Monday, Keep It Moving

Hello, I’ve met deadlines for research, but I leave room open to do more research. Its early, didnt sleep too well. Have videos to post to YouTube. This week’s assignment/deadline to revise nu cast list, the outline, and start updating the story bible. So, welcome to second drafts.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



The end of the week is upon us, and I need to do a little more writing. For the record, research has been fun, but I feel the need to jot story elements down while I keep up researching. I may need simply write down future plot emelents to satisfy my desire to stay creative. I have yet to find the “voices” for my characters. I may spend the weekend finding and hearing their voices.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Friday Slumping

Sometimes getting up when the alram rings is a bummer. I feel like its a slow motion process. That said, I’m up, sipping coffee, and I can now start with a blog post.

Did my writing far earlier than planned yesterday. That was good. I just needed to complete act 3’s part of the outline, and got it done without feeling sleepy. Today will be act 4, and Saturday will be act 5. Then boom!!! All done.

Once all done, I will let it chill, do some research, then revise the outline.

Happy creative endeavors.

Getting It Together

I feel a tad bit sluggish. I haven’t finished my coffee yet, and I need more writing in this day. Why not start off with a blog post, right?

Yesterday I got plot points down, and I wish I did more. Well today I should add to what I started. Yesterday’s goal off a character list is done. I have a mid month deadline to complete.

First order is some reasearch. This is non-writing, yet important. I need to find articles on transhumanism. That shouldn’t be overly difficult. Hopefully 3-4 articles should be helpful. I’d even check out books.

Gotta go finish my coffee and writing.

Happy creative endeavors.

Oct 1st, Deadline Met

Ok. I have a cast list with details. Alright. I will keep working on it, as it will become part of a presentation. Hoping to get it short, concise, and not too heavy. It means reducing sentences, but it’s ok.

What’s next? I wanna get settings down, then the plot for the first episode. Will keep writing.

Happy creative endeavors.

Extra Late Night Post

Clearly blogging slipped my mind, but I’m gonna get my post in before midnight. Been loafing about because it felt good. I hate that I didn’t pay my writing mind today. I am happy I remembered to write something down. In that respect, I feel foolish. Loafing with moderation is good.

I’m gonna go write five sentences for my current project for being so darn lazy.

P.S. I did write yesterday, but that doesnt help with tonight.

As always happy creative endeavors.