My writing deadline is today. So far, I did the writing, but I feel it’s sloppy. I really hit the slump, kept writing, need to put things together. It was more material for my story bible, and there’s even more to type from my handwritten notes. All I can do is keep working at it, one word at a time. I insit on getting it completed.

Also feeling mopey as all get out. I’m up early. DST typically throws me out of balance for a few days. Also working early today, so I’ll be off sooner, and do some typing. Things will get done. I insist upon writing as well.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Monday Goodness

I got my revisions done for my cast list, and added a few pages to the story bible. My outline revisions haven’t been typed, so this week I shall get the typing done. I still have more to do with the bible, so I shall keep writing. I’ll cut into my loafing (gaming) time to do at least one act per night. At the very least, if I review my hand written notes and get them into shape, typing up should be a little smoother.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Monday, Keep It Moving

Hello, I’ve met deadlines for research, but I leave room open to do more research. Its early, didnt sleep too well. Have videos to post to YouTube. This week’s assignment/deadline to revise nu cast list, the outline, and start updating the story bible. So, welcome to second drafts.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Getting It Together

I feel a tad bit sluggish. I haven’t finished my coffee yet, and I need more writing in this day. Why not start off with a blog post, right?

Yesterday I got plot points down, and I wish I did more. Well today I should add to what I started. Yesterday’s goal off a character list is done. I have a mid month deadline to complete.

First order is some reasearch. This is non-writing, yet important. I need to find articles on transhumanism. That shouldn’t be overly difficult. Hopefully 3-4 articles should be helpful. I’d even check out books.

Gotta go finish my coffee and writing.

Happy creative endeavors.

Well, Darn It

I forgot to do my blog post this morning. Normally I’m on top of this, but today I’m a hot mess. Surprisingly, I wrote a little, earlier, so I make progress, but failed a little at blogging.

Also was looking at the consequence and/or stakes for my story. I read it out loud is was overly simple. So back to that drawing board. An old series’ premise/consequence came to me while crossing the street, but that was no place to pull out pen and paper. Gotta go write that down now.

Happy creative endeavors.


Ok, deadline arrives next Monday. So I gotta get to work on it, so by time.the weekend arrived, I’ll be good.

All I have to is have a typed cast list with at least a paragraph written on each character. I also need to separate the primary cast from the secondary.

I will work it out.

Happy creative endeavors.

Tired III

In my bed with hopes of getting up and about soon. Finals seem to be contagious, as I appear to be sleep deprived and need more rest and relaxation. I hope today is that day for the r&r. I’m thinking music will soothe my mind. 

No plans today than to go on top of a workshop project, and plug away to first draft. Yesterday had a moment of clarity, where the original proposal set for critique was not something I liked, so I rewrote it and resubmitted it to class with hopes of people responding to it. If not response, I’m still moving forward with it. 

I feel strongly about the direction, and this is why I like to write things out before they are due. It gives me time to digest things, and see what’s going on in my head. Otherwise I get days where things are clear to me. 
Happy creative endeavors.