A Routine or Rotation

I’ve got to get myself into a writing rotation. At least one more frequent than I’m ding now.  I may have to wake up early and put down a few lines. That means getting organized, getting to bed earlier, and doing what I have to do to maximize my creative time.

Did manage to get some writing done yesterday, but it was far more random than i think it should have been. Didn’t do any reading, when I spent the day before reading American Gods. I want to read it since there’s a TV adaption on Starz right now, and I kinda want to be ahead of the curve.

So, just like with games when you have to use your abilities in a rotation, that’s how I want to do my writing. I sorta had this fear that writing would become a chore, and I would resent it, but I’ve been writing since childhood, so why should that stop now?  It’s been a chore, but one I love doing.

Also need to add more TV shows and movies into my rotation. I say this because as former professors once said, if you want to write well, you should be watching more TV shows and movies, in addition to reading.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



It’s Sunday, and I was supposed to blog sooner than now. I did allow myself to get sidetracked, then I forgot about it. That’s never good to lose focus, however, I think I’m allowed to slack off once and a while.

Writing, again has been bare minimum, but I did find myself reading today, and will gladly go back to that. I’m a little irked with myself for not writing more, but it happens. Also better now with a few lines than to say I did nothing creative-wise.  I think I’ll do that for my fiction as well.

So no real updates to report other than I am feeding my brain with books. At the very least I can say the day hasn’t been wasted.  perhaps that’s what I needed–to get the mind onto something that supplements and compliments creative writing.  Back to reading for me.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A Day To Relax

Today is Saturday, and I know a few things are gonna happen. First, this blog post will be done, and then I’m a do some reading. Next, I promised myself to look at some films and review their prologues, and see if inspiration jumps off for me.

I have a Kindle (2nd gen-so behind on the latest gizmos), and for the longest I had not access to the 3G/wireless network. Furthermore my power cord and charger walked off into the wild blue. All I had was a simple USB cord I could connect to the laptop and charge it.

This situation left me frustrated, as I still didn’t have the connectivity to download samples of books, and ultimately purchase a book if I liked the story. Needless to say my desire to use it dwindled until recently.  Got an email from Amazon to update my Kindle, which could be done via connectivity to my laptop as opposed to online.  It worked, now I fresh samples to read.

Amazon also advertised, via their site, a buyback for older Kindle models, and get a discount on newer models. I am curious about newer models, but I rather like what I possess.  The newer models don’t have a text to speech function, so I’m like nope. My 2nd gen model works, I kept it in good condition, and I’m pleased with its performance since I was able to restore the 3G/wireless feature.

For me, hang the Kindle doesn’t eliminate my love of books.  I work in a library, after all, but it is a good way for me to save space. I have a very limited amount of space, and when I did use it, I noticed I was more of a voracious reader/listener. I want to get back to that.  So samples today, full books in the future.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


On Race, Writing, Academics, and Literary Adventures

This is a link to an article by Junot Diaz in regards to writing MFA programs, and how they impacted People of Color (POC), and even racial sensitivity and points of view. I thought it was a good read, and wanted to share.

The article also touches on a point, as some people don’t understand the elements of different cultures, but rather have an imagined versions of other people/cultures. It makes for some terrible writings, that multiple friends told me they’ve read (for example, the minority being the thug, drug dealer, or career criminal exclusively in stories written by whites). That’s not to say this happens all the time, and by every writer. it does slap a person in the face, when this is the best they can see from totters who are their peers.

I’ve read writers and editors say things that they don’t want to be politically correct to fill quota of some sort when fans of different cultures ask/request inclusion in stories. The responses sometimes come off as brash, rude, and openly hostile. It doesn’t have to be like that. Sometimes not knowing about a person’s background can limit how one writes a character, but my friends always remind me that approaching a character as a person first always helps. It means looking past the skin, and sometimes the gender. The article reminded me of the things I’ve seen.

As an artist, and a former cinema studies student. I remember not wanting to be the “go to” person when it came to writing and discussing minorities only if that meant that’s all I could discuss. At the same time, I wasn’t the guy who was there to tolerate the foolishness that came from lack of insight to races. It’s a fine line. I mentioned this once, but an instructor once stated that multicultural theory demands that an artist depict exclusively about issues that address my culture. I found that to be a very narrow way for me to be accepted. I rejected that notion. There’s so much more for us all to see and experience. For example, I am a minority from the south, who happened to work in academics, occasionally female-dominated jobs (the stuff I heard-really another post-but it informed my POV on professionalism, corporations, academics, and human nature).

