A Wednesday

Today calls for light rain, and that’s fine. I did the writing I said I was going to do in yesterday’s post. It was not what I expected.  For clarity, I said I was going to write some poems from the main character’s (and allies) perspective to help me see who they are in this novel.

Writing a poem from the protagonist’s perspective proved to be tricky and broken. Broken because I kept getting distracted repeatedly. I did get a point of view, and I hope to have time to work on this more.  As a main character I know he’s going through phases, and I need to address the final phase as a hero, which he may, or may not understand and want.  I need to “hear” what he’s saying.

The allies have proved to be easier. I wrote something already on one of them, and decided that it was the right way to go with that character.  That character is a trickster archetype, so my notes reflect exactly what I want to say. I still need to write a poem from his POV because I feel it will help me ease into his thoughts better.

The third character is tricky because in my notes I knew what I wanted and who I said she was, and the fact that she shifts a lot in her her persona and actions (her archetype is shape shifter). I suppose this is more like a duality, but I understand where her conflict lies.

Another ally to work on, for the moment, is also a bit of a shapeshifter archetype, since he has opposing viewpoints, but isn’t evil. He’s more of a reluctant ally, and while I can hear his voice, I can’t nail down his point of view yet.  I do think if I look back at what I wrote for him (for the novel), I’ll hear his voice better.

Happy creative endeavors.




I was gonna go edit some YouTube videos I uploaded overnight, but then it dawned on me that I should do a blog post first. Why? Well I feel I want to start my day with writing. It never hurts to start off with writing, and getting in the frame of being creative.

Yesterday I was annoyed because I left my Moleskin at home. I used the Moleskin to put down thoughts, so I can turn pages and see what I wrote.  I felt a little odd not having it with me. I have an alternate journal, and wrote down some dialog for the novel, which was fine with me. Still trying to get voices down, and I think I have two of the characters down.  Go me.  I have the Moleskin today, so no excuses for not writing something down today.

I did write some notes down, for the novel, over the weekend that I need to address.

Was reflecting on my poor attempts at erotic fiction again, which means I may be working in this genre again. Based on my last talks of not having personal stakes in the stories, I can see how and why I failed at it–It’s essentially a bad sex story, or really bad porn for a lack of better term. Again, nothing was going on in stories that made me think or like the characters. Perhaps the MC is afraid to be touched. The MC loves non-commitment, however the people he or she meets want more than a sexual romp. The MC loves thrills and cheating, however gets involved with a person who is far too honest and dignified to openly betray.

That’s me just tossing around ideas that could have made a bland story slightly better. If I put more focus onto the MC having an issue to solve, instead of revolving around doing the deed, I may have a story ready for a first draft, and multiple revisions thereafter.

Happy creative endeavors.

I Need a Meal

Started this post before I ate. I was distracted by hunger. I, however got a meal, and less about food, and more about what’s next.

That said, while putting away books, I had ideas for storylines, and character voices which I liked. Another idea I’m contemplating is merging a couple of characters. Originally one character has a more important role at the start of the novel, but no deeper plans than that. As I wrote her, I wondered where would she be later on as opposed to a supporting character.

With a guide for one of the character’s voices I see him in a different light that I did before, and he feels stronger than before. So I need to go write out some dialog now.

Happy creative endeavors.


Thursday Progress

Last night I think I at least completed the first draft of this chapter for the novel. It is, more or less a crossing of the threshold for the hero. At least more than I realized when i originally wrote the outline. This changes some things for me., as I know what’s going to happen next, however, that changes slightly now that we’re in act two, but I think I can make the necessarily adjustments. I may need to go back and adjust the outline, just the same.

I know act one is a bit of a mess with this one guiding light. Things have really shifted, but I am sure I can clean this text up there as well. I had a few false starts, and I have some writing I’m loving that needs to be cleaned and organized.  I’m tempted to go back and make the changes necessary before pushing forward. I also have to open up a few chapters for some breaks from the main hero to some other characters, and introduce the MC’s allies.

What I’ve noticed with the current writing is I need to place more time on character interaction, reactions, and conflicts.  Otherwise nothing’s happening of true interest other than me indulging myself.

So I need to do some more writing. One word at a time. I also know a couple of scenes need to be revised because they are good but lack some oomph. I can do this. I know I can.

Now for math: if I have twenty-five chapters and they average ten pages minimum, I’ll have two-hundred fifty pages.  That’s a lotta writing.

Happy creative endeavors.

Erotic Fiction Melted My Laptop(s)

Well sorta, let me backtrack. A while back I tried my hand at writing erotic fiction, but it never really read like erotic fiction. More like bad porn, and I kept trying to revise the dang story. The first time I did this, I thought I had a great story. I was a genius, and then my laptop crashed hard. I had to send it back to the manufactures to get repaired, and I lost ALL the data I hadn’t saved. It was a lesson learned–at least the wrong lesson, which is I shouldn’t write erotic fiction.

Fast forward a few years, and a new laptop later, I made an attempt to write another erotic fiction story. It started like the last one, which was BAD porn fiction. However, I kept working on it because I KNEW I could do better than my last piss poor attempts.  I revised, and revised. I even put it away for a while and when back to it with fresh eyes.  I made a tiny bit of progress that had a hint of character development, which gave me hope. I was also positive that I saved the story to an external drive, but in reality, I didn’t.

Then my computer crashed, hard.  The screen was blank, and I couldn’t get it to function. I had to re-install all my software, and let me tell you that was painstaking.  Anything I didn’t save, I lost. So, my second story vanished back into the ether. I took it as a sign that I was bad at any kind of erotic story, and should leave the writing to the pros.

Reflecting on this situation, I’m reminded of my bad timing, and the fact that I wrote a third erotic story that I did save, and I liked because it wasn’t a “porn story.” That is to say while sex was on both character’s minds, there was some seduction going on, also I was experimenting with wordplay, and it had a medieval-fantasy setting. I hadn’t opened this file in a while, but I have it copied, and I LOVE  that my computer didn’t die on me.

Maybe my laptops hate bad fiction in general, and preferred to kill themselves than have those stories stored in their system, or it sacrificed itself to save me from embarrassing myself. I like to think it was a noble sacrifice.  Either way, my laptops proved the existence of “brain bleach,” and had their memories wiped.

I’m going to write more erotic fiction, and I’m gonna see if my laptop will hold itself together.

Happy creative endeavors.

Playing Overwatch Support Class

I played the support character Ana Amari in Overwatch. For those not in the know, Overwatch is a First Person Shooter (FPS) with some very colorful heroes to play.  As support class, I help the team in some capacity of buffs  (enhancements) or debuffs (takeaways) for enemies. In my case, I heal teammates with my gun and grenades, and block others from getting heals, put them to sleep, or take their health.  It’s hard to shoot–At least my aim can be terrible. I still enjoy being part of the team.

I find this a good way to “forget” whatever drama or chaos that was plaguing me for the moment, and focus on the game.  No, I have’t forgot writing.  I like not thinking about it for a while.