It’s Friday

Hello, a holiday is next week. There will be changes to my schedule, and I have to purchase food to cook/eat that has to last more than a day or so. Grocery is overpriced, but we have to eat.

That said my writing has been so haphazard the entire week. Last Monday’s deadline was to get my story bible organized, and I did most of it. I hit a wall, as I tried to get myself organized. I must perservere.

That said, I’ve been obsessed with getting the logline correct, and I think I got it streamlined. Perhaps a step back, or rest is in order. Something that will allow me to recharge myself. I don’t know.

Happy creative endeavors.


Days Like This

Ever since Monday, I have been in a funk. That one day turned into days of a hot mess of not writing in my routine fashion. So this morning, as I sip my coffee, the pervasive thought of blogging is in front of me. At first I said, “Nah. Let me finish my coffee first.” It dawned on me that if I didnt get on track, I’d lose out.

There will be days like this, where things don’t fall in place. Where being a hot mess happens, and I struggle against it. These are the days that need me to push myself. I can do one word at a time. I dont want to give up, and I dont want to fall behind on my project.

As always, happy crestive endeavors.

My Clunky Loglines

Yesterday, to add to my project was to write out a logline. For those not in the know, the logline is a one or two sentence max description of a film or TV show. I did qrite one, shared it with friends. I thank them again in this post for their feedback. They gave me good points.

In hindsight, and feedback, I did write a clunky logline. I felt, as I wrote it, a need to explain things, and it made it extra wordy. So this got me to look up logline structure. I took some notes, and now its time to rewrite the line informed by my research. I’m exited, and woke up enthusiastic.

Happy creative endeavors.

Petite Post November

Howdy. Forgot to do this post this morning, I’m doing it on the go. No, I’m not driving. Don’t believe in texting and driving.

Writing was stumpy again, so I did five sentences, then five more. Then worked a bit more this morning. I’m glad to at least do the minimum. It will pay off.

Happy creative endeavors


Last night, I worked on my writing project, but I felt like it wasn’t as good as it could be. That happens, and I need to remind myself that that’s ok. It doesn’t have to be perfect, at the very least, it has to be written down, which is what I need for my night. Experience has taught me that if a passage lacks something, after some time, I will add/revise accordingly, then it will look and feel better. That’s how my night rolled. Onto today.

For a moment, I was worried I was losing my steam, but I will keep it one word at a time. That pep will return.

Happy creative endeavors.

Tuesday Is Fair

Last night, I didnt want to start writing. I was supposed to add to the story bible, and make it cohesive. Yes, I give myself an week to write it, and dont have to do it all in one night, but I was ready to not write a thing.

That’s when I told myself to write five sentences and call it a night. At the very least, I wouldn’t feel 100% slack, something would be on file. Life would be ok. I wrote more than five sentences.

Five sentences is a spark of ideas that need elaboration. It begets more writing and problem-solving. So if I have to do five sentences tonight, I will. I have to keep moving forward.

Happy creative endeavors.