Today’s Lesson

Today’s lesson is to relax, breathe, play some music, and take it one word at a time. I can only progress with a calmer outlook. Also I should make something for dinner. No one wants to agree on what to eat, and it looks like it’s 100% my choice.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Procrastination Station

Well, I woke up early with a logline for the novel. Natually the pen and paper was out of reach, so I typed it out on my phone’s Doc app. Nice save of an idea, if Ido say so myslef. It’s rough around the edges, but I think this one’s a great move forward.

It’s a day off, I want to relax a bit more, and find time to write. Fam is all over me with interruptions, while all I wanna do is sip this coffee and get woke at the moment.

Yesterday I wrote a tad, which likely lead to the afforementioned logline being solidified. My goal.will be to do get others done, so I can get my creative flow on.

Hello Thursday

Sipping coffee, and trying to wake up. Not much to say other than I want a blog post to kick my writing off today.

Yesterday, my muse showed up, dumped a few ideas on me, and I jotted them down. Also came to the thought of fully embracing a genre and following through (is my horror story scary). A contrast to that is can I commit to a story (is this crime story follow the crimes/action).

Mainly I’m concerned with the commitment and follow-through for my ideas and stories. Gotta one word at a time.

Happy creative endeavors.

A Touch of Monday

Hello, it is still wet outside. It looks like it rained overnight. My allergies have calmed down, or more likely, responding to my meds. That’s always a positive effect. Got up extra early today, so I can get myself together at the speed I want to. All the while I kept saying to myself, “write a blog post.” Now I have.

I thought I would write more with my free time. Just put pen to.paper and put down a few thoughts. The output wasnt do great, but it’s more than I had last night. Given time, I can revise and expand upon the text.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Hello. I knew I’d write a late blog post. I’ve been mopey and I didnt want to write. I also knew that I would get this post done sooner or later. I can’t say, writng and posting slipped my mind.

Writng has gone into a contemplative mode, as I had some new info to process about the craft.of writing. New info takes time to figure out. Note that my mopey feeling doesnt come from the info. I’m simply tired. The week, DLST, and being busy has a way of throwing me off.

This will pass.

Happy creative endeavors.

Sunday Wipe Out…Sorta

Not.yoo much energy today. Maybe daylight savings time got me but good. I just want to lay down and take a nap. I’m a put this post together, first. Light writing yesterday. Light writing again today. I have until tomorrow midnight to reach my goal writing. Somewhere before Tuesday, I gotta compile my writings for this project’s story bible.

As always, happy creative endeavors.