Wednesday Goodness

It’s been a few days of not feeling well, back in the sun (big mistake), going to bead early, and a doctor’s appointment early this morning. I was surprised I woke up that early, AND that I haven’t gulped down a large latte yet.  I did have a cup of coffee this morning, and that seems to be enough for me at the moment.  Oddly, when i don’t have a latte, I go to bed early. When I do have them, I tend to be awake for a while–like 2:30 AM without a hint of sleep in my system.

I’m grateful I went to sleep early, and that I wasn’t too groggy last night.  Mind you, I don’t like mornings, but I needed to see the doctor.  Learned my blood pressure is up, and that’s not good. Mind you, it’s not at a critical level, but I need to reduce that.

Spent a few days writing off/on for the novel, and it’s been like little visitations, then I’m off.  One thing that’s occurred to me is the main antagonist never shuts up.  he is in my head with lots of indignant comments that I put down when I can, but I am like dude, you’re killing me.  Shut up!  LOL  Lil bastard was like, “Excuse me? Where he hell do you get off? Read the marquis. I’m the headliner.”

Yes, he sassed me, but I love it. He’s too grown for his own good.  His comeuppance can’t arrive any sooner.   LOL

Happy creative endeavors.



Tuesday’s Lag

It rained all night, and is still raining. Fortunately in the city, the rain has calmed down. Now there are puddles everywhere, and some drivers don’t seem to care if they splash pedestrians. There is no defense against this attack.  Inconsideration really has consequences.

I failed to set my alarm, and only remembered AFTER I awoke, saw light outside, and remembered it wasn’t going to go off. So I woke with a lag, and a non-desire to get ready. This meant not being refreshed and dressed properly. This also means I failed to make my lunch today. Now I have to go buy a meal, but I was prepared for such a thing.

No creativity other than some musings in my head this morning that I SHOULD put on paper. A few descriptions that I like which hasn’t left me…yet. I should get on top of that before the ideas fade. Also , if I can’t come up with new material (so far) I need to type out the ones I placed in my journal that need attention.

Happy creative endeavors.


Relax, It’s Saturday

Yesterday I got 4 1/4 pages typed, so that wasn’t that bad. I find myself trying to relax a little before writing again. Yesterday was partly about putting together a scene to introduce the hero to the readers.  It’s clumsy, sloppy, and needs refining so bad. This will likely expand the pages anywhere from six to ten. I need details, better transitions, and clarity of who’s speaking.

Should have made breakfast, as I am a little sluggish, and I tell myself to do a blog post. So here I am, blogging. Not much more to say other than the house smells like food, and outside doesn’t smell as good. Maybe I’ll make some sweet tea. Something to keep me a little active while keeping me from overdoing my day.

Allergies calmed down, thank goodness. I’m used to the mornings of burning eye (eye, not eyes), as one eye wants to be on fire, while the other is like, “no thanks.” The allergy meds seems to calm down Mr Let’s Be Agitated.

Happy creative endeavors.

Saturday Woes

Peppers, Gardens

Plucked Pimento Peppers digital photo by S. Raynard Haynes

Today I feel sick. My sinus ducts opened, and I smell everything and it burns. I’m upset, annoyed, but happy not to be stopped up. The drainage has been frequent to a point I have fresh tissue near me at all time.  

That said, I wrote yesterday. Mainly hand wrote some dialog, then typed a page of narrative that needs a second pass. I fell asleep today, so I haven’t written much. I knew I wanted to do a blog post now that I’m feeling better.  

If I have to, I’ll take it slow, and just write a few lines in my Notes app. 

BTW Yesterday I wrote I was big so technical, I loose sight of the humor in my stories. That’s not 100% correct. I do see humor in several lines and scenes, however there are times when it goes over my head because I’m trying to clarify/revise passages. 

Happy creative endeavors. 

Today Is

Woke up far later than planned.  There is stuff to do. Found myself writing down a concept for a new story.  It’s mildly incomplete, but I love love the idea of being creative, and will go back to at least completing the synopsis.

Yesterday didn’t write the things I wanted to.  It’s like being stuck a lot, then hoping for a change.  Fortunately when I start with ideas, it means I’m likely going to be creative.  Need to keep that going.

Still job hunting and needing to revise my resume.  It’s something to keep me busy in a positive way.  I’m a bit tired of being in a slump, so getting from under that is always good.

EDIT: Let me clarify. I wrote some poetry and lyrics yesterday, and not scripts or screenplays. Was hoping for more script writing, but my mind wasn’t there.  The lyrics and poetry, however, had my attention, so I went for it. That’s a victory.

Happy creative endeavors.

Not Now, I Have a Headache

Among other things that happen to me, my poor head’s been aching. It’s quite the distracting,mane I don’t want to do much. Last week was me dealing with some reaction to food. All I can describe it as like someone punched my insides.  The offending food is no longer in my diet.  Noticed me improving, and the “pinching” ceased. So that’s a positive, right?

Of course Mr. headache comes along, and throws a wrench into my expectations.  It’s likely I need to drink more water.  The weather has been notoriously hot and humid, and that had me sweating and feeling awful by itself.  I need to replenish my water intake.  At the very least it’ll have my hydrated. 

Writing output has been substantially weak as I manage my health. I hate that that’s how I’ve been doing. At the same time, I feel inspired to write more. Might as well put effort into what I love. I pray that I maintain the inspiration.  We’ll see where this takes us.  At best, my time away from projects may have given them the cooling off they need.  

As always, happy creative endeavors.  


Today is about getting some things together. The first one is managing some sickness.  Having some aches and pains I’m monitoring. If it persists, I have to go to the ER. It has quieted down, so its being less distracting, but I’ve gone into “cautious” mode. It’s somewhat distracting.

It’s supposed to be hotter today,  What makes it worse is the humidity.  That hot, muggy feeling serves to make a person feel miserable. It makes mobility an effort, and trying to stay cool and hydrated is a must.

Been into some heavy rewriting, and even eliminating scenes I swore was the best thing since sliced bread, however, I don’t think they help push the story forward. Perhaps the scenes could be used later, or in a different context. I’m willing to put the effort into these adjustments. In the process I’m scaring myself. was sure I had some things locked down, and it only proves, that learning of a craft is a constant process.

As always, happy creative endeavors.