Tuesday is a Silly Day…Somewhat

Today I shall simply write, as ideas seem to pop outta nowhere, and they are outlandish. Outlandish is good, fun, and notoriously silly. They make me laugh, and then I move on from them.

I usually leave my outlandish ideas off the table for consideration to produce or publish, as my fear is no one will “get” these ideas, but today, let’s throw caution to the wind.

The fact remains that there’s a chance that any or all of my material won’t be considered for production  and published (and I have had a screenplay and several stories rejected)  and while rejection is a hard groin kicker, it’s not like that’s ever made me feel like I need to go 100% full stop. I’m a masochist for writing projects.

I must also be an optimist who believes in his work, and wants to get better. I confess every day is a learning process that I’m willing to work on and improve.

That said I have an idea—it’s silly, nonsensical, and amusing–that needs to get onto paper. Gotta go make that happen.

Happy creative endeavors.



Today is neck pain and migraine day. This means a little stress into my day has fallen, and it’s up to me to steer myself to a path of goodness. Writing went on chill this weekend until late last night when came up with an opening line for the first chapter with the hero.

Failed to write the intro down, promptly forgot, and woke up this morning in addition to discomfort with the intro waiting on me.  It’s not getting away again.

On last Friday, I worked on the outline and wrote out some dialog for some scenes, so it wasn’t like I wasted my creativity–at least that’s what i told myself–I could and should have done more.

Back to the present: So now I may have a shot at typing out a few lines for the novel. I gotta go get that done.  Also have random ideas for another story–but will put that to the side. Will write it down too.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Two-Thousand Words is My Goal Weight…

In a writing workshop trying to get my story done, and the goal is to make 2,000 words or less. At the moment I am over that amount, and I know that it will get into shape. The journey to this goal is so interesting. I have an outline for the main character. I know his likes and dislikes, characteristics, etc. I also have a prompt for the story. That made direction a lot easier. I used the Notes app again, as the primary go-to writing tool. I wrote a lot, and cramped my hands.  By the end of that session, I had 1,642 words, and I knew that I needed rest.

Later in the day I wrote more, and that put me over the count. Also I didn’t format, and had ten pages to make look like it was supposed to be in basic format settings. Then I wrote and revised. That kicked my story in some shape.Not everything is smoothed out just yet, so that’s what today is all about. Get to 2,000 words, or under. Submit the work to the workshop. Wait for responses. Read other people’s material and offer feedback.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Thunder Lizards

I have dinosaurs on the mind, as a workshop assignment calls for me to tell a story about something weird, and the T-Rex came to mind.  The bulk of this story was written this morning, with me feeling like there was more to tell. The moment I walked away from writing, I had a flash of weirdness pop in my head, and I decided to write that down too. I found myself elaborating on the weirdness as well.

In the respect that this assignment has me writing short story, and being caught up in the content, I have to say I am happy for these moments. Too often the creative well goes dry, and I feel like I’m just gonna mope about. Not this time. I have stuff to work with for another day before its due, and I want to create the best short story I can.

I’ve already met the page/word content limits, so some editing needs to be done, but its good to have that line of thinking going as well. This is not to mention that I need to read some other material for a different project I’d like to get done today as well.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Blast From The Past

A while ago, I wrote a short story that seemed to go in save file limbo.  In the past, I wrote and rewrote it, hoping to shape the story into something stronger.  Friends and my writing group to read the story, and gave good feedback. I made adjustments, as per the suggestions, and some I thought made the story better. I even submitted the story to literary mags and Amazon’s Kindle Selects, with the hopes of getting it published. It was rejected each time.  That disappointed me greatly, but that’s the nature of publishing. Somethings don’t make the pass to publishing.

So, I left the story alone for a while, because the truth was I was too close and too excited about the story to see all of its flaws, or make stronger cuts. I knew extended time away from this piece might allow me to see a few things a lot clearer.  It turns out I was right.  I had a few typos in there, and some of them didn’t make sense to me at all. On top of that I was willing to cut even more lines, and some paragraphs. Then I had to admit that the ending was a poor, and needed to be stronger.  Originally it was open-ended, which wasn’t too bad, but the consensus was to add something concrete. Admittedly, I  dropped the ball, and fudged it.

So, in that respect, I should have left the story alone for a while before trying to send it to publishers.  Mainly because I had the time to let it cool off, and delve into other projects. I felt I lost all objectivity, and was more than happy to show what I created. Yes, I should’ve know better, but I was blinded by my efforts, and a desire for completion. That was wrong. I was wrong.

