Warframe: Equinox Gameplay

This is me playing Warframe, having some fun as Equinox.

Equinox is two Warframes in one- A day and night form-and players can morph between the two.

The day form has more offensive utility skills (damage increase, CC damage, and team ability boosts) and the night form is defensive with support utilities (damage reduction, CC/Crowd Control, and healing).

Some of the abilities are energy intensive, so you use some and you pay for their continuous use. Also I have weapons to help deal damage.

Not Much To Say

It’s an awkward moment where I look at the blog, and don’t know what to say. It’s a one word at a time day. Did some writing, attempted to organize a lot of my thoughts on paper and file. It seems daunting, but I liked getting the work done. World building is daunting, but I’m a break through this.

Yesterday I also goofed off and did some gaming, which sorta of relaxes me. At least I was able to forget the day which was a mix of busy and chaotic. With gaming, it’s a puzzle of sorts, as I am playing MOBAs, and trying how to make the characters better, get the mechanics down, and overall be better for the team.  With MOBAs I get a mixed bag because some players are better at communication than others.

Other players I’ve to yell at players, and I’ve had my fill of obnoxious people, so I don’t need that kind of mess in my chill time.

Lovely Eye Allergies

Despite taking my meds, my room is a trap for allergies if I don’t have my fan oscillating. Needless to say, I was cold, and thought just having the air on would suffice. Surprise, surprise, I woke up with burning eyes in spite of taking my meds the day before. Now I gotta deal with this mess, and it’s annoying as all get out. I keep squinting, and one eye keeps tearing.  Someone asked me about eye drops, but I swore off drops after a dreadful experience with them.

Looking back at my notes I can see I wrote out some details from some new characters and a concept I haven’t implemented. No need to, but I’m glad I put it down. What I do have is a lot of gaming notes, which seems to fill my journal pages.  Now I need to write a few lines for the novel, and make this day OK.

Happy creative endeavors.

Warframe: Equinox Gameplay

I’ve been playing Warframe for the past few days, and trying to get practice on my characters and level them up. Warframe is another MOBA, but with different content, and for me, fun, fun fun.

The first character to reach their max level was Equinox. Equinox is a dual form character who can use powerful CC (Crowd Control), and AOE (Area of Effect) attacks in her day form, and a lot of support/utility in her night form. I also have a lot of weapons to use when I don’t have the juice to use my abilities.

As you will see in the video, Equinox will morph between Day and Night forms.  I like the colr scheme I chose for the character. It’s one of three looks I can choose to keep if I wish to.

Enjoy the video.


So the weekend I was consumed by gaming. I’ve fallen into another MOBA–Warframe, and I keep playing this thing alongside Paragon.  I totally lost track of time, and for that matter, suddenly it was nightfall.  I had a lot of fun being pleasantly distracted with the games. For me it was how to play better, and how to level the characters up to make them effective.  Both games have multiplayer functions, and you have a choice of characters. Needless to say, I kept myself busy.

Now back to Monday, and the power of writing. I need to put more effort into the novel, and since I have the time, and won’t be playing games for the moment, I will put pen to paper, and write in my journal. I put a lot of ideas down on Friday, and one passage for the novel I need to add to. It’s the main character understanding and responding to the fact that that he makes too many foolish choices. At least he thinks this is the end of his bad choices. This writer knows better.

Needless to say the line needed time to marinate, and me to figure out how to make it work better, at least I hope it does. One word at a time, right?

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Figure it Out

So I needed a bit of break this weekend, and ended up doing some cooking a meal to last for two days. It took quite a while. I made burgers, baked beans, rice, gravy, and was supposed to make some spinach, but failed to get that in.  I’m annoyed. with that, but this was a big event for Sunday. By time I was done, I was tired, wanted to veg out playing games.  Hello Paragon.  I played until I got tired of it. Also played a little Overwatch.  I was rusty as all get out, but I made it work.

I also thought of how to resolve stories, which I often do when I am preoccupied with other things. I thought about how to write and write better. I also thought of what I’m doing.  Usually I want to figure something out. For example, why did character X do what they did.  The desire to explore character motives was instilled in me from  short stories.  While it seems like this method is different from other storytelling ideas, it really isn’t.

With screenwriting, the goal is to find the main character’s wants/needs/fears.  Sometimes the hero (or main character) has to confront aspects of himself, but the trouble he or she faces pushes the story forward. Sometimes I want to know the whys of a story. Why does the hero fear frogs, and how can the hero get past this? Can they get past this? What if they don’t get out of this mess they’re in?

That’s when my imagination works overtime.  Examples: it’s going to storm poisonous frogs, demon frog comes to town to feed the people to her monstrous offspring, frog prince needs a kiss to break the curse. Frog is the only source of meat in the area.  If you can imagine for a moment, the hero has a deep fear or love for frogs, then you can see the problems.

These are things that haunt my brain, but only seem clear when I’m NOT writing.

Happy creative endeavors.