A Touch of Monday

Hello, it is still wet outside. It looks like it rained overnight. My allergies have calmed down, or more likely, responding to my meds. That’s always a positive effect. Got up extra early today, so I can get myself together at the speed I want to. All the while I kept saying to myself, “write a blog post.” Now I have.

I thought I would write more with my free time. Just put pen to.paper and put down a few thoughts. The output wasnt do great, but it’s more than I had last night. Given time, I can revise and expand upon the text.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Tropical Storm

What’s left of the hurricane gives us a tropical storm warning, and it’s been gusty for a while. I am home, contemplating the tone of my series. Also thinking of to manage stress and anxiety as one goal I’d love to achieve is helping others stay focused and positive.

That said one tone route could be with humor. I do think if we can laugh a little, we can push ourselves through the day, so a slice of it can help. Sorta like pie, but on calories or carbs.

Other than that, I was going to go more serious in tone, but I needs my laughs too.

Happy creative endeavors.

Extra Late Night Post

Clearly blogging slipped my mind, but I’m gonna get my post in before midnight. Been loafing about because it felt good. I hate that I didn’t pay my writing mind today. I am happy I remembered to write something down. In that respect, I feel foolish. Loafing with moderation is good.

I’m gonna go write five sentences for my current project for being so darn lazy.

P.S. I did write yesterday, but that doesnt help with tonight.

As always happy creative endeavors.

What Day is It?

Howdy, a little discombobulated, hence the title. I’m convinced, at least, blogging once per day, helps me write more. Working on a character’s background. I am glad I jotted it down. Gotta go, check my calendar, and get myself together. A brother is writing, but he a hot mess today too.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

I Thought It Was Friday, but Its Thursday!

True story, woke up all kinds of freaked out. Errands to run, brain overloaded with ideas, and overnight ideas for this new story.

Let’s talk about this real quick. My hero needs a distraction, as he’s sexually frustrated. His solution, an escort. The idea is wanting to be touched, be loved, and wanted dominates his mind.

It’s a moment where a potential episode is about hooking up while everything else is going on.

This is in stark contrast to what I was thinking when I wanted to do a set of goofy-inspired stories. For example: being stuck on the moon, trapped in clouds, crazed witches popping up to hex everyone for the hell of it.

Gotta love a hex-sling witch who essentally is a f*cker. Nothing better to do than to mess with people.

Who knows. Maybe it all works. Maybe it doesn’t. I know I don’t want to be 100% serious all the time, and I need laughs. It makes things better.

Can wanting sex be funny/hilarious? Maybe, and also touching/sweet at the same time.

Petite Post VIII: Love of Mischief

Last night I chatted with a writing friend. It was fun. One of my thoughts was writing stories that tested a hero/main character’s patience against michevious events. I, the writer, am essentially trolling my MC.

To me, the goofier the story, the better it is for me. Part of my goal is to share some humor, since some days are meh, and I want to feel happy in my escapism. I live for mischief in my fiction.

So, I need to focus on this aspect, at least to complete a new projects. See if it works, doesnt work, or something can be pulled from that.

Happy creative endeavors. .

Awkward Family Moments Part 1

You ever had that awkward moment like I do when when fam sees you bring your lunch home from work? It’s like a set of cats when they hear the bag rustle. Peeps spring to life, arrive in the  kitchen, and look at what and where you set something down, besides the damn keys.  

Then they see that single sad bag with a container of mystery contents.  “Why didn’t you bring home some food for me too?”

Then there’s an even more awkward moment when I respond with, “I’m not Dominoes. I don’t deliver.”  They pause, and hunch their shoulders, like they didn’t know you weren’t a delivery man.

“There is food in the house.” I know this because I brought it.”