master a camera, become aware of light sources, and see a different point of view.  It takes a while to master the camera, even longer to master prints. Any photographer will shoot a minimum of three roles of film to get five to six great prints.  It’s work, and ALWYAS felt like two art classes in one.  It was 100% worth it, and I wish I could put more time into this.it is an expensive skill.

What does this have to do with cinema or writing? You can tell multiple stories in a print or a series of print. The details can be rich, elegant, or whimsical. These skills tend to blend when I embrace them. They segregate themselves when I ignore their elements. Better to embrace these elements and have some harmony in my creativity.

Happy creative endeavors.

Today Is

Woke up far later than planned.  There is stuff to do. Found myself writing down a concept for a new story.  It’s mildly incomplete, but I love love the idea of being creative, and will go back to at least completing the synopsis.

Yesterday didn’t write the things I wanted to.  It’s like being stuck a lot, then hoping for a change.  Fortunately when I start with ideas, it means I’m likely going to be creative.  Need to keep that going.

Still job hunting and needing to revise my resume.  It’s something to keep me busy in a positive way.  I’m a bit tired of being in a slump, so getting from under that is always good.

EDIT: Let me clarify. I wrote some poetry and lyrics yesterday, and not scripts or screenplays. Was hoping for more script writing, but my mind wasn’t there.  The lyrics and poetry, however, had my attention, so I went for it. That’s a victory.

Happy creative endeavors.

Coffee and a Smile

Got up extra early today.  Not sure why. All I can say is sounds and heat snapped me into awareness. Yesterday, I made an effort to drink less sugar-based drinks, and more glasses of water.  Yes, I’m having my coffee this morning, and will have a couple glasses of water to start the day off too. Been thinking more and more water as it is typically hot and humid, and why be dehydrated and full of sugary drinks when what I need is more healthy options.  

Writing has been the same since last night.  As per yesterday’s post, I wrote out a concept, and it marinated on my brain last night. Woke up wondering why the guy would want to sleep with a woman who he hasn’t seen since high school, and did he want more than a one night stand. I came to the conclusion that this guy makes bard relationship decisions. So I know he wants the old HS crush, but what he needs to do is think about what’s truly important to him.  His obstacles are two-fold: the lady is unattainable, and he doesn’t value himself enough. I could make this work as a screenplay. 

Now to marinate more on the tv scripts. Revisions was simple, last night. Act four of episode one needs some plot revisions and rewriting clarity. Surprisingly it’s been smoother for the past few days. Will keep it up, and discuss my ideas of genre options in a different post. At the very least, I need to work with what I have.  

Happy creative endeavors.  

Late, Late Posting

The past week’s been trying and a tragedy. Focus has been in short quality for the last few days. Made myself look over the revisions, I did and putting them together.  It sounds overly simple, and perhaps it shall get easier, or not. It needed to be done.  So I have updated roughly twenty-four pages, and taking a break.  Would like to have all of act two all revised and looking like its brand new.  For the record that gets me up to page thirty in these revisions.  

This revision is to knock out any plot logic fails I’ve came across, and to spruce up sections of dialogue I thought was weak.  The theme seems to be stronger, and I feel confident it’s being no reflected so far. I’ve also written stuff for episode two, so I think I can fall right into its revisions.  

Have also scribbled notes for side projects, and I think I’d like to see more of these come to life.  At least that’s what I hope to see happen. Dreams only come true when I put the effort towards them, so I better start now, while time is in front of me.  

Happy creative endeavors.  

The Writing Stuff

One of the things that pestered me earlier this month, in regards to writing one of the scripts I’ve been working on, is that I omitted a scene because I thought it didn’t fit. After some feedback, which pointed out that if felt like every character was in the middle of events, I wondered if the scene omitted would have at least given some weight and context to what transpired.

So, finding the omitted scene was tricky, as I didn’t label the file, but instead left it in the Notes app. Found it, got it transferred and labeled in Word. Began to make revisions so it fit the story. What was five pages is now ten, and still being worked upon.

In retrospect, perhaps if I had left the scene in, I’d have that more connected story. On the other hand, I kept writing, and cam up with more ideas by removing it. Now it’s back to stay. Will keep working from there. The positive thing is I’m still working on this script. I’ve got a long way to go, but progress is great. I’d like to get to episode two soon.

Happy creative endeavors.