I’m more than my ethnicity. I’ve seen and experienced all sorts of good and bad events that have shaped my life.  This is more than I intended to discuss with that article, but I thought it was more than worth talking about. Two posts in a day? I’m on a roll.

Happy creative endeavors.

Headaches are Way Too Common

Big fat boo to my headache, and to my television for being more annoying than entertaining right now. I may need to put in a movie and forget about any chance of watching any television good shows. I need to write, and that means sitting down, and also the fact that I feel like a mess really gets in the way of me being productive.  I have to change my mindset so this is me attempting to do what needs to be done, and write.

Took out the ole pen and paper for a few days, and got things done for the past few days.  Some of it was jotting down ideas, and a small journal post to get my brain flowing. I jotted down ideas for stories, pieces of dialogue, and looked over my screenplay for adding some notes. Had not looked at the horror story I as working on for some time, even though i typed out three pages. I need to get back on top of that soon.  Since I hand wrote out parts of the original story, I need to look over that since there’s some good passages there, and I have that with me.

My printer’s being difficult, as the heads won’t clean, and puts ink all over the paper. I know that’s not what I want to deal with right now. Also reading Gun Machine by Warren Ellis.  It’s a police procedural novel, filled with some drop dead hilarious descriptions and dialogue.  I hope to finish it soon, so that’s all I’ll give away about the novel. I do want to finish it soon. Now that I’m somewhat in working order (my headache fades away), I’m, hoping to get five pages of screenplay revised.   Also I need to drink some more water.

Happy creative endeavors.

Business is Business

Today started off lazy, but I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about being a productive creative person.  A lot of that requires that I put a harder emphasis on my activities. Slightly stressed, and hoping for things to work themselves out.  What I don’t need is to give into negative thoughts and emotions.  I really need to beef up a lot of handwritten cinema posts I never fully transcribed for posting. I haven’t done any film essays in a long while, and I’d love to see more on this blog. Also it keeps me watching and reading films.

I need to keep up with my fiction and screenplays.  Admittedly I did minimal writing yesterday. I scrapped yesterday’s post, which I may revise and post, but I felt I wasn’t putting out the a cohesive post. Revising, and letting it marinate on my brain may assist me in completing said post. Found myself looking at two concepts I had and the possibilities of merging the two. made notes for the characters, and put down some ideas.  This is strictly a side project, and I haven’t even thought of the medium for it (graphic novel, novel, screenplay, TV show). Perhaps after some cooling off it will come to me.

Did do some genre research in to psychological thrillers/horrors late last night.  It was cool to dust of a cinema studies book, look the info up, and sit there and reading before bedtime.  I love fueling my brain.  Also finally fixed the scroll bars on my computer (I hope). Clearly I overlooked the adjustments in the system preferences. I know sometimes adjustments sound like an alien language, BUT getting control of my computer since upgrading it is amazing.  Also it was pissing me off to try and scroll and the bars weren’t there, and to get them to work in some cases was really an exercise in frustration.

As always, happy creative endeavors to all.


It’s Wednesday, and I failed to do much writing when I got up this morning.  I reminded myself as I also failed to drink a couple bottles of water, that i need to at least put the effort forward.  I admit I’m feeling like getting something to eat, and laying back down. Not sure why I have this blah feeling, however, getting though the day is not a dark chore or burden.. It is my life.  I need to improve my outlook.  If it starts with a blog post, then by all means, I’m sitting down to type and post one.

Yesterday wasn’t so fabulous, but it wasn’t supposed to be.  it was a simple day with me getting things done, and keeping it moving. The weather was sunny and warm, and I enjoyed it, while at the same time dreading this taste of spring.  Pollen is everywhere. In spite of rain, all I see are cars covered in pollen.  My own car has pollen over it. It takes the fun right out of warm weather.  This morning is someone chilled. Too cold.  Haven’t opened the doors yet, and I kinda don’t want to.  Soon er or later, I’m stepping out of my home, and braving the elements.

Should have read yesterday, but I was working on an assignment, and doing a tad bit more research into random things. This always reminds me that even when I don’t write, I like to keep my mind informed and work on things.  I think as people, we move in directions that bring us closer to goals in spite of perceived upsets. So the silver linings in or lives are sometimes hidden, but never really out of reach. So take that meh and blah energy.

Happy creative endeavors.