Now I have the story in my hands again, and looking at typos, and simply contemplating how I feel about revisions to it. Reworking will not be so bad, provided I take longer to contemplate theme and genre. I don’t want to make the same mistake again, and send off a half-baked piece. Perhaps a revise and a deep freeze (as opposed to a cool down) is needed. I will gladly work on other projects and worry about them after necessary changes. Same goes for my TV speculative pilot, and any other project I’m supposed to be working on.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Taste It First: A Roommate’s Tale

Gilly opened the fridge remembered that she failed to put any food on her side of the fridge.  The other side a few items like bread, and milk, but on the main shelf was this clear container filled with chili. She pulled the container out, and peeled back the lid, and took a smell. The chili was a deep shade of red, with what looks like meat, beans, onions, and it smelled good.  She smiled, as her stomach grumbled.  “Hey, Theo,” Gilly  said.  “I want some of this chili.”

Theo was in his room playing video games.  The fight was barely done, and the “level up” sign appeared on screen.  He was less than smiling until he heard Gilly. “Uh. Maybe you should taste it first.”

“I’m a taste it when I have a  bowl of it.”

“You know how I like it. Don’t fix a bowl unless you taste it first.”

“It’s cold. I’ll just heat up a bowl and have some.”

Theo sighed, and he found his himself fidgeting with the controller to select new abilities for his character. “heat a little up in the microwave and taste it.”

Gilly rolled her eyes.  She placed a dab of the chili in a bowl, and heated it up. A few seconds passed for what seemed like forever, “What are you doing back there?” Theo didn’t respond. She grabbed the bowl, grabbed a spoon, and tasted it.  She felt a confrontational heat in her mouth, and after she swallowed a secret fire burned and lingered in her mouth, then trailed down her throat that she felt travel down her esophagus. ‘What the hell?” She grabbed a bottle of water, fumbled with the cap, and drank it.  The heat spread inside her mouth and throat.

“Drink some milk,” Theo said.

“Theo. This is too hot.  What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s not too hot. It’s perfect.”

“You can’t serve this.”

“It’s fine, Gilly.”

“No it’s not.” Gilly took the container, and dumped the contents in the garbage. Theo walked in the kitchen just in time to see the last of his chili gone into the garbage.

“Gilly, what the hell?”

“You burned me, and now I’ve burned you.”

“I don’t have the money for another meal. That was supposed to last me for a few days until I get paid.”

“Too bad,” she said as she played with her hair.

“You’re too lazy to make or purchase food, and now I have to eat your mistakes?”

“Looks that way.”

Theo couldn’t hide the glare on his face.  He huffed, turned away, went back to his room, and slammed the door.

Her stomach still agitated her. She drank the milk from the carton, and refused to put the cap back on. She contemplated who in their right mind was going to lend her sixty bucks to cover her meal, and compensate Theo for his.

Today Will Be Better than Yesterday

In an effort to be a better writer, person, friend, and artist, today must be better than yesterday. Not that yesterday was full of woes or hate. it’s that now that I’m thinking of life, I want to do more in regards to being productive and happier. Life must progress forward, with or without adversity. All negative thoughts must be banished, and those who would seek to bring us down or constrain us must be cast aside, least they tear us down, and stand on our broken bones.

Yesterday was a day to write poetry. It was a moment, I wrote a lot of it down.  Sometime today I’d love to put it all in a Ward file, and revises it. This is the second poem I worked on that had some length and a richness that can only be explained as I delved deeper into the topic, and was willing to cut out passages for clarity.  It resonated with me, and had a strength that I didn’t show in the past with expression. So here’s to progress, and expression done well.

Yesterday, I had a nagging feeling about a short-short urban fantasy/horror story I wrote. Wrote it months ago, and  let it be for a good while. Reread it today, and made several revisions to the text. I am curious about the story, because it feels real flash fiction and very much a dark comedy vignette. part of me says, let it cool off a little more, and see if revisions can be done.  It will need a grammar edit for sure. I found myself correcting tenses today, and correcting a few passages. The rest of it shall remain intact. It still lacks a title, and I feel a name will help cement what’s missing for me.

That reminds me, I have pieces of short stories in my Notes app, that can use at least a paragraph (five sentences) of additional material. The genres didn’t overly flux, but two of them were a bit steamy/erotic. One was comical and erotic. Then the remaining were dark comedies. Dunno if I can change gears, and hit them all up with some fresh sentences, but it’s worth a shot.

The screenplays and scripts need more work for sure. Wrote out an action scene, and I don’t know if I like it or not. What I’d like to do for them, is look at some action scenes from different shows, and note how long they are. That way I can see if it’s too long, and how to trim it down. or I can simply make sure to tell what I need to tell, and not dwell in the moments.  It’s not like I haven’t seen movies and TV shows before, and have no clue. So a mix of research and instinct will do.

As always, happy creative endeavors, and may your day be greater than yesterday.

P.S. hadn’t worked on the novel in a long while, and haven’t forgotten it.  I must find a way to manage it as well.