Ok, deadline arrives next Monday. So I gotta get to work on it, so by time.the weekend arrived, I’ll be good.

All I have to is have a typed cast list with at least a paragraph written on each character. I also need to separate the primary cast from the secondary.

I will work it out.

Happy creative endeavors.



Woke up feeling like I needed to eat, and I did. It did me good. Been very lazy this morning. I hope the meal brings my energy level up.

Last night, I worked on the story bible, and the plot/outline of the first episode. I expect myself to do more today.

Better get off my duff. I’ve been lazy enough.

Happy creative endeavors.

Petite Post XIII Hurricane to the Carolinas

I am writing, and there’s a hurricane heading mainly to NC, but SC (where I’m at) is gonna get some of the effects. That’s never good, but we get at least one hurricane per year it seems.

Wrote more thoughts and plot points down for this sci-fi series. This story has taken over my creativity. It isnt a bad thing. I simply wasnt expecting it to be so pervasive. Happy to have pen and paper on hand to keep writing stuff down. Up to bed time I scribbled my.last note. Thankfully its legible.

Slowly I’ve been writing down character backgrounds. I guess this is the initial discovery phase. Also I am positive research will inspire more changes.

Happy creative endeavors.

Not So Calm Saturday

I’ve lost most of my mellow out time for posting. Apparently trying to run errands before working has run me down. Also getting a meal in has been trying.

I like keeping up with blogging, and ideally this post would have been done by now, but I’m pressed for time.

This post was supposed to be about if all of the characters I work on come from, or are marginalized people. The short answer is yes. I didn’t intend on it, but it is part of their origins.

That said, gotta go finished getting prepped for work.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I have been writing more and more. Blogging does help me, as it promotes writing. I encourage hopeful writers to at least do five sentences (a paragraph) each day.


Today day I feel a little bored, and less desire to write. I, however, told myself that I’m gonna put some things down, and that includes a blog post.  It’s a mix of feeling blah, and a little meh-ish.  Usually it goes away, but today I don’t want to wait for it to depart before I type something.

I did finish my writing for television class, and it took forever, and I wish I completed it sooner. I typed out the last of my notes, and will review them soon. There was a lot of stuff I knew, thought I knew, and study I’m eager to try out.

It does make me want to look back at my previous material and see if it can be revised with the guidelines. I certainly hope to at least take one project and rewrite it to fit the proper format, and change the ending (I hated the ending, and knew it had to go).

Go me. Blog post done when i was feeling like loafing about.  If only all material came this easy.

Happy creative endeavors.

Getting Back In Order

There will always be chaos going on around me. This week is no different.  For the record not only did my allergies give me some hell, my Mom got sick. This meant taking her to the ER to make sure she could get some immediate medical attention.  I’m glad we went, as she seemed to be getting worse, but the trip and treatment helped her out immensely.

On a side note, while we were waiting for her to be called, I pulled out my Moleskin, and wrote some ideas down for a dramatic comedy I said I wanted to start.  At the very least, if this idea has to go on the back burner, I can go back and look it over and make revisions as needed.

Mom is on the slow road to recovery, and I need her to relax and remain calm.  By her own nature she wants to be up and about, and that’s not acceptable to me.  The reason is a day ago she didn’t have energy, and now she wants to multitask.  Since I’m home to assist her, I feel she should simply recuperate.

That said, I spent a lot of time hearing my name called over, and over, and over.  A brother was on the go, and had little to no time to get himself together a way that was writing-intensive.

When I got up today, it didn’t dawn on me to do my blog. I haven’t even had a glass of water and I need to drink a few glasses.  I should eat something too, and figure out what i want for dinner.

As always, happy creative endeavor.