Today’s Lesson

Today’s lesson is to relax, breathe, play some music, and take it one word at a time. I can only progress with a calmer outlook. Also I should make something for dinner. No one wants to agree on what to eat, and it looks like it’s 100% my choice.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Petite Post III

For starters, I was under the weather, and had to go lay down, and sleep off the ill feelings. Fortunately, I feel better, and will take it easy for the rest of the afternoon. I still wanted a blog post, so now I have one. I would like to jot down some story notes soon. A few sentences to keep me active.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. Will post how I recovered a file I thought I lost, soon.

I Don’t Feel Like Writing

I’m tired, I didn’t get enough sleep, and I had to be to work early. The day seemed to lag as bad as an online game can sometimes.  I really wanted to loaf about and not even think about doing anything.  So, as I sat in my recliner and contemplated loafing are, I reminded myself that it wouldn’t kill me to complete a blog post.

Not doing much at the moment, however that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t rest or write.  I can do both.  So blog post now, and a little more creative writing soon.

Happy creative endeavors.

Six More Pages

The novel has six more pages. Yaaaay! They’re rough as all get out, but I don’t mind because I made progress. Yesterday, I had no desire to write, and worried that I’d make no weekend advances. I really wanted to rest, and had the worst sleep pattern that I had in a while. First, I got three pages, just trying to describe a scene, and I was like, at least I wrote something. Then my inspiration tapered off a lot.  However, once it became night, I felt calm, cool, collected. Then I looked at the Notes app. That’s when I decided I should be writing rather than watching YouTube or television. So three more pages arrived. I was more than pleased. I can live with six pages on the weekend. Perhaps this week I can iron them out and work on other pages.

Happy creative endeavors.

Low Writing Weekend

I didn’t do much writing this weekend, but I feel that it was a good week. Filled my day with movies, TV shows, and some video games which wasn’t too bad. This did give me a nice cool down period, but it also allowed me to get some stories into my routine. So low writing, but good stories. I needed to get a novel in there, but I got enough.

Robocop (the remake), The Martian, and Kingsmen held my attention as far as movies went this weekend. They were  very entertaining. Interestingly enough Samuel L. Jackson was in two of those films. It was a pleasant coincidence. The man stays busy with roles. I liked all the films, however I love an action film, so Robocop and Kingsman really caught my eye more. I need to rewatch The Martian because at some point I was distracted by house events.

I’ve been watching videos on the game, Battleborn as well. I am obsessed with this game, even though I *don’t* own a PS4. I want to play it just the same. I can dream at the moment. I can’t remember what i read, which was likely articles that didn’t resonate with me that well. Such is life.

Now that I do feel I need to write, I best start my day with a blog post, so here I am, writing this post, and hoping it’s the start of an excellent writing day. If not, then I keep trying. Why give up on a good thing?

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Dry Start to This Day

Remember those days, when as a child you couldn’t wait to grow up and make the rules? You’d be the law, and that’s the bottom line–at the least all you saw yourself doing. Were it that easy, and uncomplicated, then adulthood would be fun. Instead, you know there’s no one above you enforcing rules you need to obey. Some of the rules are set by others, however it is I who must get on top of those rules, and follow them as best as I can.

The day started with a bit of a thud; Didn’t want to get up, get dressed, and get to work. I got over that feeling, and got my act together, and to work. Sometimes, though, getting out of bed is rough as all get out. That partial drift out of sleep into awake state can have days where my strength is not with the awakened part of me. Don’t get me wrong, I am most grateful to be awake, and able to get to tasks that the day needs. Part of the charm of being an adult.

The day was not fully wasted, there was some shelf reading – making sure the books were in the correct order by their call number, and shelf checking – making sure several of the shelves looked organized, and items were not out of place. Also helping some patrons out with their searches.

Needless to say I need some coffee, or a latte. Something to put a pep back in my step because this kind of lull state is not here to stay, I assure you.

Happy creative endeavors.



It’s Sunday, and I was supposed to blog sooner than now. I did allow myself to get sidetracked, then I forgot about it. That’s never good to lose focus, however, I think I’m allowed to slack off once and a while.

Writing, again has been bare minimum, but I did find myself reading today, and will gladly go back to that. I’m a little irked with myself for not writing more, but it happens. Also better now with a few lines than to say I did nothing creative-wise.  I think I’ll do that for my fiction as well.

So no real updates to report other than I am feeding my brain with books. At the very least I can say the day hasn’t been wasted.  perhaps that’s what I needed–to get the mind onto something that supplements and compliments creative writing.  Back to reading for me.

As always, happy creative endeavors.