Fountain of Creativity

The migraine must have heralded a fount of creativity, as I found myself writing a lot more in my notebook.  Some of it was for the novel, and some were ideas that were chilling in my head.

I then typed them when I had the chance, just to give the concepts more of a visual presence outside of my notebook, and a little more organized.  I need to keep working on them.

The ideas have a sort of cohesive, related theme, which is probably why they seems so clear to me yesterday.   One of my teachers once said, we write the same story over and over. Don’t know how true that is, but I do visit a lot of the same themes.

Some older ideas popped up as well, which meant they needed to be written down.  Once story I had so many questions, I typed them out, and hope to answer those quuestions soon.

The novel keeps taking these turns. Wrote down a possible rewrite by hand, and after thinking on it overnight, I realized I missed something, and will add that to the story soon.  Need to go back to the outline and add this as well.

Some of the dialogue I wrote out needs revisions, as I’ve thought of some new lines, and others I need to scrap.  It will work itself out.  I am happiest when I’m creative. so I love those aspects.  Gotta keep being creative.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Sassy Fridays

Today is the day to forget any woes or stupidity that comes our way. Today is the day to not only embrace our flaws, but to celebrate them. We do not hide our shames, but wear them proudly. Today we find outside the box solutions to all issues we cannot resolve. We do not give into despair. Save that ish for another day. If something bothers us, we leave it be for a short while until we realize that issue doesn’t matter in the long run. This is Sassy Friday.

Today I’m a write like a damn champ. If I can’t fix the woes in scripts, short stories, and whatever else I’m working on. If I can’t resolve it, then it’s good as is until it gets rewritten. I will enjoy the tedious process of story resolutions. Today I am king,. Woes get kicked in the nads. Life moves on. Better that a day be set aside for allowing attitude, and unrelenting attitude, than to sit and feel the bind of blahs, ughs, and woes.

Let’s keep it together, people. We will make it through all that tries to constrain us. Suck it, woes.

Happy creative endeavors.